Swimwear Saturday: Tatyana/Beach Bash Retro Bikini

Out of all of my retro based swimwear, this may be my least favorite...which is a total bummer!  I got it from Zulily (brand Tatyana or Beach Bash).  I'm familiar with the brand as I have several clothing items from them, but I had yet to make a swimwear purchase.  I love the print and coloring of this suit and the price was ridiculously low, so there wasn't much to lose.  That said, something is...off...about the fit that I just can't put my finger on.  I remember when I first wore this to a hot tub party at a girlfriend's house in the spring and looking at the "outfit" photo a friend snapped of me in it and being slightly perplexed.  It looked okay, but it also didn't look the way I thought it did.  And I'm pretty sure it had nothing to do with me and how I looked.  I own other high waisted two pieces, so I'm used to how your figure slightly changes in those kinds of swimwear.  I don't know though, something about this is a smidge off...though still not a bad suit and completely wearable!  Just being candid that it's not my favorite cut!
Tatyana Boutique (where it's from)
Beach Bash (label)

What I like about this suit:
The print is amazing and feels authentically vintage.  

Quality Control:
It's sturdy and good material.  It covers everything while not covering too much.

Problem Areas:
There is underwire, but it's not as lifting or supportive as I'd like it to be.  I still feel smushed in a bit.   As I said, something about this isn't as flattering as I'd like either.  I really wish I could pinpoint why.

Sunglasses- Forever 21
Shoes- Jessica Simpson

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  1. You look adorable! How fun are your shades? And I do like the print on that suit a lot, and I love the ruffly top! Is it maybe that the bottom of the bottoms are cut higher than other high-waisted bikinis? That was the only thing I could come up with on why you may feel it's a bit off. I think you look great! Also, that pool area looks awesome!

    Hope all is well!


  2. Cutie! It looks great on you & I love that hair flower so much! :)

  3. The print looks great! Too bad it didn't fit like how you wanted it to. The downside of shopping online I guess. Nonetheless, you look amazing in it! :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  4. nice post, happy Sunday!


  5. Cute swimsuit! Looks great on you!

    Jessica | Pyreflies.org

  6. Awesome swinsuit, it looks great on you though :)
    Capturing Life Memoirs | www.aimeebustillo.blogspot.com

  7. This outfit is so cute!! It screams summer in every item! Love it!!! :)


    Seize your Style

  8. I think you look great - that's a lovely print and a great retro style! :)

    If it doesn't make you feel great though, maybe better getting rid of it so that you can wear another bikini that you love instead! :)

    Away From The Blue

  9. You look gorgeous and really do know how to pull the vintage look off girl! I agree something is off with the design of it which is a bummer since the colours are so pretty!


  10. I think it looks great! I love the print!! :)


  11. Love the vibrant colors and prints of your bikini, you look lovely in it!


  12. So cute!! I have a Beach Bash set that I love and it does look like vintage!! You look amazing x

  13. The name of this bikini (my full name) makes me love it even not looking on it))) But it's so pretty and suits you so well that it makes me love it even more!


  14. I really like the way it looks on you! You look amazing! I appreciate the pros/cons that is very helpful! =)



  15. Sunnies a so colorful and swimwear , like it..
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  16. Lovely swim wear pattern xx
    Would you like to follow each other in GFC and Instagram (@travelera.es) ? let me know to follow you!

  17. wow what a perfect look
    i love the Bikini so much

    hope you visit my blog
    with love your AMELY ROSE


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