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Tres Bien

I got this skirt over a year ago and I feel like it's a quintessential "fall" skirt.  It has beiges and other dark colors and is easy to layer.  The brand is Heart of Haute.  Honestly, I only own two skirts by them (no dresses or tops yet) and I can't tell how in love with them I am.  I LOVE their prints but unless you get something on sale, I feel as though they're a little overpriced.  I also have experienced some sizing issues.  According to their website's sizing chart, I should be a size small, and I own their skirts in that size.  But the waist is kind of big.  Plus, the fit (maybe combined with that fact that it runs large) is slightly unflattering.  There were a few photos that I did not use because the fit clearly looked awkward.  I've mostly worn this skirt with cardigans so that's largely hidden the weird fit in the waist.  This was one of the first times that I didn't and that I had an array of photos to examine just how the skirt loo…

Lauren Blair in Mary Blair: Lips and Roses Print in Lavender

Hey all!  This is basically a post to say hey and happy holidays!  Even if you're not in the US, it appears that a lot of online retailers on the international front participate in some form of Black Friday sales...and that's a great holiday worth celebrating!!  I don't celebrate Christmas, so this week is kind of "my Christmas."  Sure, I stock up on some basics and other whatnots, but in the vintage reproduction world, there isn't as high of a turnover as say, mall stores.  Some items are around on websites for a year or two, so when Black Friday (week) comes around it's an awesome feeling to snatch the stuff you've been drooling over for a year or so.  Honestly, this year some sales are (so far) less than impressive, while others are amazing.  My game is a little thrown off, because without naming names, some retailers are doing things WAY differently than past years.  My strategy for getting what I want this week keeps changing, haha.  Regardless,…

Blue Monday

Greetings!  While a lot of my fashion errs on the side of pinup and retro, I love most dresses.  Unique ones, trendy ones, bohemian ones...they're all good as long as they're fun and interesting and something that I will grow with.  I had been wanting this dress from ModCloth for close to a year now and after some sales a few weeks ago I finally bit the bullet and got it, as it's often out of stock and for once it was in stock...and during a sale.  Sometimes it's just nice to have a dress like this because you can wear it to Target while feeling put together with minimal effort, to a party, to goes with every event for the most part and shift dresses are supppperrrrr comfortable, more so than jeans and pinup dresses actually!
I love the print on this dress.  A lot of people who reviewed the dress on ModCloth complained about it being a print and not being embroidered, but I don't think that's that big of a deal.  It's very well done and it does…

Rockaway Beach

I somewhat accidentally found this skirt!  I was innocently browsing Etsy, not actually looking to buy anything, and after searching for "vintage novelty print skirt" I found a store called Nicole Elaine Vintage.  This store has some of the best novelty prints in one store that I've seen in a long time.  I fell head over heels in love for this skirt, as well as another one I'll be blogging about shortly.  I have never met a vintage novelty print that I don't like, but I don't necessarily "fall in love" each and every time.  This skirt made me fall in love big time.  For one, it's a vintage scene of Miami.  I used to live there, and while I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with current Miami, retro Miami was a pretty cool place.  This skirt embodies this.  The fact that it had a khaki background with black outlines in the print meant it can go with browns AND blacks, plus there's such an array of colors to choose from when styling.  I …

Tatyana Flower Cart Dress

Hey all!  I got this dress during Tatyana's CRAZY sale this September.  It took me a second to get it photographed and such, in part because it needed a major ironing job, but here it finally is!! (Another dress I showcased from this sale already is the jam print dress).  For a minute I thought it was too late in the game to get this dress out there in blog world, in terms of seasons, but wowza was I wrong!  I thought this was a quintessential summer dress, even a spring dress, but I never considered it a fall dress until this photoset!  The way the colors of this dress play with the subtle fall background exceeded my expectations.
This is a really special dress.  It's truly unlike anything that I own and likely won't be worn a ton, only because it's ever so slightly fancier than most of my getups.  I mean, I dress up everywhere I go for the most part, but as this is a white dress it reads as somewhat formal or "special occasion" to me.  Maybe I'll chang…


I am SUCH a novelty print girl, that you would think that whenever Pinup Girl Clothing releases a new collection, such as the JuneBugs and Georgia Peaches one, that I would beeline it to the crazy squirrel and birdcage prints.  You're not wrong...I do want those.  But as my crazy printed shoe collection grows, I've been craving more solid color pinup dresses to play off the shoes (ahem, clearly NOT exhibited here.  Way to illustrate that point, Blair, haha).  And, I love green.  So when I saw this dress, I kind of fell in love.  It's such a unique shade of green and I love the pink with green together.  I own nothing like this and when PUG had a Labor Day discount I couldn't help it but pick this dress over the novelty prints.  And I do not regret this!

Styling this dress with pink was an obvious choice.  The second to most recent Kate Spade Surprise Sale I picked up this floral shoulder bag for next to nothing, so I added that to give the outfit some pattern against …