Pachyderm Pinup Party

I'm a huge Pinup Girl Clothing fan and definitely own my fair share of their skirts, but this is actually my first dress from them!  (I have since gotten the Mary Blair Airplane print dress in the same cut, Heidi, which I will be debuting on the blog in a week or two).  I'm a big, big, BIG fan of elephants so naturally I needed this dress.  And when it ended up on their online yard sale two months ago I had to get it!  I wore this dress when I took a photo in front of the road my dad was named after, but this is the first time I'm talking about this dress on the blog.

So....truth be told...I was having technical difficulties with this shoot!  I won't bore you with the details but for the record, this isn't my favorite shoot I've done.  I stand by the outfit though, so here we go!
Let's talk about the dress since it was my first PUG dress!  I've read a few debates online about which vintage reproduction brand has the best dresses (mainly between Pinup Girl and Bernie Dexter) and I have to throw in my two cents now.  I own at least a dozen Bernie dresses and I still favor them after this elephant dress and my Mary Blair one I got.  Quality wise they're very similar.  I've tried so many Bernie styles and while most fit like a glove, I technically have a 29 inch rib cage so even her XS dresses can be larger in the bust/pit are for me.  But it's not super noticeable and it's alterable/coverable in a cardigan so I keep going back for more.  While this PUG dress in the Heidi style fits very well, I feel like the zipper doesn't go down as much as it should.  My hips are between 35-38 inches, depending on how much I'm working out and how often I'm eating handfuls of M&Ms for lunch on a regular basis.  I'm around a 36-37 inch area now and it's a bit of a struggle to pull up the dress (I usually step into dresses as opposed to putting them on over my shoulders).  It's not a hard struggle, mind you, but no other vintage reproduction I own does this; not Bernie, not Retrospec'd, not Hell Bunny, and not Tatyana (except one dress that runs small).  Given that I own a second dress in this style I can say that this style that does the same thing I believe that's just how the Heidi dresses fit.  BUT there are plenty of styles I have not yet tried, so I'm sure that like Bernie's dresses, some run differently. pockets.  I've gotten so used to dress with pockets that my brain spazzes when my hands reach for pockets and they are not there.  But other than these two points, this is a truly great dress!  I'm happy that I own it as it's a great outfit for all seasons.  I think PUG has some of the best novelty prints around and elephants are one of my favorite animals, so I'm super thankful for this dress!
Style wise I opted for mostly softer pinks to match the elephants, in my pink belt from a Hell Bunny dress, shoes by Anne Klein via DSW, and NicCoco Creations hair flower that I got from Unique Vintage over the holidays.  Though I have a ballet slipper color Kate Spade shoulder bag, I decided to brighten everything up and not be so matchy matchy with my hot pink/almost purple one instead.  I used to be ALL about  getting everything to match colors perfectly but I've loosened up a tad and have been experimenting a lot with complimentary colors of the same name

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  1. I love how you included different shades of pink in your outfit! Gorgeous babe!


  2. The pink bag, heels and flowers are the perfect match for this dress! Looking gorgeous as always! ;D Never stop posting outfits Lauren I just adore your fashion big time!

  3. You totally have the pinup girl look down from the hair to the cut of the dress. You look great!

    xx Yasmin

  4. Definitely love how you went with a bright pink bag instead of a blush tone one! The different shades of pink really work with this dress. Such a darling print too!

  5. You look amazing dear!

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  6. Well, maybe not your favorite photo shoot, but certainly a nice one, I liked the pictures! I think that the dress looks lovely, the pattern and colors are nice, and the bag is fantastic! I love that color, and well, Kate Spade is pure quality! I also like skirts and dresses with pockets, but I seldom find some with them. A road that your father was named after, that sounds so nice! It's so nice to know part of our own history! I think you look lovely and guess what, I clicked on Pinup already, to check out some dresses, cause I loved this one!

  7. Hello Beautiful, I love this look, I wonder how you manage to look always impecable, you know I love your original style.
    Glamoury Armory Blog 

  8. Gorgeous look dear! Is a very pretty bag!

  9. What an adorable dress! Elephants are just too cute! :) I have yet to own an elephant print, but I may need to keep my eye out for one. That's surprising that you only have two PUG dresses!

  10. Whatever the technical difficulties, you look great in that gorgeous dress! :)

    And I love those heels too! :)

    YouTube | Blog: Geekette in High Heels | Instagram

  11. I love the flower in your hair. It makes your outfits pop! I also really like the hot pink bag with this black dress. You always look so lovely and you are so great at styling with detail.


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