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Guest Blogger: Lindsey from Have Clothes, Will Travel

Heya!  If you're a long time reader of my blog you'll remember that I used to have a monthly guest blogger.  I intended to take one month off from that this spring due to an unusual schedule that came up, but somehow one month turned into four-ish, haha.  About a month ago I contacted one of my favorite blogger ladies AND Instagram friends to breathe life back into this series for July, Lindsey, from the wonderful blog, Have Clothes, Will Travel.  You may remember has as just last Friday I advertised on here that I was on HER blog as she does a monthly segment called "Featured Fashionista."  We decided to do a duel feature on each other for the month of July but space it a week apart!  Lindsey has effortless style that is timeless with a finger on the pulse of vintage, but mixes it up with modern elements.  She's super sweet and leads a very interesting life...which you can now read about below!  Enjoy!
Hello! I’m Lindsey from the blog, “Have Clothes, Will Travel,” which features a combination of travel and outfit posts. This is my first time being featured on anyone else’s blog, other than my own, and I’m so honored it’s on Lauren’s lovely blog!
Lauren and I met each other through Instagram and bonded over our mutual love of pretty clothes and ModCloth. This unique store is actually a big part of the reason I started blogging.  I’m also continuously moving, and blogging seemed like a good way for my family to keep tabs on what I am up to in my travels. 

See, my husband and I don’t actually own or rent a home. We’ve been traveling all over the country for the past couple years for his job. We’ve been living out of hotels and corporate style housing. New Jersey is our current home base, and we have absolutely no idea where we will end up next….we expect to move after Christmas, but this can always change at a moment’s notice, too. 

We had both lived quite normal lives until deciding we needed a change. Neither of us were happy in our careers. (I was a Morning Show Producer at a news station, and my husband was an Application Analyst at an insurance company.) So, we made the decision to switch our careers to pursue our dream of traveling. My husband became a consultant, which would constantly have us moving. And it was decided that I would do what I could to find a job that could become mobile. And our first move was supposed to be to Scotland – how cool is that?

But absolutely none of this went according to plan, it’s a rather long story and if you would like to read more about that disaster you can click here. To make it short, though, we wound up homeless (my parents’ took us in. Phew!), married (much sooner than we had planned), I was jobless, we had sold all of our possessions (besides our clothes) and neither of us were too pleased, to say the least.
Fortunately, we did make it through this rather sucky time and are now traveling the country. Which wasn’t exactly what we had planned either… we were hoping to be living abroad, but that could still potentially happen. We never know where we are going to end up next!

This kind of lifestyle can be a bit challenging at times, but it has certainly been a great way to meet new people and experience different parts of the country in their entirety. We’ve also been able to take a couple awesome international trips to India and Italy and are currently planning one to Egypt (after Christmas) thanks to saving up so many hotel points living the way we do! 
Constantly being on the move makes keeping up on the style side of my blog a bit tricky, though, because I can’t accumulate too many dresses or shoes. Currently, my entire wardrobe (fancy clothes, shoes, workout clothes, PJs, everything) fits in 4 big plastic totes and a few suitcases. Believe it or not, my husband and I recently found out we can fit everything we own in a minivan. Haha! So, you may see me re-wearing skirts or shoes or purses, but always styled in a different manner. I must say, though, I’m rather proud of being able to keep enough variety going on my outfit posts, given my limited space to store clothes. 
Now, if I had to describe my personal style, I would say it’s classic yet quirky. I like to buy clothes that I will be able to wear for years and mix match throughout summer and winter. However, I have a weak spot for all things geeky…anything Star Wars, Marvel, Game of Thrones, etc. related, chances are I have it in a dress version. Haha.  I can also almost never pass up a pretty midi skirt or a classy A-line dress.
My personal style has always been a way for me to express myself creatively. Even when I was in high school, I was that girl always way overdressed for class in pink heels and fancy skirts. (I really wish I would have kept those pink heels!) However, I wouldn’t say I was entirely comfortable with my style until I found the ModCloth community. 

After I made my very first ModCloth purchase (a gorgeous Steve Madden coat), I uploaded a photo of me wearing it to ModCloth’s Style Gallery and was surprised to see how many other people liked the way I had styled it. I was also excited to see how many other ladies out there had a very similar style to my own! 

After being an active member of the Style Gallery and uploading a couple photos to Instagram with the ModCloth hashtag…I was hooked! My husband suggested I start a blog, and he would teach me how to set it up. And, well, the rest is history! 
Blogging has also given me the courage to do something I have always dreamed of doing – being a Personal Stylist! I recently signed on to be a personal stylist with SIDE by STYLE, and it still doesn’t feel real! 

However, the most incredible part of blogging has been meeting so many other wonderful, smart, stylish ladies, from so many different corners of the world. I am so grateful to have met other ladies who are like-minded with similar goals to mine, and are constantly encouraging me and each other. It’s been incredibly empowering to have them all in my blogging life.
If you would like to follow along with my adventures, come on over to my blog: www.have-clothes-will-travel.comor follow along on Bloglovin’. I also love using Instagram and am starting to get the hang of Twitter a bit now (maybe). Oh, and if you come by my blog, be sure to enter in my Blog Anniversary Giveaway, which is a $50 ModCloth gift card and 2 hours of personal styling with yours truly! 
Thanks for taking the time to learn a little more about me and my blog!


  1. Love the vintage vibe to her outfits!

  2. Very cool. Love that lady bag cross body and the sari on her! She almost looks like two different people with the blonde and brunette hair!

    xx Yasmin

  3. I lov ethe vintage feel on some of your outfits and I am a huge fan of any fashion bloggers who restyle their wardrobe instead of new ones in every posts. It's nice to see a fashion blogger who lives like the rest of us and not just buying endless new wardrobe. xx

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  4. It's amazing what you've gone through! I can't imagine what that's like but it's amazing how you cope.

  5. Really loved this post about Lindsey! She's a class act and always has a great imagination for dreaming up new ways to wear vintage style clothes.

  6. Wow, this was truly inspiring to read, I really love how you included her story! I'm just fan girling over everything she is! I can see how both of you bonded over ModCloth you both have incredible styles that I'm in awe of. Thank you for this post Lauren thoroughly enjoyed reading about Lindsey and seeing her style!

  7. Hi darling, I love to read this blog about her style and traveling and the job story with her husband, so inspiring, we all must do our best to conquer our dreams, She does have a lovely style too,
    Thanks for sharing.Have a lovely weekend dear.
    Glamoury Armory Blog

  8. Great photos!

    Please join the giveaway on my blog

  9. I read this post on my phone [while I was supposed to be working] the other day, but I'm back to leave a comment! Lindsey's style is so cute and I'm always so proud when I see ModCloth featuring her photos. She does such a good job modeling her outfits on her blog and has such an interesting life. One of my favorite bloggers for sure (as are you, Lauren!). Love my blogging girl gang!

  10. This is such a lovely idea sharing another person's story! :) I loved it! Lindsey has such an awesome, and might I say BRAVE, lifestyle! Truly inspiring :) Lovely post! xxx

  11. You look so chic and pretty (: x

  12. Oh very cute your guest with wonderful outfits

  13. Awww this is very nice Xxx
    your guest blogger is as pretty like you

  14. I always love reading Lindsey's posts because they are so unique. I love her travel stories and her outfit posts. She always has an interesting twist on presenting various topics and I just love it! She is one of my favorite bloggers because she is genuine as well.

  15. Thank you so much for featuring me, Lauren! It was an absolute blast to put this post together and such an honor! :)



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