Birdhouse in Your Soul

Here is my second dress from the Peaches in Pug collection.  It may be last one, as much as I love the collection, there aren't too many pieces that I'm hardcore in love with.  But we'll see, as they are great staple pieces!  If anything I may snag some of eBay one day on sale and such.  Speaking of, I got this on sale during Pinup Girl Clothing's Black Friday sale.  Any other PUG fans out there that utilized their sales that week?  Honestly, I was a little overwhelmed by the whole ordeal.  Because they start at midnight PST on Friday every year, I'm already a little burned out, and literally spent, from other deals that started from the week before.  And then they did things a little differently this year where they had a weekend sale were part of their store was on sale.  I thought that was it, but then they had ANOTHER sale on Cyber Monday where their entire site was 35% off, which was more than the 30% off they originally had for Black Friday.  As my style twin bestie said, it was annoying because so much was already picked over.  So even if we had known that they were going to have a greater discount at a later date, that would have been hard to strategize anyway.  There was also no warning that they were doing more sales, which is something PUG is usually excellent with.  I was thrown off, but hey, I'm not really complaining.  More "documenting" in case people are researching Black Friday sales so they can try to guesstimate what to expect next year...

But seriously....this dress is amazing.  I'm SO glad I got it.  If you remember I got the same style dress in green with pink trimming a few months back.  When this dress arrived last week I was stunned to find the colors to be super vibrant and rich.  It's not that the site does a disservice to the dress in the pictures they have of it, it's just that in person it's completely amazing in ways photos can't describe.  I can't see this not becoming one of my more worn dresses in the future.

All I want to say for the positivity portion of this blog post is to be remember to be kind.  I feel that this time of year so much gets lost in the shuffle of everyone's busy lives, and for whatever reason that's something that seems to be taken out on others or strangers.  So remember to smile at strangers and ask polite questions when something doesn't go your way, as opposed to demanding questions.  This world would be better if everyone was kind in general, but this time of year would be way easier if people follow this rule as well!!!

Any They Might Be Giants fans out there?  It was somewhat impossible to NOT name this post after arguably their most famous hit, "Birdhouse in Your Soul."  I'm even entirely sure what the hell that phrase even means (I researched it and came up with that it may or may not be about a night light...didn't see that coming...), but hey, it's a catchy song and I like it!

I've recently added two pages to this blog, one that catalogues posts named after songs and another that catalogues all of the concert stories.  Click the links on to see for yourself!  Happy Friday!

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  1. Such an awesome outfit!! U look absolutely gorgeous ~~ happy new year!! Xo

  2. Cute outfit!!

  3. Such a cute outfit! That dress is amazing! x

    Cait //

  4. Such an adorable outfit, Lauren, I love how quirky and vibrant the entire ensemble is! Your stockings are so fun!

    I don't do sales often so I can't exactly say I empatize but I'm glad you got the dress!

    And yes, being kind is so important in this day's age. I find that it often goes taken for granted, kindness both being given and received.

    I hope you had a lovely Christmas, Lauren!

    May | THE MAYDEN | Bloglovin'

  5. That dress is so cute and you've accessorized so well too! Love, love the backdrop, with the ice lake! :)

  6. Absolutely fabulous dress, great colors as well, I love it. Thank you for sharing, you look adorable, ALL THE BEST 2016!!!


  7. I love the colors and mix of prints Lauren! You look amazing!

  8. Cute look, this dress is so pretty!

    kisses and Happy Holidays! Adela Acanski

  9. That sounds like the sales were really confusing, that is something that puts me off very easily.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  10. What a fun look! The dress is adorable. Hope you had an amazing holiday!


  11. This colors of this dress are so pretty! I love how you matched the headband and tights to the color scheme as well. The birdcage print is adorable. I wish everyone would be a little more kind. Usually, I find people are around the holidays, and then afterwards go back to being their usual selves lol.

  12. Very nice and colourful! I can't not smile at these photos!!x


  13. I thought about ordering this dress. I love the colors, the print, and the collar. It looks great on you,a nd you of course paired it with the purrfect accessories! You're making me want to order it, ha.

  14. It is always fun to have a new dress. Love the collar.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  15. Laura!! Oh how I have seriously missed your blog posts. However, I don't feel entirely out of the loop since we are IG friends ;) Thank you again for your continued support and kind words always. I love this dress + outfit on you. It is colorful and beautiful, not unlike it's owner!! I am wishing you the best holiday season possible!! I am back to blogging now!!


  16. Faboulous look.

  17. Love this! That birdhouse print is simply adorable :) You look great! Never bought from Pin Up Girl, but I love vintage styles so I may have to check it out!
    xo Kiki

  18. Gorge look <3


  19. Your dress is so cute, love the print

  20. Beautiful dress! Love the color!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  21. Love this dress on you! It's perfect. I have this print in grey on a PUG Heidi dress. It's such a cute print. I love PUG black Friday sales! I got a ton of stuff from them this year :) I also noticed their 35% off on the Monday after black Friday and was a little annoyed especially since none of the stuff I got was sold out but hey, I guess I would rather buy for a little bit more rather than risk not getting what I really wanted.

  22. This dress is so pretty on you! I think my favorite part of this whole outfit, though, is your tights! They're so fun. :) And I really agree with the positivity portion of this's so easy to forget to be kind at this time of year with all the madness. I hope you had a great weekend, Lauren! :)



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