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Music, Fashion, and Death Cab for Cutie

This is the first and only concert of the summer about going to a band that I knew little about.  I liked the Postal Service a bit (for those who don't know it's the same front man, Ben Gibbard) but I just never got into Death Cab for Cutie.  Other people have tried to get me to see them live over the years but all have failed, until my friend Jeanice wanted to go on her birthday.  She asked a few times to a few different people, but for whatever reason people weren't down.  Finally I looked them up on Spotify and gave a second listen to a few songs.  They're not necessarily my go to genre but I liked them enough and have heard through the grapevine that they're pretty good live so I figured for a friend's birthday, especially a friend who has taken several leaps of faith by going to bands she barely knew with me, was a good excuse to go.

Now, this was two days after my Marilyn Manson/Smashing Pumpkins show at Red Rocks.  Almost every day that week it was sunny during the day and had a rain and/or thunderstorm at night.  This day, like the Manson/Pumpkins show, was no different...and again being at Red Rocks it was kind of a drag.  Ugh.  It's not Red Rock's's really not.  I just really hate being cold and wet and this has been a truly strange year weather wise (it doesn't usually rain this much in July or have temperature drops).  Like the other show at Red Rocks this week, my photos are subpar.  No detailed shots and the lighting is whatever.  We got there super early, it was nice out while we got in line, and then it began POURING.  We made it back to my car but we were pretty wet.  And it rained for another 30 minutes and threatened to for another 30 or so minutes.  Honestly, we spent most of the time at Red Rocks in my car.  We were in no mood to be stuck inside the venue (no re-entrances) if we were going to get rained on and Death Cab hadn't taken the stage yet.  So we missed the opener almost entirely, got food, sat down, and she grabbed a few outfit photos.  We forgot to get someone to take a photo of us before the sun went down, which I'm bummed about but she says she isn't because she wasn't super dressed up.  But here's what I did get:
Honestly, it's kind of de ja vu here!  I'm wearing another dress from Retrolicious (via Unique Vintage) and a different pair of Jessica Simpson flats.  The brand Retrolicious/Folter seems to be my go-to dresses for concerts this summer as it's the third time in a row I have worn a dress from them to a show (and next post you'll see I tapped out at four times in a row!)  I got this lovely dress on sale at Unique Vintage and I thought it would be perfect to wear to Death Cab.  And because I got a few pairs of these Jessica Simpson flats for the purposes of going to shows etc, I paired the black ones with this dress.  A lot of my reasonings for dressing like this are covered here, as well as the fact that I had some back and forth in my mind about wearing a sundress and ultimately regret not bundling up a tad more.  But it's summer, people!  I want to wear summer dresses!  Ugh!
Because I didn't get any friend group photos and because I don't have a huge frame of reference when it comes to Death Cab and therefore only have a half a paragraph or so on the show, I thought I'd take this time to talk about the venue that is Red Rocks, as it's kind of famous!
 Red Rocks is many people's favorite music venue out here.  I can see why as it's unlike most other concert going experiences, the acoustics are great, and it's super gorgeous.  This is one of my favorite places to chill out or work out (the steps and ramps are GREAT leg and cardio workouts).  That isn't my favorite music venue.  I'm sure many people in Colorado are screaming now, as that's one of the worst things I can say.  Let me explain why:
  • I love intimate venues.  Big arenas, whether it's a sporting arena or an outdoor amphitheater loses some of the magic for me.  I'm especially spoiled since so many of my favorite musical acts are indie, so I'm used to the smaller theaters.
  • It's the most convenient trek getting to Red Rocks.  It's nowhere near anything else.  And you have to drive up and down a mountain when coming and going.  Meeting up with friends beforehand can be a logistical nightmare if you're coming from different directions.  And there's two entrances, one of which splits off into two different directions.  Depending on your circumstances, this can cause some headaches.
  • Cell phone service sometimes sucks.  Granted, it was okay this time around.  Maybe cell phone towers have improved; I was able to text, Instagram, and add to a lively Facebook thread while between acts...none of which I could have done two years ago (last time I was there).  And the last time I was there, one of my friends crackhead boyfriends (I mean that literally) went against that plan and didn't meet up with us before and figuring out which side of the mountain they were on (we had their tickets) with no cell service was a nightmare.
  • Once you're there it's still hard to get to.  Steps, ramps, being on the side of a mountain...don't let my build fool you; my cardiovascular system is terrible and I'm huffing and puffing the whole way to my seats.  And if you need beverages, snacks, or to use the bathroom, there's even more steps in your future.
  • GA used to be better.  I don't know what it technically used to be, but somewhere around only 20-40 rows were reserved and the rest was GA.  If you got there early enough you could still be relatively close.  Every year their ticket organization seems slightly different, but this is really not the case anymore.
  • Competing with the elements.  I'm stunned that mid-July hosted such crappy weather.  But I purposefully skipped Courtney Love and Lana Del Ray in May because I knew that chances of it being a non-miserable time weather wise was slim to none.  I thought twice about some June shows too for the same reason.
If this were a baseball game, we'd already be in two innings later with this many strikes.  I'm not even saying I dislike Red Rocks.  Not at all.  I'm just saying I prefer it with one or two friends, with an act I really want to see, and if possible during nice weather streaks.  Thank goodness I'm not really a drinker (especially at concerts, but I'll save that spiel for another time) or trying to figure out how to be-bop around safely would be an additional nightmare.
Then there's also the ticket situation.  One of the problems with Red Rocks is that there isn't a box office that's open during non-show hours nor is it the most convenient place to get to, should you chose to go to their box office while it's open during another show.  This is a problem because my friends and myself are allergic to service fees that you get stuck with when you purchase online.  Our trick is to spend a Saturday morning or afternoon trolling around this street, Colfax, because that's where majority of the music venues are, and we get the tickets from there.  "Trolling Colfax" was a colorful sentence on purpose as it's a street with tons of actual fun things to do, but it's also full of restaurants that are fronts for something else (a la I'm assuming a popcorn store that is never open isn't "truly" a popcorn store...), homeless people, and crackheads.  If I have to drive more than a mile near Colfax I will take one of the roads just south of it because I'm petrified I will accidentally hit a person who's bonkers out of their minds and running out in the middle of traffic, because people legit do this all of the time.  That said, the street is entertaining too as one of my friends and I were driving on it earlier this summer and there was some lady mooning the world in the middle of the street, and boy was she proud of herself for doing so!  And, as you can imagine, with the way I dress it isn't uncommon for homeless gentlemen to hit on me and call me "Cinderella" while I'm hanging out there, and if you're my Instagram friend you may know that already as I've said that in my photos before.  Yes friends, getting tickets on this street is preferable to  service fees online!  Haha.  And with the intimate venues, this happens easily!  With Red Rocks, it's possible to score tickets at a smaller venue's box office depending on if AXS or AEG and if they're in cahoots with one of the venues on Colfax.  And some of the music stores on the venues also occasionally carry Red Rocks tickets (for certain shows), which is how my friend Peter and I found tickets for Foster the People at Red Rocks three years ago after a long afternoon of biking around Colfax.  This summer, for all of the shows my friends and I have planned, we've had no such luck.
Death Cab for Cutie was definitely good live.  I recognized way more songs that I thought I would.  Again, not my go-to genre, but it was a really nice concert to attend.  I'm glad I had the experience of seeing them.  

The crowd was pretty spot on.  There was a bunch of twerpy college kids, hipster adjacent 20 somethings, and some basic bitches haha.  This is more or less what I expected.  Not lucky for us, there was this girl SCREAMING all kinds of non-sense the whole time and she was seated right in back of us.  She was rating the show compared to other times she's seen them and then just saying weird stuff to her friends.  Jeanice and I also learned her schedule and found out she was moving.  Sheesh.  
Next up will be Jurassic 5, a two parter music festival, and the Kills with Baby in Vain!  As of this publishing, I will have seen Hall and Oates the night before (I'm doing auto publish with this post).  Honestly, there's a bunch of shows that I want to see that are coming to down but they're a little bit spaced out.  These posts do really well so I'm keeping them as a feature, but the scheduling of them may change up a bit depending on how many shows I see.

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  1. Such a bummer that the weather did not cooperate but I am sure that Red Rocks was still cool (can you believe I have lived here my whole life and never seen a show at Red Rocks?!?!?). I love your pretty dress! And I love Death Cab for Cutie!

    1. Oh my goodness! I can believe it; it seems that can happen to natives. One of these days! Maybe even next summer we'll go to a show together!

  2. This Colfax street seems to be impressive... I think I would drive through a shortcut, if possible... well, I don't know, not judging at all! I would like to see Death Cab for Cutie, sounds really good, just the weather at the venue not! But I liked the pictures anyway! This Retrolicious dress is so beautiful and I simply loooved the flats! So bad you couldn't watch Lana Del Rey, due to the weather. But I am sure other nice events are on the agenda, as you said and hopefully you can buy the tickets without any extra fee!

  3. Ugh, rain! Red Rocks looks like such a coll place, but I hear ya on why it can be a pain. I personally like a more intimite venue. I saw Shinedown at a smaller venue and loved it. Pretty amazing.

    1. It is cool! I don't know if i know them...I'll investigate them! XO

  4. looks nice! :D thanks for sharing!

    Have a great day!
    Animated Confessions

  5. Looks so cool. Too bad for the weather!!

    Adi xx

  6. Oh wow that looks like an awesome venue, even with all the downsides you listed. Glad you and your friend had an okay time in the end - hope she had a great birthday! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  7. Fantastic dress! What a gorgeous view, too! Wow <3

    - Anna


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