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Orange Crush

About this dress:  This Bernie Dexter dress was released about a year ago, in late 2014 or early 2015 (I forget exactly...) and it became one of those instant classics and favorites of the pinup world.  I nearly got it, like a billion times, but then different things would be on better sale or the Magic of Mary Blair  collection via Pinup Girl Clothing dropped, and though I really wanted this dress, it kept hovering around just outside the priority wish lists.  I feel like some Bernie dresses are selling quicker than usual and not being restocked as much and being discontinued (anyone else notice that or is it just me?).  Because Unique Vintage had a site wide Black Friday sale, AND it was the last Bernie dress they are currently selling in XS (my size), I decided to take the plunge because I'd be heartbroken if I never got this dress.  I'm sad about UV only starting at size smalls now too, as they dropped SO many amazing Bernie dresses over the past few months, but none are i…

Style by Portobello

Today I want to share with you a super fun collaboration that I did with a UK company, Style by Portabello.  They're a company who does surprise boxes, but they specialize in goods from vintage markets, specifically vintage accessories and jewelry.  So when they contacted me, I was pretty stoked because they seemed right up my alley!

Upon getting my package, I was pretty excited and curious to see what was inside.  What I found was a gray clutch that has a strap so it can be worn as a purse too, a pearl brooch, and a beaded coral necklace.  All of this was right up my alley, and frankly all things I needed!  I had actually hunted for a grey clutch earlier this year but couldn't find one that I liked, I need more colorful pink/orange necklaces, and having recently gotten into brooches it was nice to receive a classier piece as I keep reaching for the more novelty pieces.

I decided to take all these bad boys out for a test run and matched them to a ModCloth skirt, Tatyana blou…

Fun fact: Denver does NOT have brutal winters.

I'm from an hour north of Philly in Pennsylvania.  I went to college in Miami, Florida.  I was in PA for around a year between college and moving out here to Denver, and I think when I made the announcement that I was moving out here my friends giggled a little.  The idea of the beach girl moving to that cold Colorado state seemed like karma.  The funny thing is, the joke is on everyone who thought that!  Denver has milder winters than the northeast!  
I know what you're thinking, and it's probably something to the tune of um, don't think so Blair!  The Rocky Mountains are not mild or balmy, but nice try.  And you're not wrong.  The mountains can be very cold.  The thing is though, Denver is not actually "in" the mountains.  It's about a half hour east of the foothills and even further from the actual hardcore mountains.  A lot of people don't realize that the weather system in the mountains is completely different than the city of Denver.  To an…

Birdhouse in Your Soul

Here is my second dress from the Peaches in Pug collection.  It may be last one, as much as I love the collection, there aren't too many pieces that I'm hardcore in love with.  But we'll see, as they are great staple pieces!  If anything I may snag some of eBay one day on sale and such.  Speaking of, I got this on sale during Pinup Girl Clothing's Black Friday sale.  Any other PUG fans out there that utilized their sales that week?  Honestly, I was a little overwhelmed by the whole ordeal.  Because they start at midnight PST on Friday every year, I'm already a little burned out, and literally spent, from other deals that started from the week before.  And then they did things a little differently this year where they had a weekend sale were part of their store was on sale.  I thought that was it, but then they had ANOTHER sale on Cyber Monday where their entire site was 35% off, which was more than the 30% off they originally had for Black Friday.  As my style twi…

Favorite Fall Looks

Happy winter!  And hey, for those of us in the northern hemisphere, the days are going to start getting longer from here!  It's a good news day!  Wahoo!
Confession: I honestly wasn't sure how many fall favorites I would be able to come up with going into this season, but there's quite a few that I have!  I knew that I could style and accessorize a few looks, but I genuinely wasn't sure about catching great foliage and whatnot in my photos.  The mountains have some great colors on the trees, but Denver can be a little hit or miss.  And I'm from Pennsylvania, so I really know how gorgeous fall can be, so I can be a bit of snob about Denver autumn.  I was so wrong this year...towards the end of October everything just POPPED and it was my favorite fall, aesthetically speaking, since I moved here.  

This was from my birthday post, that happened to coincide with the first day of fall this year.  It's so hard not to pick this as one of the best looks from fall, beca…


Hey all!  I had a little mini hiatus due to some allergic reactions and having company in town (all at once), so blogging had to go out the window!  Apologies!  Here's a post that got delayed in all of that mess!!  I hope everyone had a great weekend and such :)

Animals that I love: dogs, lizards, alpacas, flamingos...and elephants!  Some elephant prints I can resist, but admittedly that is a small number!  This skirt is from Retrolicious via ModCloth.  Admittedly, some of Retrolicious's skirts fit awkwardly, but this one is pretty great.  I got an XS, which is rare for me to wear skirts in that size.  I emailed one of the stylists at ModCloth and asked for a size chart with measurements, and it said I should be an XS.  Granted, there's no room to grow (ha) but it does fit excellently.

I took this on a balmy day here in Denver.   Clearly it WAS cold (and snowing) a few days prior as there's snow on the ground that's still not melted, but this was a 50+ degree day …


Greetings!  How do you guys deal with seasons changing and closet space?  I know many ladies who put away their fun summer clothes and prints upon fall or winter.  For me and my specific circumstances, that doesn't make a ton of sense.  For one, the way my home is laid out, it makes more sense to "store things" in the open.  Also, Colorado has totally crazy weather with 70 degree days in January after or preceding a cold snap.  It can also be chilly and windy in the fall and spring, and depending on how quickly we go into a heatwave, early summer can have moderate temperatures and  is even chillier at night.  My first year living in Colorado I tried seasonal storage tactics...and very quickly I was digging through the tupperware bins the next week during a heat wave looking for pieces I packed away because the weather shifted and everything in my closet wasn't appropriate for the weather!
Whether you have solid seasons, storage space, or whatnot, I thought I'd t…