Simple Summer + What I Wore Today

For a variety of reasons I don't do "what I wore today" blog posts.  But given that I'm still behind from last week (3 concerts, plus a wedding, plus fighting a cold), I decided why not do a simple blog post tonight?  I have some posts (almost) ready to go as I draft out a lot of things ahead of schedule, but proofreading and hyperlinking always seem to be those last details that get in the way of publishing exactly when I think I'm going to hit publish.  And, I don't know about y'all but I almost have to blog non-stop in order to maintain a rhythm.  The second I stop posting, alerting social media about my blog, and responding to comments/reading your blogs I'm suddenly days behind blogging and have to work back up to my routine!  

But aside from doing a "simple" blog post, all day as I was wearing this I kept thinking about how much I love summer.  For me, it's the easiest style season, at least on day's like today where it's generally nice out all day (minus a mostly harmless rainstorm for 20 minutes this afternoon).  As I've mentioned a few times before, I'm deceptively low maintenance.  I don't enjoy being made up and the quicker I can run out of the house, the better!  Dresses are the easiest cheat in the world for looking fashionable and dresses and summer go together like peanut butter and jelly.  For a second I was struggling with what to wear today, but then I remembered this Hell Bunny dress I got from Unique Vintage last summer on sale.  (I even wore it to my birthday last year).  I love this dress and in part is because it stands on it's own.  Gray matching wedges and voila, I'm dressed all nice in two seconds flat!  In any other season, more layers are required, and layers sometimes walk a fine line between frumpy and chic (or, even "frumpy chic" as I believe that to totally be a thing!).  Plus, I always maintain that dresses/skirts are actually somewhat more comfortable than shorts or pants.  Not that I'm against pants or shorts, but dresses really just are more comfortable to me!    

This whole post is kind of an accident.  I wanted an #ootd for Instagram and liked a few photos, so why not make them a blog set?  The best part is, other than putting on some red lipstick because I look a little washed out in photos without some color on my lips, I'm not wearing any make-up.  And aside from putting on sunglasses and running a brush through my hair again (you're welcome), there was no effort whatsoever into this look.  Gotta love summer...easy and breezy living!

What's your go to season for effortless style and why?

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  1. so in love with your Dress
    Posts online about Mannheim, Beijing, Miami...

  2. This dress so beautiful and you look Amazing as always. <3

  3. Blogging is a full time job and to be able to do all of that and maintain your social media site is a lot of work. Like you said, consistency keeps you ahead of things which i do agree with. Meanwhile, your outfit here is so fierce! Haa, the sunglasses makes the whole look so edgy and fabulous. Love it! Always gorgeous!!

  4. I love that dress.. looks great on you! :)

    And you should blog what you want! I usually only post something if I think it's more interesting than usual. Most days are quite boring and ordinary! :-P

    YouTube | Blog: Geekette in High Heels | Instagram

  5. Dresses are truly easier and more comfortable to wear than pants :) Love your outfit pick, this dress looks amazing on you :) xx Maja

  6. You look absolutely fabulous! Have a lovely day <3

  7. Yes I I totally agree, summer/spring dressing is so much more easier to do then winter, as you have to add layers and will they match the whole outfit etc.
    By the way can't wait to wear the exact same dress when it's my summer! :)

  8. Summer is the season to go effortless, with the beginning of Fall also maybe... I love how you rocked this gorgeous printed dress Lauren! So glamorous!

  9. I completely agree with you - I love dressing for summer and feel like I put together my best outfits for the sun! Which is not what a lot of bloggers say - often people rave about autumn and being able to wear layers etc, but not me! I love this Hell Bunny print; I've nearly bought this dress before. Looks lovely on you! CC x

  10. What a beautiful dress! I love the slight V neck and the pattern is so fun!

  11. Sounds like you have had a busy couple of weeks! Love the dress.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  12. I agree with the effortlessness of no's rare but especially in the summer (with sunglasses) I can get away with lipstick & eyebrow pencil only! You look great! jodie

  13. Im totally with you on dresses beng so easy and simple to style in thr summer months. Anything else after summer requires layering and way more thought! Haha. You look lovely in this dress and kudos for going sans makeup! That's what summer is all about. Being carefree.

  14. you look like a model I was in a catwalk show with in the 02 arena! love your style! :)

  15. Excellent wedges, lady!
    Happy Thursday!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  16. lovely post, kisses!

  17. this looks so lovely :) I love the classy style :) And the shoes are so beautiful *_*

  18. So funny that you were just thinking that because I was just thinking that the other day too! It is the easiest season to style--dress and you're done! No coats or sweaters or boots or socks. I love your pretty vintage dress!

  19. Such lovely dress!!!!
    You look so effortlessly chic! :)

  20. What a lovely dress!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog, dear! ^_^

  21. And I love your easy breezy OOTD Lauren. You look fresh, chic and beautiful. The dress is awesome and love those wedges.

  22. Pretty dress! Great job on this post! Sounds like a busy time!


  23. Aw, you look so pretty. Love love your wedges - so nice. :)
    *Thanks for stopping by my blog.*

  24. The dress is stunning and looks perfect on you. I love the floral print that is gorgeous but not overly girly!

  25. So gorgeous!! I love this dress, I have this print in the playsuit! x

  26. You look amazing in this summer easy breezy look. I like sundresses for easy summer wear and wedges just like you are wearing here. So, I guess you could say, the same as you:)


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