Spring Fling Round-up!

It is officially summer!!!  It never matters what my schedule is, when I vacation, or how old I get: summer is still the most exciting thing ever!  The first time I moved away from home (PA) I moved to Miami, so that says something about what my weather preferences are!  And given that I prefer dresses and skirts, summer is kind of the perfect season!  But with each beginning we must say goodbye to something, so here are some memorable spring looks I had over the past three months!
This was taken literally on the first day of spring.  I had saved this outfit for that very occasion and just pretended that I knew it would be a nice day out (and I was right).  That said, taking this picture was a nightmare.  I've taken to getting my photos on a tripod and self timer.  No directing people or awkwardly asking someone to step outside an event to get my photo (though that happens still sometimes).  The only downside is that people are passing me by in parks and other places I take photos, so that's awkward.  There were a LOT of people gawking when this photo was taken.  And I was losing light because I got to this location only to realize my battery in my camera had died.  So I had to go home to recharge it partially for 30 minutes, ugh.  Now not only am I losing light here, as I mentioned, but I (stupidly) brought my beagle with for a car ride for her and she was 15 yards away barking at everyone who walked by the car.  A girl overly dressed for the park, taking photos of just her (strangers never know it's for a fashion blog so I imagine it looks really weird out of context), and a dog barking up a storm in the background= chaos!  I love this outfit, especially the pink + orange combo, but I'm not in love with this photo.  I could have changed the settings on the camera slightly or gotten a better facial expression.  But this was one of those situations where it wasn't worth a second effort.  You pick your battles, you know?  Beagles like barking so it was time to call it a night!
It wouldn't have been spring 2015 without Pinup Girl Clothing's Magic of Mary Blair Collection!  Here I am modeling my first purchase on a super gray day, but during a week when the flowers were just starting to bud.  I especially like this photo from my Commuters Print photo set because the white flowers in back of me almost perfectly match the white background of the commuters.  Plus being that I used lavender accents helps add to the "spring-y" feel.  
Dandelions means spring is here and summer is coming!!  Not only was this one of my first photos were flowers were visible, but this is the kind of photo totally worth reusing a few times because I had a slight allergic reaction from laying in the grass like this!!  (It took a few attempts to get this shot).  I immediately had to shower off the grass and dandelions because I was sooooo itchy and uncomfortable!  I may be "bubble girl" but that doesn't stop me for trying anything artistic ;)  The whole photo set featuring this amazing vintage skirt can be found here.  
Ok, so this look doesn't "scream" spring, but look at all of those daffodil seed flowers in the background!  And the bottom part of my dress could be spring or summer!  Sadly, spring this year in Denver was l-o-u-s-y!!  Super rainy, super windy, and super gray (as you may have deduced from my repeated complaints about the weather in posts or the gray skies in the majority of my backgrounds).  Spring usually does mean some form of layering here in Colorful Colorado, but usually I don't go so "heavy metal" and embrace the florals and pastels.  Regardless, I love this photo because it's a combination of a lot of themes and it was authentic to the weather I experienced.
Another spring day, another Bernie Dexter piece of clothing!  I have been drooling over this print for probably about a year.  I came thisclose to winning it on an eBay bid a few months back (in a dress version) but lost.  Unique Vintage put it on sale last month and then with Memorial Day sale coupons it made it impossible to not (finally) purchase this skirt.  This is only the second skirt I own for Bernie Dexter though, which is mildly amusing because I'm such a skirt queen AND a Bernie Dexter collector.  Her dresses really just do it for me though!  That said, I'm glad I have the skirt version and feel it was the best version for me to own!  Anyway, this was taken at my house in PA when I went out there for the first half of June after an afternoon outing with my mom.
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  1. So gorgeous... And so many pretty prints and colours! x

  2. I love summer too <3 All your outfits look gorgeous!!

  3. You have the most amazing midi skirts, girl. Love all the looks.

  4. All of these outfits are gorgeous - you have the best skirts! The photo of you in the dandelions is one of my favorites...but sorry to hear you had an allergic reaction to them! As for the photos with an audience (and other uncontrollable challenges), haha, I can totally relate. My last outfit shoot I actually had a whole family plop down and watch me twirl around like an idiot in my dress. Haha. And then there was a car accident on the road next to the park, so there were tons of police sirens going off around me (everyone appeared to be OK in the accident!). But oh can picture taking be an interesting ordeal! Glad I'm not alone in the challenges of it. Haha.

    Hope you're having a great week, Lauren!

    Have Clothes, Will Travel

    1. Haha, sounds like you've definitely had your fair share of awkward photo session moments! I'm glad I'm not alone either! This stuff is way harder than it looks!!! And thank you for your kind words! XO

  5. These are such beautiful looks! You always have the best skirts of anyone around. I can totally relate to people staring when taking photos too. I just smile and look right back at them haha.


    1. Thank you! And yeah, I try to keep it polite too. But I have to admit when they're watching as I'm posing those photos are NEVER as good!!

  6. What cute outfits!! I especially love the orange & pick accents in the first pictures.

  7. These skirts are TDF! And, you look so lovely donning them, too! T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  8. love all your beautiful outfits :) especially the first and the one in the leather jacket :)

  9. All outfits are so wonderful and fun, loving all the colours and prints! :)

  10. ugh don't you absolutely hate when that happens? When you get to a location only to find that your camera battery is dying> I am glad you got to take the pictures regardless though-the outfit is so pretty! I love all of them-they are so bright and happy! I love the third picture the best :)
    Olivia | Her Name Was Celebration

    1. Haha, I'm usually good at double checking but whoops! Thank you! XO

  11. Yay for summer! I love all the girly skirts and dresses you wore this spring :) I can't wait to see what you style for summer


  12. These skirts are all so gorgeous! Love the prints and patterns.


  13. I can totally relate to you when taking photos by yourself and how awkward it can be. I've definitely had my share of odd occurrences lol. I'm such a fan of the purple and green skirt combo - especially paired with that necklace. Love the mix of round up photos!


  14. You have wonderful skirts! Beautiful!

    - Anna



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