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Music, Fashion, and Hall and Oates!

We made it to the end of the summer!  My last show of the 2015 summer season was one that I was eagerly awaiting for months, Hall and Oates at Red Rocks.  I was going with a big crew and we were all huge fans of Hall and Oates.  But first, as always, the clothes!
 As far as dressing myself goes, you by know know the theme of 2015 outdoor concerts...another outdoor show, another overcast day threatening rain!  And this time there was a bonus as it was September 1st.  In Colorado, we typically have very warm falls.  70-90 degree weather is not unheard of.  BUT, it gets kind of chilly at night, starting as early as August.  So if it's already overcast during the day, the chance of it staying warm at night is slim to none.  Pants felt like a safe option, and I had just gotten these AWESOME 70s style jeans from ModCloth on sale for $20!!  Given that Hall and Oates are widely known for being from the late 70s and early 80s (more on that in a moment...) I thought it would be fun to wear this Talking Heads tee shirt as that band is from a similar era.

Honestly, but the time this show rolled around, I was OVER outdoor shows.  The fact that the weather was threatening rain, again, officially put me in "give up mode" in regards to styling this outfit.  Real shoes weren't even an option in my head as it may rain and we were possibly going to have to walk up a bajillion steps to get the venue depending on where we found parking (spoiler alert, that's exactly what happened), so I chose flip flops, haha.  I mean, I lived in Florida for a while where this is an acceptable form of footwear, but knowing I was going to be taking outfit photos for this show I should have known better.  Oh well!  Like I said, I was in give up mode.  I at least tried to accessorize more than I usually do with varying jewelry from Charming Charlie and H&M, plus this classic purse from Forever 21.  I suppose I broke even!

And again, if anyone ever has tips of posing in pants, leave it in the comments!  I realize how I'm only skilled at posing in dresses and skirts the second I wear pants out and about and remember all over again that I have no idea how to pose in pants, especially wide leg ones, without being somewhat "lost" in them.  Please and thanks!
So this show was a lot, a lot, A LOT of fun.  It's possibly the most fun I had at a show.  The group of people I went with are really funny so the energy was a ton of fun.  I usually complain about people who don't mind their own space bubble at shows while dancing or bopping around to the music but truth be told....I broke my own rule that night!!  I wasn't drinking, nor was I "forgetting" to be sensitive to other people, but one of the few hard and fast rules I live by is that humor always wins.  Being with other funny people simply encourages me and my tears of clown complex/anything for a laugh mechanism turns on and there's no stopping it.  For the most part we as a group kept to ourselves, like kiddingly blocking the view from each other during "Private Eyes" (but not other concert goer's views), or waving each other's fingers aggressively in one another's faces during "I Can't Go For That", again while keeping within our own space.  But I'd be lying if I said I didn't dramatic walk away from my friends (...once or twice...ish) and in front of at least a handful of the people innocently sitting next to us during "She's Gone", a la acting out the lyrics.  (Sorry to those people...I would hate me too!)  What can I say?  I'm classy... until I'm not.

Despite how much fun I had at this show, I was surprised at how not impressed I was with hearing Hall and Oates perform.  I mean, they were good, don't misunderstand.  But I was expecting to be blown away.  They're real musicians and have a lifetime of experience.  About 10 seconds into their first song, I cocked my head and started scanning my brain for what I thought was off.  While they were good, they weren't as tight live as the standard that I hold the best of best to.  And, their songs appeared to be about a half of a beat slower than the recorded versions.  Being something of a musical brain, this threw me off a little bit for most of the show.  This all said, Red Rocks is a big venue and I've said it before and I'm sure that I'll say it again: I prefer small and intimate venues.  Bigger venues lose a lot of the magic for me, so that may have been coming into play as well.

If you're just a casual 80s fan and know their music from being a pop fan from that decade, you may be wondering why I was expecting them to be so awesome.  Despite having poppy radio hits, Hall and Oates are quite seasoned musicians.  The truth of the matter is that they are a) pop geniuses, b) were musicians for roughly 15 years before their big break, and c) have played with some of the most legendary acts of all time...including David Ruffin (my favorite singer EVER) and Eddie Kendricks, both from the original line-up of The Temptations.  In the 80s Hall and Oates did this whole Live at the Apollo show and subsequent album with the Motown singing duo.  More to the point, they actually met The Temptations in the 60s when they were still newbie and struggling musicians.  They showed David and Eddie of photo of them all together from the 60s when they collaborated in the 80s.  When I saw this interview earlier this year (below), my eyes bugged out of my skull a little upon the realization that The Temptations and Hall and Oates are virtually the same generation, though Hall and Oates became sensations nearly two decades after The Temptations.  I knew Hall and Oates weren't like, 21 when they hit it big, but I never connected the dots to this realization before being bored this winter and obsessively watching old Temptations performances and interviews on YouTube.  This was also an "aha moment" for me because though different genres, I could suddenly see a very clear line going from The Temptations to Hall and Oates in regards to classic pop hits, as their formulas aren't actually all that different.  I grew up listening to Motown and kind of fell for Hall and Oates towards the end of high school, despite that they were a decade or two past their prime.  The world makes sense...!
The above interview is David Ruffin (left) and Eddie Kendricks (right) referencing meeting Hall and Oates in the 60s (around the 18 minute mark).  Honestly, this is a rough and not super professional interview.  However, if you're a Temptations fan, this is a very insightful interview regardless.  Both men died 5-6 years later and this is the most comprehensive interview from David and Eddie's point of view regarding Temptations history that I have been able to find.  And despite how not polished this clip is, their friendship shines through and is adorable.
The crew!
Playing the air sax....obviously.  #duh
Not even obvious to me what I'm doing here...dancing?!
 Sorry...I was high up and didn't have a good camera on me.  But believe it or not, somewhere in the over exposure stands Daryl Hall and John Oates!
View of the venue overlooking the city.

So this was my last concert post for the foreseeable future.  I was supposed to see a show on Monday but could't make it at the last minute.  I'm possibly seeing up to four shows before 2016 but have yet to confirm and get tickets.  So...until next time, I hope there's awesome music in your life!! Below you can find the complete list of summer shows, and whenever I write about a future show I'll be linking these shows to a page on my site.  Have a great day!! 
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  1. This is so cool that you got to see Hall and Oates! I didn't know they began much earlier since I only really know their pop hits. Im always learning something about music from you! Haha I feel the same with posing in pants. Im much more used to skirts or dresses. I kind of lean on one leg and put the other out to the side a little bit. That or have one leg infront of the other, almost like your walking.

    1. They have a confusing history! Like I said, I only put two and two together recently! I'm glad I'm not alone with the pants stuff! Thanks for the tips too!!! XO

  2. Those blue pants are so cool

  3. Stylish look! Hope you had great fun!!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  4. Really fun outfit in the first image, such a striking look!


  5. Nice, loving your pants! Have a great day, beauty!



  6. So fun and cool event!!! You look great, hun!

  7. This looks like mad mad fun! Can we just talk about how unique your pants are??

  8. Those flared pants are amazing! Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules

  9. I had so much fun seeing Red Rocks in person while in Colorado! I bet a concert there is so fun. Love your flare pants.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    1. That's right, you were there recently! Hopefully next time you're in town you can see a show! Thanks!

  10. Nice Inspirations

    FOLLOW my Blog!!! Maybe we can follow each other!!!

  11. So fun to read this! It looks like a blast even if they were off a little, Your pants and tee are awesome!


    1. Thank you so much! And they were still great ;)

  12. These pants are amazing, and it looks like such a great time! wow! I'd love to see Hall and Oats.

  13. Looks like so much fun! I would love to see them live :)


  14. Judging by your excitement, this seems like the greatest place to be! Would love to attend the show one day :)

    There are 3 days left to join my 120$ giveaway on

  15. I used to have jeans just like these and it was all I would wear... but let me say that on the c.5ft among us they're not the most flattering look in the world. I'm certainly not planning to dig them out any time soon...! xx

    1. It's easy to wear them a lot bc they're comfy while a statement piece! Aw, I bet you looked cute regardless!! XO

  16. This post was super fun to read! I have always wanted to see a show at the Red Rocks, but haven't had the opportunity yet. If you are in LA and want to see a show at a small venue, the Wiltern and the Greek are good spots.

    1. Thank you! I hope you get to! I'm planning on being in LA within the next few months so I'll look out for that. I'll let you know when I'm in town too ;)


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