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She's a Lady

Greetings, clothing lovers.  How was everyone's weekend?  My was nice, thank you for asking!  NOW I feel like summer is o-v-e-r.  I went to the last home Rockies game of the 2015 season, which means it's fall.  I only went to two games this year, due to weather etc, but baseball winding down does mean summer is basically over too.  Denver usually has Indian Summer throughout September and sometimes into October, so my radar with seasons changing here is different than when I lived in PA.  Baseball ending is a sign I can measure though.
I used to do a series called "A Case of the (Motivational) Mondays" starting from last August and it went off and on through this spring.  I stopped doing these for a number of reasons.  They were wordy posts, which is fine, but also time consuming.  I was also trying to get my head straight about certain things and writing a motivational post felt weird.  I truly believe that a fashion/style/beauty  blog isn't what it should be i…

Summer Lovin' Roundup!

This season was my toughest roundup yet, folks!  I usually keep score as a season goes on of not only looks that I like, but looks that I like that fit the season that we're in.  This way ensures that I have less work to do for a blog post like this, haha.  This summer had wackadoodle weather here in Denver, so I didn't get as many "traditional" summer outfits.  Plus, I did a series on swimwear, which is summery, but that felt weird to showcase the swimsuits again as I didn't want to be overly indulgent with that stuff!  I did find several summer looks though, so without further ado, here's my most searched for seasonal roundup yet!! This was literally taken on the first day of summer.  Unlike the first day of Spring, I had no planning ahead of time in regards to a summer outfit.  I almost wore a rainbow maxi dress (seen here!!) on this day because I was popping by Denver Pride, but upon looking at my weather app and seeing it was going to be 99 degrees I op…


Today is my birthday!  Honestly, I'm not even sure what to say about it!  The past two months I've had such tunnel vision involving side projects and other things going on in my life that only a few days ago it really hit me that it was my birthday week.  I've had some pretty exciting things going on the past week and I have to say that I'm grateful to be entering a new year on such promising terms!

Additionally, most of this year was kind of a weird one.  Not a bad one--at all-- but definitely a slow one.  Things only turned around in a concrete way in the 11th hour.  I learned something kind of valuable though, and I'd like to share it.  Earlier this year I took some things off the shelf that I had forgotten about, interest wise.  And then that inspired me to start pursuing different passions I had that I had long neglected, for no reason other than to rediscover those outlets my personality.  I embraced that I'm a creative person...and have an artistic tem…

Swimwear Saturday: Esther Williams Two Pieces

Hey all!  Since I was not able to photograph the rest of my bathing suit collection this summer (it WASN'T pool weather ::tear::) and my posting became sporadic due to an unpredictable schedule, my last swimsuit post of 2015 is not only today, but I am combining two suits!  They are both Esther Williams two pieces, so it is appropriate!   Brand:  Esther Williams
I found both of these on eBay, but it's easy to find this brand and this exact style of suit on both ModCloth and Unique Vintage.  Both stores have really good sales on these suits too!

What I like about this suit: It's so old world sexy.  I enjoy high waisted suits so much, because they make me feel like Ginger from Gilligan's Island.  
Quality Control: Very great material, silky to the touch, and even fabric that is somewhat slimming.
Problem Areas: Just like in my first ever Swimwear Saturday involving a one piece suit by Esther Williams, I'm not in love with how the button outlines my shape.  It feels a lit…

Music, Fashion, and the Underground Music Showcase Days 1 & 2

I spy with my little eye, paparazzi in the background!

The Underground Music Showcase (UMS) is probably the coolest music festival here in Denver.  It's a four day event in the Baker/South Broadway neighborhood of Denver (my personal favorite neighborhood) and it's comprised of mostly local acts but also has major national headliners.  I went in 2013 and had a blast, but took 2014 off.  In 2013 the two headlines that I saw were both bands that I had already seen, Cults and Mudhoney, but it was awesome to see them again.  A slew of my favorite local bands/acts were playing (I like a lot of fake bands/comedic musical performers a la Total Ghost and Magic Cyclops so I always struggle with the wording when including them haha) so it was a ton of fun.
First off, a disclaimer!  This is going to be the least "musical" Music and Fashion post ever.  Meaning that the first two nights of the show I didn't see any acts I was jazzed about.  Not that I hated everyone, I just w…