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My Happy Collaboration with Happiness Boutique

Greetings!  This post is special because earlier this month I was contacted by Happiness Boutique, an online shopping website based in Berlin, Germany to showcase one of their statement necklaces.  This was an honor because recently I have seen some of my favorite bloggers be involved with Happiness Boutique, so I feel unworthy but grateful of being in such an esteemed crowd! Picking out a necklace was almost overwhelming because they have so many fun pieces!  Ultimately I narrowed down my searches by only searching colors that I am lacking in my jewelry closet, which was easy to do as Happiness Boutique has really easy to use filters!  I wear a ton of green, especially lime green--as oddly specific as that sounds-- so when I saw this lime green floral piece I got pretty excited.  Not only was it a color I wanted but it seemed like "me" in that it was bold but simple; a mantra I try to stick to when accessorizing with jewelry.  
Upon it's arrival (it came pretty quickly…

Lauren Blair in Mary Blair: Airplane Print Heidi Dress

I don't know what it is about these Heidi dresses, but when I shoot them things go awry!  Last time in my Elephant print dress I was having technical difficulties and this time around it was sprinkling on me and I could only get a few frames.  So, I'm 0 for 2!  Oh well, some of the pictures came out decent  or at least useable so here we go! For those not as familiar with vintage reproduction clothing, Pinup Girl Clothing put out a new collection this spring called The Magic of Mary Blair.  Mary Blair was a female Disney animator in the 40s and PUG got in touch with her estate to make a limited edition line of clothing based on her illustrations.  For us vintage loving girls, this was a bit of a dream come true and we all collectively started foaming at the mouth.  This is the 4th piece I'm showing y'all (I have a list with links at the bottom of this post if you missed my other outfits) and I have two more after this to showcase, which barring from amazing sales will…

Music, Fashion and Fitz and the Tantrums

Flashback to going to the 1940s Ball with my friend Katie.  We're in this ridiculously long line to park and while listening to rap music (as you do en route to a World War II era party) I started telling her how stoked I was to have all of these concerts lined up for the summer, rap music and otherwise.  She says that she's seeing Fitz and the Tantrums the following week.  I stop and blink several times and say, "What?  Where are they playing?!" I was completely baffled because I had searched high and low every concert schedule at every venue in town and I certainly had not seen Fitz and the Tantrums anywhere.  I had wanted to see them a few times in the past but my schedule and/or health had never allowed it. Katie informed me that her husbands work was hosting a private party and they were playing there.  Obviously I asked if they could get me in!  She asked her husband who asked a coworker to make me their plus one and voila!  I got to see Fitz and the Tantrums …

Guest Blogger: Lindsey from Have Clothes, Will Travel

Heya!  If you're a long time reader of my blog you'll remember that I used to have a monthly guest blogger.  I intended to take one month off from that this spring due to an unusual schedule that came up, but somehow one month turned into four-ish, haha.  About a month ago I contacted one of my favorite blogger ladies AND Instagram friends to breathe life back into this series for July, Lindsey, from the wonderful blog, Have Clothes, Will Travel.  You may remember has as just last Friday I advertised on here that I was on HER blog as she does a monthly segment called "Featured Fashionista."  We decided to do a duel feature on each other for the month of July but space it a week apart!  Lindsey has effortless style that is timeless with a finger on the pulse of vintage, but mixes it up with modern elements.  She's super sweet and leads a very interesting life...which you can now read about below!  Enjoy! Hello! I’m Lindsey from the blog, “Have Clothes, Will Travel…

Wedding Attire

This past weekend was a really fun celebration because one of my very best friends got married to a seriously lovely girl.  And not only is she lovely, but she is ultra compatible for my friend.  Both are stupid well traveled and have lived in different countries, which I find to be such a unique thing that they have in common.  And the fact that they're both such smart, good hearted, and grounded people is the icing on the cake.  I think we've all been at weddings where we're biting our tongues and wondering how long the union will last--which is the worst because we all want what's best for our friends--but this wedding was NOT one of those unions at all...thank goodness!  The whole drive to the wedding I was thinking about how excited I was that the couple, Bryce and Larraine, were getting married and that's how I prefer things to be; to be genuinely happy for my friends.  I've showcased my wedding attire for the past three weddings I've been to on Inst…