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Music, Fashion, and Surfer Blood

Hey all!  After finally getting back into the concert scene after a year plus hiatus, I've decided to blog about the shows I've been going to as a "style meets music" kind of post.  And since I'm somewhat private about some parts of my life, these will also somewhat serve as a inside look to aspects of my life.  The response and hits for my post about seeing The Jesus and Mary Chain was amazing, so I'm hoping that's a sign that a once a week music post is a good idea!  XO
Surfer Blood is one of those bands where from the second I heard them in 2011 I totally loved them.  A lot of their songs off of their 2010 album Astro Coast really hit a chord with me and I listened to them on repeat, but not long after my health started to get kind of weird.  I had a good year or two in there of going to shows, but by the end of 2012 I was out of commission.  As I mentioned in this post, I wasn't really checking out new music as much because getting excited about music weirdly made me kind of depressed--probably because I couldn't indulge in it truly.  Surfer Blood released a bit of new music from that time forward and I somewhat missed the boat.

Flash forward to this spring where I'm finally back in my groove and I went to The Jesus and Mary Chain and officially got back in my element, I went on a concert searching binge to keep the momentum going.  Thanks to downloading Bands in Town, an app I deleted a while back because I wasn't going to shows, I saw that Surfer Blood was playing at Lost Lake, a somewhat dive-y bar (more on that in a moment) that I never would have thought to search for national acts coming to town.  I decided that I absolutely HAD to go to this show, and luckily I was able to recruit some of my favorite people, Jeanice and Kelsey, despite that they didn't know the band super well.  
 As this is predominately a fashion/style/retro clothing blog...let's address what I wore!  Going to concerts is hard for me fashion wise!  Practical shoes are something I consider myself highly allergic to.  Sometimes I wear heels to shows because I can't stand standing, even in flats, so I say whatever and just put on wedges or pumps.  I almost did that on this night because I knew we'd likely find parking close by and it was a smaller venue, both meaning less stomping around.  (Always key decision making elements when deciding what footwear to put on!)  At the last moment I rediscovered my purple converses and realized they matched my outfit, so I put them on.

Initially I had a few different ideas about what dress or skirt I was going to wear, especially since the weather was super back and forth temperature wise that day (welcome to Denver!).  I finally landed on my Chicwish bird skirt, mostly because I just wanted to fucking wear it.  I hadn't worn it in some time because for whatever reasons other outfits had won out when considering wearing this beautiful skirt other times.  It needed to be worn again and given that it's midi length and somewhat heavier fabric, it wouldn't be inappropriate if the temperature dropped again that night.  I paired it with my J Crew Factory stripped shirt to give it a pseudo mixing of prints look (my new favorite thing to do ALWAYS), but really it's a "mixing prints decrescendo" as there are stripes in the skirt already.  Or, it's a "mixing while matching of prints."  You decide!  To round it off I put my purple with yellow tints NicCoco Creations hair flower in my hair, ModCloth geography necklace, and my green Kate Spade bag. 
So when we first walking into Lost Lake, we were all stunned!  I had heard that they had done some renovations to it, but the last time I was there was in early 2013.  This used to be a super dive-y bar with old school booths, an rustic bar, and a random side room with booths, couches, a photo booth, and a video game with a penis for a joy stick.  Last time I was there all of my friends were jumping off the couches making awesome "dance moves" on our way back to the floor and my friend Bryce hijacked Magic Cyclop's DJ equipment to change the song when he left the room.  I mean, it was THAT kind of place.  Now look at the above photo with the swanky bar!  To be fair, the main room (which is where the stage is) still had that "under construction vibe" a la unpainted walls and ripped up flooring, but I'm unclear if that was an "artistic choice" or if it legitimately really is a work in progress still.  Regardless, the place is unrecognizable and I never would have known that I was in the same place.
Between the opening act (who I will not mention as my friends and I did NOT enjoy them and I would prefer not to be negative about bands who are genuinely trying to break through) and Surfer Blood my friends and I were able to get to the front right by the stage.  The venue was really hot, so my friends eventually went to the side of the stage because there was a door there thus providing more ventilation.  I decided to stay up close and personal for a while.  I wish every show I could be this close!  Maybe the music portion of this blog will be influential enough to let me get better access soon enough?  I can dream... I've been to several shows since and will be staggering those posts once a week, but these pictures are admittedly the best (so far).  

Eventually two girls decided to stand dance next to me.  Ladies and gentleman: dancing is fine at shows.  Taking up a foot in each direction as you sway is not.  Like, don't be that guy/girl, mmmkay? I was having a ball until this started happening.  So I decided that was a good time to mosey on over to where my friends were.  The side view was just as fun and amazing.  It felt like we were backstage, which added to the fun.  And when they got off stage between their main set and their encore they were standing right by us.  I believe this was a concert first for me!  

Surfer Blood was totally awesome live!  I figured they would be (I tend to have a relatively accurate hunch which way an artist's musicianship will sway) but even with expecting them to be great they impressed me.  My friends who barely knew them seemed to be quite taken with them as well.  All of the guys seemed to be genuinely nice and playful, and they even dedicated a song to a teenage (?) super fan.  That same super fan promptly ran up on stage when they were finished and stole the set list in the least of covert ways.  I congratulated him on such a rock and roll act 10 minutes later before my friends and I departed, hehe.  My only complain about the show was that they didn't play some of my favorites off of their Astro Coast album, as that is the one that I am most familiar with and was largely introduced to.  That said within the month before the show I caught up pretty well with their musical catalog so everything that they played was familiar.  
My friends, Jeanice and Kelsey, on the side stage watching Surfer Blood.

I'm super grateful that I got to see Surfer Blood and in such an intimate venue at that!  I've been to a half a dozen shows this month and I've learned/remembered that smaller venues are always better.  ALWAYS.  It was a great second show to go to after a long hiatus from concerts.  Tune in next week to hear about seeing The Sonics!  
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  1. That skirt is so amazing! I need it

    Krissie x -

  2. Looks like so much fun! Love that skirt!

  3. Your skirt is so cute. Looks like you enjoyed the show. xx


  4. I adore your whimsical quirky fashion!! You look adorable in that skirt and I love the purple kicks! Checking out bands is always a good time, sounds like you're a big fan of Surfer Blood! I too enjoy going out and hearing my fav live bands play!

    All the Cute
    Recent Post: Floral Cropped Top & Draped Maxi Skirt

    1. Thank you, all around! Such sweet comments! XO

  5. I am definitely going to have to check out that app! My husband and I love music and going to shows is one of our favorite things to do! I love the floral skirt with the striped shirt and sneakers! Totally cute look and perfect for a night of music!

  6. Wow! The Jesus and Mary Chain, that is such a concert! I would love to watch them and I never hear of Surfer Blood before - so yes, you did bring new things and music to your readers, thank you for that! I loved the skirt and you are right, practical shoes are a must! I had to laugh a bit about people dancing next to you - I would probably be one of them :) You look amazing, I loved your outfit!

    1. Oh yay, sweet! And I'm glad there's another Jesus and Mary Chain fan in the mix! We are surprisingly hard to come by! Thank you!

  7. This outfit is simple but fab and chic at the same time. Loving the shoes they rock. And great that you combined music and fashion together I think that goes perfectly together as I live for the music and singing as well xxxx



    1. Thank you! I'm super glad you thought it all went well together! XO

  8. Oh my Gosh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your beautiful skirt! Love, Kirsten xx

  9. awesome shots!

  10. Great pics :) Looks like a great show :)

  11. Hi beautiful!! Great event and what an amazing outfit!! just perfect my dear.
    Glamoury Armory Blog

  12. That skirt is just precious on you! xx

  13. Your outfit is so cool and fun!! Love it!!


    Seize your Style

  14. I love mixing stripes with other prints this summer! You look gorgeous! I want this look for myself!


  15. It's been ages since I went to a concert. I think the last show I saw was the Dirty Heads at the Black Sheep. I used to go all the time then I just didn't. I love small venues too. The musicians are usually so much more sociable and easier to approach afterwards. I got to hug Ronnie when he was with Escape the Fate before he left that band. Small venues are the best! I've never heard of Surfer Blood but I've gone kinda more indie with my music lately.

    Gorgeous skirt! I love paring striped tops with my skirts too! It's my go to when I don't have a matching top or print. I love your comment about your choice in shoes! I'm the same way! I've even been caught wearing heels on nature walks just cause I anticipate a photo shoot during it. I'm such a weirdo. LOL!


    1. Surfer Blood is totally indie! You should def check them out! And thank you!

  16. Glad you had such a good time! Love the chicwish skirt with the pops of green and purle! You look so cute.

  17. You look amazing in this outfit. I love everything about it. Just love your descriptions in this post about the place too. Your posts always make me smile. This outfit is so cute with these adorable birds in various colors. I totally understand about wanting to dress cute and not wear practical shoes, even when the situation calls for practicality. It sounds like you had a great time and awesome photos of the place. Love the magical Christmas lights ooh ahhh. Neato!


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