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Wedding Attire

This past weekend was a really fun celebration because one of my very best friends got married to a seriously lovely girl.  And not only is she lovely, but she is ultra compatible for my friend.  Both are stupid well traveled and have lived in different countries, which I find to be such a unique thing that they have in common.  And the fact that they're both such smart, good hearted, and grounded people is the icing on the cake.  I think we've all been at weddings where we're biting our tongues and wondering how long the union will last--which is the worst because we all want what's best for our friends--but this wedding was NOT one of those unions at all...thank goodness!  The whole drive to the wedding I was thinking about how excited I was that the couple, Bryce and Larraine, were getting married and that's how I prefer things to be; to be genuinely happy for my friends.  I've showcased my wedding attire for the past three weddings I've been to on Instagram but only one I have blogged about so far as it was apart of my no longer active series, Weekend Fashion.  The other two didn't happen because of a lack of good photos, no time to blog about it, etc.  Luckily I'm on a roll with liking all of my friends unions though!! I went back and forth between deciding if I was going to showcase just photos of my outfits or of all of the friend pictures too, and ultimately decided to showcase the whole kitten caboodle because this may be the last wedding in my immediate friend group for some least for the foreseeable future!  
But first, the fashion!  I love, love, LOVE this dress.  I wanted it for forever on ModCloth but it was either always sold out or too expensive.  Finally I had a ton of store credit and it was stocked in my size so I took the plunge.  I think every woman needs one or two statement pieces in their closet that are elegant and timeless to wear to fancier events.  I don't believe I knew what I would be wearing this to when I purchased it, but not long after Bryce proposed to Larraine and they set the date for a summer wedding so I was happy to already have a dress ready.  

What I love about this dress in particular is that that the color combo is pink and gray.  Maybe this won't make sense if you don't collect clothes, but once you have a lot of florals, polka dots, stripes, and plaids in your closet you continue to appreciate pieces of clothing with the above patterns on them but you don't necessarily fall in love and have to have them.  When I fall in love with a tried a true print nowadays, it's because it's in a color scheme that I have not seen them in.  This super detailed multi shades of gray floral against the delicate pink background was like nothing else I own and will never go out of style.
Accessorizing this dress was both easy and a challenge.  This spring I discovered Sophisticated Lady Flowers and not long after my first purchase they uploaded a really unique gray hair flower to their site.  I though it was really cool but I wasn't sure what I would match it to, until I remembered that I had this dress picked out for the wedding and marched my phone with the photo of the flower onto it over to the dress to hold it up to see how well it may match.  Easy!  The shoes and purse were a bit of a challenge though.  I technically have a ballet slipper pink Kate Spade shoulder bag that I was going to use as a backup.  But it would kind of blend in with the dress so I wanted to see if I could find something in gray; a color in my handbag collection that is sorely lacking.  And while I have disco ball colored silver pumps and a few sparkley heels, none of them quite went well with this dress nor did I want the glitter snagging or sticking to the dress.  I went to DSW a month ago to look for silver/gray heeled sandals but literally couldn't find anything, which I found somewhat surprising.  I DID however find these Steve Madden pumps that were gray with pink and other pastels colors.  I found a picture of dress again on my phone and kept holding them to it to see if I thought it would match (don't you love modern technology?).  On one hand, I really didn't want to wear closed toe heels and I wasn't convinced they would even go with the dress.  On the other hand, they were on sale and amazing, plus I do wear gray a lot so I would wear them for sure one way or the other.  I also found a clutch in DSW's clearance section that had silver, black, and pink to it.  At this point I decided it was a sign and just committed to the idea of mixing prints all around, despite that that was the furthest thing I intended to do.  On my way out the door I grabbed free white sunglasses that I got from some event years ago, my ancient Forever 21 soft pink dangly earrings, and a bracelet that my mom gifted me with years ago.  Easy!
Coming up are some photos of my beautiful friends.  Regrettably we only got a few with groom and none with the bride!!  You know how it goes at weddings if you're doing your best to not stalk the bride and groom and you let them do their thing with all of their worlds of people.  All of my friends clean up great (the girls dresses are PHENOMENAL!!!!) so enjoy!
The gang without the happy couple:
When your selfie lens gets cracked on a treadmill but you still take selfies anyway, thus giving a "ghosting" effect:
 When you accidentally match in pink and gray:
 Silly face:
 More normal:
 Two of my very best friends (groom in the center).  Sorry ladies, all my closest straight guy friends (not all pictured below) are wifed up, so I can't hook anyone up!  Lucky for me they all married fantastic girls whom I consider my friends now as well!
Group shot with more people:
 How hot are my lady friends???  I'm also in love with all of their outfits!
 Me with two of the more important people in my life:
Action candid:

Obviously when you're dressed up you do faux prom photos...duh!  But given the spirit of this summer we opted to do a #lovewins based shoot:
 Candid...though I have a thing my friends call "camera radar" and that's evident here haha:
Ending back with the style and fashion, my only regret was not remembering that the kind of pumps I was donning are more difficult to stand in after a while.  I can rock classic or "Barbie pumps" all night long, but something about the platform and rounded toe pumps put more pressure on my feet as the night goes on.  I took them off to become a dancing machine for a while on the dance floor, which was fine but given how long my dress is (it's a few inches longer than I am and a smidge too big but not in a noticeable way) I got nervous about stepping on the dress!  Other than that I had a jacket in my car in case the temperature dropped and carted around an umbrella as it was threatening to rain (I was DD for some friends and there's just something about having your car with you that's amazing because you can stow away more things for the "just in cases"...anyone else know what I'm talking about here?)

What's YOUR guys wedding style??  This is my first wedding out of the most recent four NOT wearing vintage!  And with the exception of a very balmy December wedding where I decided to wear a knee length 60s prom dress last minute, I tend to wear longer lengths to weddings to feel more dressed up as I kind of dress up daily.  Do you guys have rules or patterns?
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  1. You look stunning!!! The dress is so elegant and the clutch is perfect!! :)

    It's so nice when you feel happy for your friends!! Such a cute wedding!


    Seize your Style

  2. I love your dress and a clutch!! U look fabulous!!

  3. Stunning dress!

    - Anna

  4. So happy you were finally able to get this dress! You look gorgeous in it. This looks like it was such a fun wedding. Everyone's so happy!

  5. I love weddings! Your dress is perfect <3

  6. wow. your dress looks so beautiful. indeed a perfect choice for a wedding

  7. I really like your dress, you look stunning in it, it has amazing color and floral print :) Moroever I see that you spent amazing time on the wedding ;)

  8. Perfect! Welcome my blog

  9. looks like you had fun, such a lovely dress too x

    Much Love | | Bloglovin' | Instagram

  10. You looked astonishing!<3 The dress is perfect, love it so much:)<3

  11. I love your post, because I think this is the way to be, genuinely happy for friends - any other thing is not a friend (Unfortunately, I am facing that from someone I thought was my friend, but anyway, these things also happen :( I loved your dress, really chic and proper to a wedding, and the colors are so sweet! I loved the pictures, with ghost effect too :) and all are so happy, that's the perfect atmosphere for a wedding, pure joy! I really loved the post!

  12. Don't you just love it when one of your friends gets married to someone you really like? That always makes me so happy. I LOVE your maxi. What a pretty print. I need some flowy printed maxi dresses in my life.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  13. This looks like such a fun wedding! And I really LOVE your pretty, elegant maxi dress!

  14. You look stunning in this pink dress! This dress was made for you and I am so glad you were able to purchase it. You look so gorgeous and it is just perfect for a summer wedding like you said. I love the prom photos:) Looks like you had a ton of fun!


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