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Music, Fashion, and The Geto Boys

If you've been following the music portion of this blog, you may see the fact that I went to a Geto Boys concert as a hard left turn.  I can't say I'd totally blame you.  I am a rocker/punk/indie/metal girl for the most part.  And while I maintain that I do not like everything, I do bounce around a few different genres outside of my norm.  The past few years I've embraced how much I truly love rap music.  I've always liked some songs here and there, but something has been truly turned on for me involving this style of music as of late.  I believe it's a combination of two things: 1) I'm a die hard Motown fan.  A lot of rap and hip hop beats follow the formula that made Motown so catchy.  2) I also love poetry, and I could make a case for the idea that rap has some of the best poetry in lyrics out there.  If nothing else, it's super transformative as these artists explain a world that me, a white girl from small town Pennsylvania, would not be privy to otherwise.  When I heard the Geto Boys were coming to town, I knew I had to go because they're pretty up there for my favorite rap artists. 

Dressing for this show was both anti-climatic and borderline stressful.  Tornado warnings and flash floods made not only everything delayed, but made me reconsider a few times what I did actually wear.  I talk a lot about weather in this series, in part because the weather is so nuts in Colorado it's hard to separate it from any event.  But it's also important to mention in a music meets personal style post because going to shows is unlike most other social experiences.  You're not sitting, you don't have a personal space to put down your things, you're standing and/or dancing for hours on end, you want to be comfortable, the idea to fit in or go against the norm comes in, and depending on parking and walking to the event and which season you're in, layering and bringing a jacket is also something to consider.  I ended up wearing basically exactly what I intended to wear on this night, but I did mull over the idea of pants or a maxi dress, rain boots, heavier fabric based skirts, and so forth as it was going to be wet and the temperature was going to be dropping from close to 100 to the 70s, with rain and wind potentially.
I partially wanted to wear this skirt from Voodoo Vixen because I hadn't worn it in far too long.  BUT...I also wanted to wear it because the idea of wearing a skirt with space vixens all over it to a show where the headliners were some of the pioneers of gangsta rap cracked me up.  I've been very into pairing tops that are the same color as the base in the bottoms, which is why I wore a black Forever 21 tank with this black Voodoo Vixen skirt.  I ultimately decided on these Forever 21 sandals as they kind of matched, but in the event of being rained on they would dry off the fastest.  Initially I was going to wear yellow sandals with a yellow bag, but I opted for a larger gold Kate Spade bag because I wanted to carry a cardigan and compact umbrella.  Usually I'm a fan of shoulder bags that are small for concerts, but some nights call for larger bags. 

I'm far from a beauty blogger, in that make-up and hair just aren't things that come easily to me.  But this night is fun to talk about because everything about how I styled myself was out of necessity.  My whole day ran late and I ran out of time to wash my hair.  I'm not super into the two braids look, but I figured it would be low maintenance for greasy hair that may be rained on.  And I am wearing a bit of make-up, but just foundation and lip gloss as I didn't want to look like a drowning rat if the weather turned on me.
In regards to the show, I couldn't have found better people to go with!  Given that the Geto Boys are super respected by not as wildly remembered by mainstream music radio stations, I had no clue who would be willing to go with me.  I first turned to Kelsey, a man I have seen four rap groups with before (actually, that's every rap show both of us have been to) as we were already planning on going to Jurassic 5 together in July so it got interjected into our texting pretty seamlessly.  I also wrangled a man named Chris, who also signed up to see Jurassic 5 with us (post on that coming soon; I went to so many shows in such a short period of time that it's taking a minute to get to each concert).  I tried and struck out with a few others, but honestly I wouldn't have had it any other way as I'm hella fond of both of these boys and we had a blast together.  I knew it would be a fun night, but that got confirmed when I met up with them at a bar beforehand after we all had hellish times getting into downtown from different directions.  I was the latest out of all of them, and I was beyond frazzled after traffic, construction, cars breaking down in basically every lane, using my car as a boat to get over an impromptu river in the middle of the highway in heavy traffic, police being staked out everywhere and driving 20 mph in 40 mph zones, trouble finding parking, and having the weirdest parking garage experience of my life.  Instead of just straight up complaining, it was easy to just sit down with these fellows, relay my experiences in a comedic way, and laugh about the ridiculousness of my drive to a receptive audience.  From there the laughs kept coming the whole night.  All three of us are somewhat kindred in how we see the world and what we find funny, so that alone made it a super fun evening with my face already starting to hurt from laughing by the time we entered the venue two hours later.
Rap concert besties

I'm always super curious about the crowds at a concert.  I've definitely seen some things and not in places I'd expect to see them, notably a woman going bottomless at a Foo Fighter concert.  Rap and hip hop shows intrigue me the most because the crowds are always so mixed; it's never homogenous in terms of personal style.  Like, at indie, metal, and punk shows, 90%+ of the audience is dressed exactly how you would expect them to dress.  Rap shows, at least in Colorado, not so much.  Every walk of life is there, and even more so at Geto Boys.  There were punk rockers who legit looked like they hung with the Sex Pistols, a goth guy who seemed to even have an in with the Geto Boys, a group of dudes dressed as if they were seeing the Grateful Dead, and a bunch of people who looked like they fell out of Abercrombie and Fitch.  Me wearing a 1950s inspired skirt didn't come close to standing out.
If you didn't know who the Geto Boys were as you were reading this so far, this quote may inspire an "aha moment."

Seeing the Geto Boys is easily one of my favorite concerts of the summer.  They put on an amazing show and are great entertainers.  They're probably one of my top three favorite rap groups, so I'm not surprised by this.  But there were surprises in this show; about half way through, Scarface whipped out an acoustic guitar and he and Willie D jammed out to--wait for it--"Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd.  Now, I'm rounded and worldly enough to get the everyone out there likes all kinds of different things, even if they have a genre they're known for over other things.  But there was something really entertaining about being at a Geto Boys concert and hearing them perform Pink Floyd.  To say that I didn't see that coming is an understatement. gets better.  Right after their Pink Floyd cover, Willie D starts talking to the audience about how he used to sing in the church choir but quit because it wasn't "gangsta."  But now he doesn't care what people think, so he's going to sing us a song.  Now, after that speech I was expecting maybe a church song since he said he grew up in the choir, or maybe some old standard....or something.  What he actually sang I was not prepared for.  After a pause he started singing these words  a cappella:

"Making you way in the world today takes everything you got...."

Aaaaaand Blair is suddenly doubled over from laughing!  I can kind of die happy now!  I've seen the Geto Boys do a cover of the Cheers theme song.  My friends and I just kept looking at each other gleefully smiling and laughing.  The guys with an album cover from a real life hospital trip where Bushwick Bill got his eye shot out was singing the theme from Cheers.  This is legitimately one of the best things I've ever seen in my life.  Snoop Dogg didn't do any TV theme songs at his show.  Nor did Ice Cube.  But the Geto Boys went there and owned it!  The whole crowd was singing along.  In the words of Ali G, "Respect!"
This combination is just like peanut butter and jelly.

Seriously though, this show was awesome!  Definitely in the top 3 of the summer (which is currently also ranking The Sonics and the yet to be published show of The Kills with Baby in Vain).  I never don't have fun at rap shows.  Even if you only kind of like rap music, I vote that you go to a show the next time some old school rappers are in your town.  That and any cliche 80s band.  These types of shows are always recipes for way too much fun!  The songs are always catchy and the energy is infectious.  My only complaint is that their microphone was a little bit fuzzy so I couldn't hear the words as well as I wanted to, but given that I know most of the words I was overall fine with this.  
What concerts have you guys seen that is off the beaten path of your usual music genres???

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  1. Omggggggggggggggg. I bet it was an amazing show. Those guys are as old school as it gets. Been around for ever. Great music! I love your skirt, too, by the way! :D

    - Anna

  2. Haha that tweet!! <3

    Heba xx

  3. Wow! Wonderful post <3

  4. Sounds like a fantastic time! Im loving the Cheers theme too. That would have put the biggest smile on my fave lol. Such a cute skirt for the concert. I can see how it would have been really difficult, give. The westher, dressing for the concert. You nailed it though!!

  5. Seems you had a blast!
    Amazing night, so funny that tweet! XD

  6. I've never heard of them but that show looks so fun!

  7. Looks like you had an amazing time. Love your look.

  8. So nice that you had so much fun at the concert watching Geto Boys! I also love poetry and I love Motown! Oh, you showed Cheers, I watch that now on Retro TV, it's so nice, and funny! I liked your skirt very much, and your braids too; no matter you say you are not a beauty blogger, I think your hair is always very nice!

  9. Great post dear! Looks fun

    Please click on the link on my post

  10. I definitely like a lot of different music--in fact pretty much every kind of music excepting techno. My top two for sure though are hip hop and rock. I love the outfit you chose! Weather is indeed a factor (and often an unpredictable one) here in Colorado. Great choice!

  11. Your night looks so fun! I love live music, any kind!!!


  12. Looks like such a fun night! Fuzzy microphones are just a part of live shows. This post has a lot of good energy in it. Awesome!


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