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This brand, The Oblong Box Shop, was a brand that I was only vaguely aware of a little over a year ago and now I own several pieces from them!  Skirts with novelty prints on them, c'mon!  You knew that had Lauren-Blair's name written all over it!  There are other kinds of clothing that The Oblong Box Shop features, but I have yet to experience the dresses, shorts, and tops.  So let's talk about The Oblong Box Shop, or specifically, the  ahhh-maaaazing novelty print skirts from them!
I got this skirt via Unique Vintage around Black Friday last year.  I haven't worn it as much as I would have liked to, in part because the tan on the skirt doesn't fit majority of my tan/beige shirts and it looks "off" to me when I try to pair them together.  And, I haven't been super creative with pairing different colors with this skirt, so my bad all around!  But don't let this fact imply that I don't love this skirt, because I do!  In fact I love this skirt so much that I picked it over a similar skirt but in flamingos (one of my favorite prints on clothes ever) and I do not regret this fact!  I needed more black pinup wear and I like the tiki idol (it reminds me of Omar from Legends of the Hidden Temple).
I had to have this skirt.  Green is one of my favorite colors and this is such an awesome shade of green.  I also have the biggest soft spot in my heart for The Brady Bunch, so seeing what looks like their house on a skirt made this piece of clothing completely irresistible to me (I also own a dress with Brady Bunch house prints on it, and recently wore it to a Marilyn Manson show, of all places, haha.). cool is this skirt??  I've worn it more than I've gotten it photographed and I'm always obsessed with the different ways I can pair this with different colors or even with rock tees.
Confession: I'm looking for a cute Flintstone's tee shirt JUST so I can be silly and wear that with this skirt and be all, "When the Jetsons met the Flintstone's...get it?"  Oh, how I amuse myself!  But on a more serious note...I love this skirt!  It sold out so many times before I could get it and I was beyond panicked that it wouldn't be restocked.  I finally got it over Labor Day when Unique Vintage did a sale.  Even then it was back ordered!  I almost even called Unique Vintage to double triple check that it was in fact being restocked and it wasn't going to be one of those situations that their order wouldn't get cancelled and thus canceling my order.  I decided this was crazy, but I still worried a great deal!  Thankfully for my nerves I quickly I got a notification that it had shipped...yay!  
This is my most recent acquisition!  The colors on this puffer fish skirt are truly amazing, making this easy to match with almost anything.  I also love how many different shades of green there are on the print in person.  I think I've only ever mixed prints with this skirt, and with horizontal stripes at that!  One of these days I'll wear a solid color with it, haha!
The twirling made it look like the fish were swimming!!
The Good
The prints are not only super fun, but the quality is great too.  The fabric is awesome and the attention to details in the borders, trim, and waist line (plus subtle artwork in the actual prints) takes these skirts to the next level.  Plus, they don't wrinkle!!!  Seriously!  This is a nearly impossible feat in the vintage reproduction world, so whoa.  These are some of the more durable pieces of vintage reproduction that I own, hands down!

There are also sales if you're apart of The Oblong Box Shop's website's fan club.  There's tons of coupons they email out often (usually around 15% off for various types of clothes, like tops or a specific collection).  Once a month there's a 30% off coupon.  This helps because the brand...

The Bad kind of expensive.  Depending on where you buy these pieces, you're going to be paying just under $100 or just over $100.  There are sales and there are clearance racks (which is why I have the skirts I have).  They are worth the price (remember, they DON'T wrinkle!) but given how many cute prints and styles they have, it's easy to want "all the things" and waiting for items to go on sale while keeping your fingers crossed that your size doesn't get sold out beforehand is nerve wracking and potentially heartbreaking.

The Ugly
My ONLY complaint in that shipping was slightly less than $7, or there was free shipping after a certain amount spent.  $7 may not seem like a lot, and compared to some stores it isn't.  But when you have a coupon for 15% off and then have to pay $7 to ship, it eats away at the discount quite a bit.  I'm not mad at Oblong though, as the quality is awesome so shipping is what it is.

These are seriously amongst my favorite skirts, so all in all, I HIGHLY recommend them!!!  Click here for the actual site or here for the selection Unique Vintage offers.

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  1. I don't own any skirts from this brand, but I've always admired the flamingo print one and the Brady Bunch house one, like in your photos! :)

    1. The flamingo one is pretty great. If you get the Brady Bunch one let me know!!!

  2. ah these skirts are just the cutest! you rock them!

  3. All these outfits are amazing! I especially love the last one! :D

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Etsy

  4. Wow! Another stunning selection of skirts Lauren! And your styling is perfect! So retro glamorous!;)

  5. I love how you styled all of your simple outfits. You look fabulous

    Diwali OOTD on Style.. A Pastiche

  6. What awesome skirts, so pretty!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  7. beautiful skirt. like all skirts specially the first one.

  8. I've never heard of this brand until now! I love that skirt with the spaceships prints. I want to have oneee!!!

    Take care!


  9. I never heard of this brand, but you definitely convinced me I need a skirt from them! That green one is seriosily gorgoeus and the Jetson themed one is too cute! Id love to see you rock a Flinstone tee with that haha! Also, in the Brand Bunch house one, the gold top you'rewearing is so glam. Love it!

  10. Oh I love it the last skirt darling

  11. So many cool skirts! I am especially digging that last look.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  12. Oh my you are too cute! Thank you for the wonderful review! And I just adore how you styled each one! Stripes are my fav and I think I need to add more to my line.

  13. I had never heard of this brand before! But oh my god!! I NEED that puffer fish skirt. I would never stop twirling in it, haha. (Also, your wedges with that skirt are out of this world amazing!) And these skirts don't wrinkle??? That in itself is enough to convince me that I need to try this brand out! Every single skirt I own I have to iron, and it drives me bonkers! Great review, Lauren!

    1. They really mostly don't! I was admiring them in my closet the other day and I noticed one barely noticeable wrinkle in one of them, but nobody else would ever notice it. They're the least wrinkly clothes I own by a lot!!!

  14. I love the skirt in the first outfit!!
    Pretty photos!

    All the Cute
    Recent Post: Purple Poncho Sweater (Feat. Alena!!)

  15. The black/gold one is my favorite, although I can see you loving the green one. It is a lovely color, very vibrant.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  16. Loving the Jetsons skirt! So fun :)

    xx Yasmin

  17. I feel like I want to roll around in your closet and see what I come out in XD The green skirt and gold top is such a pretty mix!

  18. These skirts are super cute Lauren. You look so great in this gold glitter sparkle top too! The tan, black, and gold combo skirt with these fun heart glasses is my favorite. You look so glam in that one! The oblong box co. looks like they make fun and high quality pieces.

    1. Thank you so much!! I feel like they do!!

  19. Wow! Such great skirts! The Tiki one is my absolute favorite! <3 :D


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