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More Summer Outfits from Instagram

A week or so ago, I shared some of my fave outfits from the summer that I wore in real life, shared on Instagram, but weren't showcased here on the blog.  Here is the second installment, with another one coming in a week or so!  I haven't decided if I'll continue to do this throughout the fall, but we'll see!  And if we're not friends on Instagram yet, my handle is @demurelaurenblair. (Announcement: my handle is changing within the next week or two.  And not long after that my blog url and name will be too!  Details to follow!)
This feels like a fall outfit because of the colors, but this was taken in early August!  I wrote about this Trashy Diva skirt here, and I'm seriously in love with it.  This was taken on a pretty regular day, but right after I got this photo I changed into pants because my bandmate was coming over and I was going to be sitting crossed legged on my couch all night tinkering around on guitars and pianos, haha.
This was taken right before I went to a birthday party.  I kind of like that it was overcast because that somehow plays with the blues that I'm wearing really well.  This is easily one of my favorite Pinup Girl Clothing skirts!  I feel like turquoises and mints were my most used colors of the summer, at least in the second half!  If nothing else, this Kate Spade bag was used all of the time...speaking of...
I'm so classy!  Haha.  Well...if a whole portion of a patio is abandoned then I'll probably stand on the table to include part of the city in the background!  Sorry?  This was taken at a monthly hangout with friends.  Anyway, do you spot the innocent wardrobe malfunction??  Look at my waist!  You can see the clasp of this Chicwish skirt sashayed it's way to the front of my waist instead of remaining in the back.  I'm usually an advocate for checking details before deciding if a photo is useable, but my iPhone was saying I was out of storage and I couldn't take another immediately.  I thought it looked fine, so I didn't rush to delete other things in my phone, and only later realized that my skirt had shifted.  Whoops!  Always look out for these things, ladies!
Here I am with a gal pal (I'm wearing ModCloth and she's decked out in an adorable Unique Vintage outfit so we got a dual outfit photo pic) at an engagement party.  Originally I had a totally different idea of what to wear to this party, but then I realized it was a Hawaiian themed party as the happy couple is planning on getting married in Hawaii.  (Apparently I do not read Facebook invites very thoroughly!)  So at the last minute I decided to wear this outfit, something I've wanted to wear all summer but since the weather was so goofy I never felt like being all tropical haha.  
This was a long day!  I was walking around with my brother in the morning (I had sandals in my bag...a perk of using larger bags), meeting friends for a business meeting on a side project, and was supposed to see a lecture from one of the most known bloggers in another field I blog in (though I'm on indefinite hiatus from blogging on that topic).  So I had to dress for several events in mind that morning, and landed on this beautiful number from Le Bomb Shop.  As it turns out though, our meeting turned into an all day thing though and initially I was going to be fashionably late, but then I realized I would be embarrassingly late so I had to skip the whole thing all together.  All was good though, as this day solidified where we were going with this project and put some fears I had to rest.  I'll say more in around close to two months when I can let the cat out of the bag 100% ;)  All will make sense!
My first (and likely!) baseball game of the 2015 season!  Baseball is my favorite sport but because it rained so much this year I didn't want to commit to far ahead of time to going to a game.  One of my best friend's family relocated from PA to CO and they invited me to a game with them, which was super fun.  It was a totally beautiful night and if this is my only game of the season I'm glad I went to this one!  I decided to wear this white ASOS skirt because I didn't want to get cold as the sun set, but kept it pretty sporty otherwise!
You can kind of see the mountains in the background, but there was so much haze and smoke in the air due to wildfires so you can't totally see the outline.  Usually you can, and depending on your seat you can also see skyscrapers (right in back of my view here) because Coors Field is in the heart of Denver.  I firmly believe this to be one of the coolest stadiums in the country.
I rarely mix prints with shoes, but when I do have so much fun with it!  My skirt (Hell Bunny) has Scottie dogs all over it and my shoes (Jeffrey Campbell) has a comic strip on it.  These shoes are deceptively tall!  My brother saw me on this day and is the epitome of a straight man who isn't into shoes, but he was like "whoa" and remarked on them--specifically the height-- a few times.  I do fine in tall shoes, but the ankle support wasn't a sturdy as a klutz like me needs.  I fell down three times in my own place before leaving home, haha.  (Granted my place is a mess because I've been slowly reorganizing).  Luckily I didn't fall down in public.  I love these shoes, but I'm going to have to wear them sporadically I think.  We'll see...I love them...I really do.
This is one of my top 5 favorite vintage skirts!  I've worn it with several colors already and was dying to pair it with black this summer.  I got the opportunity for a night out while family friends were in town.  My family no longer lives in Pennsylvania so it was so nice to see friends from there (their son lives in Denver too).  This was a really lovely evening!
This was taken on another reunion that same weekend!  My friend Amy (who's family I went to the baseball game with) was in town so we got to have a little Sunday Funday, which came after a night of hanging with her and her sister, and the day before I played hooky a bit and saw Straight Outta Compton on a Monday afternoon with her haha.  I've mentioned a few times that I'm not a big drinker, but this was one of those rare days I let my hair down a bit.  I was with one of my besties, the weather was great, I had no obligations that day, and we had a safe way home.  This weekend turned out to be great timing because I needed to be with someone who has known me for over a decade.  I LOVE my Colorado friends, but it's always great to hang with someone who get the references points that made you who you are.  I hate explaining and rehashing, and August brought some challenges for me personally, so it was great to see her.  I had no idea I needed to see a longterm friend until halfway through her visit, so thank goodness she was here!  Also, a few of you know I'm trying to plot a trip to LA.  It was supposed to be at the end of this month but it was delayed AGAIN.  That all said, when I do make it out there, I'll be with this chick:
As always, if I'm going to be largely in the sun I prefer to wear strapless as much as possible.  I love this Eva Franco dress and hadn't worn it in a while, so I was thrilled when I realized it was the perfect dress to wear on a Sunday Funday.  And to wrap this up, I'm going to leave you with some laughs:
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  1. Oooooh I can't wait to see the changes to the blog! Love your skirt collection! Jealous!

  2. I am sad to say that I nearly only saw the pictures, so that I go on with my eye treatment, but I guess better to comment on the beautiful pictures, because they are very nice! I can see you are always gorgeous and happy and smiling makes a huge difference! I loved the first one, like appropriate for fall (well, fall like, let's say) and the second I loved the shoes! Also, I love a maxi skirt you are wearing and the amazing sandals, I never saw something so creative like that! I love your skirts and dresses!

    1. I hope you feel better soon! I totally understand!!! Thanks for such a sweet long comment despite that you can't see too well!!!! XOXOXO

  3. Wow what an amazing collection of skirts you have, darling!! :) I really love how you styled the TD skirt in the first picture. I'm obsessed with my scottie dog skirt. It's too darn cute.

    1. Haha, thanks! They really are my thing, right? I remember I first saw the Scottie dog one on you!!! So thanks for that intro ;)

  4. I love the fact that you take risks with colors and it works for you so well!!

  5. You have an amazing collection of skirts girl! The first photo is definitely fall ready even though it was taken in August! Those Jeffrey Campbell shoes are mind blowing too!! Your face in the last photo is hilarious lol.

    1. Thanks! I love them despite that I fall down in them, haha!

  6. All those skirts are so elegant, WOW :) The last look is perfect with those ballerinas, it looks great! Bonjour from France, *-* Sand. *-*

  7. Oh such a great collection of looks :) Love your skirts!

    Check out my blog if you want:

    Tamara xxx

  8. Love all the skirts!

  9. love that style :) the skirts are so elegant but sweet :)

  10. I am in love with your white Asos skirt and your green outfit. You look spectacular!

  11. Wow your skirts are amazing ! Love them xxx

  12. You look great in all of these outfits, dear, I see that we're similar to each other, we both love floral prints! :)

  13. I really like the white Asos skirt and the green outfit. You look spectacular in Green!

  14. Fun, colorful and classy. I just love your energy and free spirit. Love it!

  15. Every outfit is lovely!! And I have totally had a skirt shift on me with the clasp in the front, too. Whoops! Haha.
    I can't wait to see the updates on your blog URL! :)

  16. You have some of the best skirts ever. You really do. That third one is one of my favorites!

    – Anna


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