Swimwear Saturday: H&M Floral "Marcia Brady" Bikini

Sometimes, a girl just needs a classic bikini!  And if it's one that Marcia Brady would have approved of, then so be it!  I was SO not in the market for a new suit (not that I ever am as I have enough) while strolling through my local H&M a year ago, but I saw this and I fell in love.  I knew I'd be in Miami on vacation shorty thereafter, so obviously I had justifications!  I do somewhat prefer the higher waisted bikinis and vintage one pieces, but sometimes your whole abs need some vitamin D too!  This is definitely one of my more favorite suits for early in the season while building a base tan.  (I know!  Tanning is bad!  But I come from a long line of tanners and it's been a hard habit for me to break!  I don't smoke, do drugs, and rarely drink.  It sounds weird but tanning and Diet Coke are literally the vices that I just can't quit!)

I hate to admit this because we should all practice being comfortable in our own skin regardless of where we're at, but since going to the gym most days of the week to tone up a tad and work out for mental health...I'm loving the way most things are fitting on me lately.  I don't know if I would have been so bold to wear this suit a year ago on the blog, despite that I didn't look that wildly different.  It's all mind over matter, right?  And I think there's something very powerful about loving yourself when you're working hard towards something.  I'm trying to get in the best shape of my life for strength and to combat some signs of aging, and not even for aesthetics.  So when I'm at the gym and I see my leg muscles flex while on certain machines in places I've never seen muscles before, I'm like YEAH!  I did that!  It's not an accident and I did it through healthy means!  That alone has had a profound effect on my body image and self esteem all around, so if you can channel into working out for the right reasons I highly recommend it!
What I like about the suit:
How Brady Bunch like the print is!
The top has underwire so it serves as a push-up/nothing is getting squished.
Really soft material.
Quality Control:
This is actually an amazing suit, quality wise, especially for a trendy mall box store.  Very sturdy and soft fabric and the fit/cut is fairly accurate.
Problem Areas:
It could cover a little bit more from behind.  (See below...and please do not judge.  Thank you!)  Not even a vintage style of covering up, but just like, an inch more would be ideal.
I don't love the ties on the side of the bottom.  It's mostly a personal preference here, highlighted when my body image is lower because it adds width, but generally speaking I don't care for frills on the sides of bathing suits.
Other outfit details:
Hair Flower- NicCoco Creations
Sunglasses- Flea Market find
Shoes- Nine West
Personal note: The only editing I ever do in photos has to do with exposure, cropping, and adding filters and tints.  I NEVER edit anything on my body.  This is the case with all outfit posts, but it feels especially poignant to say this on swimwear posts.  Love my body or find faults with it; this is a case of 100% what you see is what you get.  
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  1. Can I please just say this is awesome? For one, you look great, and that swimsuit is adorable--and for two, I so appreciate the honest review including "problem areas"...I wish more people would do that! It makes it so much easier to decide whether to try something out if you know realistically what its good/bad aspects are vs "this is perfect in every way <333" because most things don't fit 100% perfectly all the time (even my most favorite outfits need occasional "tweaking" in SOME way.)

    You rock that bikini!

  2. What a cute bikini! Really brave to post photos of yourself in such attire! You look amazing though!

    Heba xx || The Heba

  3. lovely blog :)
    happy Sunday! :)


  4. Love the print on the swimsuit and with the heels you can certainly see how confident it makes you! Great swimwear should be like that, making you comfortable and happy enough to pose and smile! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog | Away From The Blue YouTube

  5. You are rocking this bikini! I seriously love it :) The bikini top is my fave style, aside from bandeau :)

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  6. You look sexy and beautiful!! :) I love your swimsuit!


  7. Super cute bikini....love it

    Miriam www.goldencherry.de

  8. I think the bikini is lovely and you look great in it!
    The Color Palette

  9. I love the style of the top and those shoes are the perfect match, looking hot!


  10. Aww Lauren, you look so fabulous in this bikini! The print is too cute. Those workouts are so great for your body and I'm glad they're keeping you healthy. After all, our health is everything!


  11. You look amazing Lauren! This is a really cute suit on you and I like how you added pink heels to match. Super cute!


  12. That bikini is so cute! You look amazing, no need to make any changes to your body anyway and edit any photos, you are perfect as you are. Love the sunnies too :) Love, Kirsten xx


  13. Such a cute floral bikini and cute sunnies too! Love the retro vibe!


  14. Such a cute swimsuit! Love the print!


  15. Great body with a great suit! Love this.

    XO K

  16. YOU look amazing, Lauren! Love the bikini!
    Sending you much love & I hope this day is as beautiful as you are,
    stunning lady!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  17. You look AWESOME, Lauren! Love this suit! I love my vintage style suits, but I agree every once in a while it's nice to wear a regular old bikini (especially if it's insanely hot, they are just more comfy than a once piece some days). Very cute!


  18. Hi beautiful, first, you look amazing and the swimsuit is cute and I always wanted to buy one from hm many cute designs. Have a great week.x
    Glamoury Armory Blog

  19. I won't judge, you look amazing anyway! I loved the bikini, so sweet colors and style! I agree with you with no photoshop - I sometimes add a filter to make a picture look vintage, but I never edit anything - and guess what, a "friend" always offends me because I stick to this and she always photoshops her photos - I said I respect her way, but she doesn't respect mine! Anyway, well done, I love your photos!


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