Swimwear Saturday: Target Monokini

Hey all!  How was your week?  I took two weeks off from swimwear posts because the past few weeks have been nuts.  Usually I can find time to blog when my schedule is crazy, but finding time to plug stuff on social media is where it gets tricky.  My brother moved to town a few days ago, which was expected, but he got here WAY earlier than planned so talk about a crazy week!  Like, I got a text when he was two hours away from Denver...!  Other than it's been busy with deadlines, concert stuff (a lot of Music and Fashion posts coming your way soon!), some social stuff and sinus pressure haha!  This weekend I'll be on and off the radar with museum stuff, friend's birthdays, and a working brunch but by Sunday evening I'll hopefully be back to paying better attention to all other things that blogging involves besides publishing posts...yay!!!!
In my mind, this is my most controversial suit...at least in regards to my personal comfort zone involving swimwear.  Something about monokinis feels more exposing than actual bikinis to me, and I'm not sure if I can pinpoint why.  I suppose maybe because they're demure adjacent but also teasing a lot of skin too?  Maybe that's all it is; two ideas meshed together that are confusing my brain.  IDK. I forgot that I technically have another monokini from two years ago, but when I tried this on in Target this past February I got excited because it was the first one that fit me.  I wasn't all wrong, as it was the first one at Target that I had come across that fit me.  I sometimes have bad luck there!  Their suits are super cute, but the cuts and styles to me are sometimes lacking in execution.  

(To read more about the origins of this swimwear series, click HERE!)


What I like about this suit:
Despite my aforementioned confusion about the sexiness of this suit, I have grown an affinity for more "mature" one pieces.  Whether they're vintage styling with a sheath in the front with fun prints on it or whether it's a monokini, I think fun one pieces are way to embrace getting older while still have fun without being frumpy.  The color blocking of this suit is also amazing and one of my favorite things.  It's retro and cool and a little bit rock and roll!

Quality Control:
This is a pretty good suit.  As you can see in the above photos that the bottom doesn't cover everything, but it's not as bad as it could be.  I think the fabric is soft and sturdy.

Problem Areas:
My only complaint is that depending on the angle it looks like my boobs are smushed.  I'm smaller breasted, and frankly love it, but when the shape I do have is diminished I am not a fan.  I strongly considering wearing inserts with this suit, but then I remember that I want to be super duper true to form in these photos so I did not.

What are YOUR experiences with monokinis?  Love them or hate them?  
Past swimwear reviews:
Honesty time: were my poses awkward here?  Trying to show off the cut outs was an interesting challenge!  I felt out of my wheelhouse as I am no model!  I hope they're not too....whatever, haha!  Have a great Saturday!
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  1. Loved you blog... The perfect fusion of hot-n-sexy & classy and beautiful.... You look outstanding my friend!

  2. Love this swimsuit!! Great color and design.
    Happy Sunday. Xo


  3. The cut of this swimwear made you look even sexier :)

    Have a nice day! :)


  4. Looking hot girlfriend! The suit has such a unique design to it that I'm loving and such pretty colours which go really well together!


  5. Great review, personally I'm not a fan of monokini, but you look amazing in this swimwear, I love colors of it :)


  6. this is so lovely :) the Colors are summerlike and beautiful :)


  7. I love your swimsuit colors! It is hard to find that magical garment that will cover all that's necessary, lift all that has to be lifted, and looks beautiful, but this is pretty close

    Natalia | Lindifique

  8. What a great Target find. I haven't seen that suit in the store, but I've seen a lot of other cute options.

    Mimi & Chichi

  9. Ive never worn a suit like this, but I would definitely try after seeing you in one! Seriously looking fab and the colors of the suit are awesome!


  10. It really looks good on you! I know for sure that I could never pull this off! :)

    Hope the temperatures are still high enough! :)

    YouTube | Blog: Geekette in High Heels | Instagram


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