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Music, Fashion, and Joat Jett and the Blackhearts

When I was in college, most girls I knew were obsessed with Ashlee Simpson.  To say I was not is an understatement.  Part of my allergy to her, amongst other reasons, was that I had just discovered chicks who truly rocked, a la Pat Benatar, Blondie, Heart,...and Joan Jett.  When I was even younger than that I fell prey to the embarrassing idea that maybe women didn't rock as hard as men because I didn't know better.  Granted, when I first started watching MTV on the reg Lillith Fair was a new thing and even as a 13 year old I was baffled at why so many chicks were playing such crybaby songs on acoustic guitars.  I didn't understand why lady musicians didn't seem to be in metal bands or at least weren't playing the electric guitar (this was just after Liz Phair and Veruca Salt were ruling the airways and between Hole's biggest two albums so chick music was in limbo in regards to rocking hard).  ANYWAY, sometime in college I went on this huge late 70s and early 80s music binge and realized that there were plenty of good musical goddesses to go around that were kicking ass and taking names.  The fact that I got to see Joan Jett this summer means that I can take something off of my bucket list.  (Blondie and Pat Benatar are still on this list, but luckily I did see Heart four years ago).
Outfit Details:
Headband & Sandals- Forever 21
Sunglasses- Beach store find
Necklace- Charming Charlie
Dress- Folter Clothing (Brand: Retrolicious)
Bag- Kate Spade
Admittedly I phoned this outfit in a bit.  I was wiped out from a busy week, filled with seeing the Geto Boys a few days before and going to a local amusement park for a friend's birthday until super late at night the previous night.  My friend Jeanice, whom I affectionately dubbed my "lesbian life concert mate" and I had a little misunderstanding with when we were getting together, and I found myself in a towel when she texted to say she was 10 minutes away from picking me up.  So I kind of just slung my bee's nest of a mane back into a loose bun and threw on a headband and called it good.
The dress itself wasn't super phoned in, as I had planned on wearing this dress because it seemed like such a fun and outdoor summer event dress to wear.  I've worn a Folter/Retrolicious dress to most of the concerts I've been to this summer!  They just make such fun prints that are acceptable for any show and the cuts are so perfect for summer!

Footwear is always the trickiest aspect of dressing for shows.  Sometimes I get ballsy and wear wedges or heeled boots.  If a concert is outdoors though, I highly recommend flats as you'll likely be walking, if not standing, on uneven terrain.
Joan Jett was playing at this venue called Hudson Gardens...which is my least favorite venue.  Period.  I won tickets to see the Guess Who there a few years ago (I was in a themed race and won a costume award) so I brought one of my best friends, Brian, to it as we're both music freaks.  First off, the venue itself is beautiful but kind of spacious and shows start promptly around 6 or 6:30PM.   When we went there were like, a half a dozen people checking for tickets along what seemed like miles to walk through and the venue was empty, so it felt kind of weird.  We asked if there was an opener and we were rudely told that there were no openers and that they were already playing.  We stayed for a song or two and after one too many Ted Nugent references we bolted, especially given that we weren't huge Guess Who fans to begin with (you get what you pay for, ha).

At Joan Jett, only my second concert experience at this place, hoards of people were being prompted to park across the street at a community college because it was that packed.  Not realizing how packed it was going to be, it didn't even dawn on us to show up earlier than the start time.  So we had kind of sucko seats.  PS-by "seats" I mean whatever lawn space we could acquire.  Luckily we thought to bring a blanket so we weren't just hanging out in the grass!  Because the show times are so early and technically speaking it's at a park, lots of families go there for concerts and it's not uncommon to see a three year old next to you on one side and a 73 year old on the other side of you.  It's cool in a way; if I ever choose to be in the family way I'd like to keep doing fun things as I age, and with my family.  But it is also weird to be hearing "Bad Reputation" when a three year old is dancing in front of you.  Also, something about a sea of lawn chairs and picnic food doesn't scream rock and roll.  To each their own, but this venue always has me scratching my head a bit.  There's been other acts that I've technically wanted to see here, but it took seeing one of my idols, Joan Jett to get me back...if that says anything.
Our view

Luckily, of all shows to have be a relaxed show, this was a good one!  Because we were way off to the side (got there too late) and couldn't see a ton, and we had a blanket to lay on, it was nice to just relax after a long few weeks, enjoy the nice weather, and shut my eyes while I listened to some of my favorite songs of all time.  It was almost meditative and therapeutic, so who am I to judge anyone else at this show?  I was having a step above nap time and loving it!  I never figured I'd be at a Joan Jett show while feeling so peaceful, but hey, we play the cards we're dealt!
Shots I got while roaming around a bit halfway through the show

Aside from a million families trolling around this venue, there were also TONS of burn outs and hardcore metal/rock/punk people walking around.  By now you know I love people watching and gaging the consensus of a crowd at shows and this one was glorious.  Jeanice and my favorite personality of the crowd was a middle aged to elderly lady (I have the feeling she partied HARD in her youth so I couldn't quite ascertain her real age) was rocking out harder than possibly everyone I had seen at any concert I had been through before.  EVER.  She was dancing like a maniac the whole time by the merch stand and never quit.  A few times a group of twenty somethings or even children joined in with her.  A few other times some people were dancing in back of her copying her moves in a mocking manner.  That was a bummer, because while she was a little over the top, she has having a ton of fun.  I can never truly knock people having that much fun at shows.  I also appreciate people who have no inhibitions, drug induced or otherwise (I honestly can't tell where this lady landed on this spectrum).   Don't we all want to be this happy and not give a f*ck in the third act of our lives?!

The show was relatively short, which was a total bummer.  But Joan Jett sounded as amazing as always.  I thought her band and voice sounded pretty true to form from her recordings, which is amazing considering her most famous hits are 30+ years old.  She has aged quite gracefully too, I must say. That said, this took place about a week after the summer solstice so when it ended well before dark it was somewhat jarring.  Jeanice and I decided to stick around to not have to fight our way out of the parking lot and just enjoy the nice summer evening, as technically speaking Hudson Gardens is a park that's open to the public during non-concert event times.

I definitely recommend seeing Joan Jett if you get the chance.  She's a legend and she still has it.  Plus I long maintain that almost anything that musically came out of the 80s is usually one of the best concert experiences you can have.  She's coming again to Colorado for a Taste of Colorado, a festival that has major headliners at night.  I haven't decided if I'm going to try to see her again there, but at some point I would like to see her again so I can rock out a bit more instead of enjoy her music while basically meditating.  Haha, this was definitely the most mellow concert experience of my life but I have no regrets!

I'm a little behind on posting these concerts!  I'm going to try to post another Music and Fashion post on Friday.  If you're at all interested for what's on deck for the second half of my summer concerts and want to know what you'll be tuning into, here's what's coming up:
Marilyn Manson + Smashing Pumpkins
Death Cab For Cutie
Jurassic 5
Underground Music Showcase (a 4 day music festival here in Denver and I'll be featuring some local acts, plus national acts like Milo Greene, STRFKR, and Tennis)
The Kills + Baby in Vain
Foo Fighters

Have you guys seen a lot of concerts this summer?  If so, what are your favorites???


  1. Hello lovely, I adore this look, you have a very unique style, now days is so hard to find uniqueness . I don't like Ashley Simpson either! lol.
    The event looks amazing I wish I could go to something similar, the energy must be amazing!
    Glamoury Armory Blog 

  2. Wow, getting to see Joan Jett is too amazing! Sounds like it was a good time. You always get to see the coolest shows.

  3. Totally love your heart sunglasses! I always love seeing rock/metal women, it's so empowering seeing ballsy and badass women holding their own! Have you heard of Alissa White-Gluz? She fronts Arch Enemy now so more the metal/screaming side but my damn her style is impressive and her screaming is something insane!

    1. I have not! I'll check her out. I love metal but not always the screaming stuff. She sounds totally worth looking into though! Thanks, love!

  4. Love your look. Your outfit is lovely, dear.
    Liza’s Corner l Instagram l Bloglovin

  5. great blog, love it!

  6. Nice post :) Kiss kiss from France, *-* Sand. *-*

  7. Lovely outfit!
    Great blog!!

    Have a nice day xx
    Classy Styler

  8. I love your sunnies Lauren!
    ♥ ♥ ♥

  9. That dress you're wearing is beautiful! I love the back :)

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  10. Wow, a Joan Jett concert, lucky you!!!! I also love Blondie, as you mentioned before, and was never keen of Ashley or Jessica Simpson - just the latter shoes :) Your dress is very nice, good for a concert, and the sandals too! Lucky you anyway, that your friend texted saying she was 10 min away - I have a friend that texts saying "I am on the tube" and then you know she is still putting makeup on at home :) It's nice to have a 3 year old on one side and a 73 on the other, very nice! And that lady was really awesome, she uses the proverb "dance as if nobody was watching you", but well, even knowing that she was watched, why not! Amazing!

  11. Love your dress. Perfect for an outdoor concert.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  12. looks like someone's been getting up to fun
    lovely pictures

  13. Great post and lovely pictures! :)

  14. Super cute dress, doll!
    Happy Thursday!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  15. Great pics! Too cool you saw Joan in concert! We went to see Night Ranger a few weeks ago (an 80's band) and had a fabulous time--great concert! T.

  16. So neat that you got to see Joan Jett in concert this year. You have so many cool concert pics.


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