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Blogger Question of the Month: June

Greetings from the 10th or 11th hour of this month!  I initially wanted this series to be in the middle of each month but a fortnight of unexpected traveling threw off my blogging schedule a bit!  For newer friends, this is a series where I ask fellow bloggers to share their insights while I share mine.  Blogging is still a relatively new art form with no rights or wrongs (...within reason) and it's a largely collaborative field, so why not dedicate a day a month to discuss the ins and outs?

This month I want to talk schedules, personal preferences, and lines in the sand.  My specific questions are:

What's your blogging style?  Do you plan out a blogging schedule?  Take photos in advance or is it 100% a daily and in real life thing?  Or both?  Why do you do it that way?  Are there topics that you shun away from about your personal life or other details that may or may not relate to your blogging genre?  What made you decide to be open or private with such things?

My personal answer is that I started as an in real time blogger.  Sometimes I would use photos from the past in posts if I was covering something comprehensive like a whole brand of clothing, but most of my Instagram photos and a large portion of my blogging photos were brand spankin' new if not actually from that day.  I've ceased doing this though, which initially bummed me out as I wanted to be relatable and accessible and showcase off days and not have everything be so prim and polished.  I got away with this method until about Halloween, when we started having shorter days and a lot of snow and wind.  Even though I could, in theory, bring back this method for the summer, Colorado is super exhausting weather wise.  It rains and hails out of nowhere and is super bright during the day (we're a mile closer to the sun), making getting the right exposure that much more difficult.  Despite how much I love to dress up, I try to live my life as low maintenance as possible and it's proven to be easier to a few times a month take some photos in advance and post them in the future.  It makes the quality of blogging not only better, but I can enjoy wearing whatever makes sense for any given day weather wise without feeling sad that I hadn't shown off a certain brand in a while.  It's easy to wear a dress in photos for 10 minutes that's inappropriate seasonally to wear otherwise, ya know?  That said, sometimes I have a true to life #ootd on Instagram!  I try to set a blogging schedule, but it's usually just a rough draft for organizational purpose and half of it gets shifted around for various reasons.

 I have very clear lines in the sand that after over a year of blogging I'm very glad I set up for myself.  I showcase people that I love in my life, but I never specifically highlight a significant other.  So much of my life, both on this blog as well as other projects, exists on the Internet.  I haven't even been in a Facebook relationship in many relationships, so sharing my romantic life never felt right to me in the blogosphere.  If it makes sense to reference something I've learned from a past relationship, I'll (without naming names) write about my romantic past, but anything current is 100% off limits.  Every male on this blog that gets featured gets referred to as a friend, a loved one, or one of my favorite people.  If they are more than that, nobody who doesn't know me in real life knows that.  No hiding anyone, but no identifying either.  I like having something just for me, and I like that if things were to ever go down south for me romantically I would never have a platform to work out my feelings publicly haha.  Though I somewhat "hide in plain sight" with this next point, I also keep my political and religious thoughts out of here, partially because they do not have a place on here. Plus I already have an outlet for these things elsewhere.   Besides, so many different viewpoints come across this blog.  Why ruffle feathers?  

My final lines are that I'm vague about work and while I may mention I'm going out of town or have a bunch of fun events coming up, I never mention specifics or exact dates prior to a trip or event.  That feels like it's just a safer thing to do, all around.  When you put your life out there so many things cease to be in your control.  I have an iPhone that has a terrible habit of using one of my emails  to push through text messages.  One time someone I barely knew saw my email pop through instead of my number or given name in their contacts, realized my name is actually Lauren Blair and not just Lauren (a way more searchable name as opposed to just Lauren...which is why I introduce myself as only that more often than not), found my Twitter and blog by searching my name and used it to make some judgements about me.  This was not only a violation that made me somewhat dislike this person, but what's really crazy about this is that this person was actually honest about it!  How many people have done this without being transparent?  Why put out your vacation dates and destination in advance, or saying what shows you're going to?  You don't know who's tracking your moves, ladies and gentleman...

So, what are your thoughts?  Do any of my personal preferences hit home for y'all or do you have a completely different take on things?  Is there something related that you feel strongly about that I didn't cover?  Please comment below and you are encouraged to reply to other people's comments to get a discussion going.  Please keep it polite though; everyone is doing what's right for their blog and online persona so let's respect that!

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  1. I do both! ;) Depending on my schedule! ;)
    I wish you an amazing weekend Lauren!

    1. Yay for a combo! Thank you for your sharing!

  2. Such a lovely post :))
    xoxo Antonella

  3. Hi lovely very nice post, I blog mostly about fashion and street style, sometime I am tented to blog about my personal life, family and more, because I would love to share the love but for know I prefer to keep it simple, like you say you never know who is tracking your moves.
    But I love blogging. Have a lovely weekend my dear.xx
    Glamoury Armory Blog

    1. Thanks for your insights! I like how your blog has a little bit of everything, btw!

  4. First of all, I loved the name of your blog! It speaks lots to me, too! And second, you blog and approach is really cool, so I am following you now on bloglovin! I loved the topic of this post and it must have been really weird to have a person discovering some of your data and then judging you! Awful! What I do, I keep all as private as possible, opposing to some friends and bloggers - but my opinion is, each at his/her own taste. I don't talk about relationships, a very few times about friends, sometimes about trips, but not with dates, same as you. It seems to me that when someone says "yes, yay, wow, I am going to Mount Everest, to Dubai, to whatever", if it's within the context - "I will be out for vacations and can't answer comments", that's fine with me, though I never did it that way, but who knows. I take outfit pictures on Sundays and publish them on Mondays :) I loved this topic - hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Totally, I agree with all of what you said! Great minds... haha ;) Lol I may be changing my url in the near future to encompass more flexibility with style and lifestyle, but thank you! I believe I followed you back on Blog Lovin' but I will double check! XO

  5. Great post, Lauren! I totally agree with you on keeping your personal life private. I don't discuss my blog at the office, either, because it is not relevant and I just don't want to be judged:)
    I always take photos in advance, because the weather is quite unpredictable in Montreal and I have to schedule a photoshoot in advance:)
    Have a great weekend!

    1. That damn weather always messing up things! Haha. Thanks so much for your response!

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  7. Wonderful post, Lauren. I always schedule my post, otherwise I couldn't manage the whole thing. I often tell so in my post, e.g. Friday was actually worn Thursday, but most of the time, I don't. I suppose we all do it that way, we don't have the time to wear our Friday outfit and publish it the same day. Anyway, my private life is exactly that, private. I totally agree with what you said, tho. Wishing you a fantastic weekend, Lauren.

    1. Yeah, sometimes "smoke in mirrors" is just easier all around bc the audience probably doesn't mind. Thanks for contributing to the conversation!

  8. I used to be much more of a 'take photos, post photos' mentality, but I was just snapping them in my bedroom and wasn't posting much apart from outfits and the occasional lipstick review. Now that I involve someone else in taking the photos the days I can do them is restricted and sometimes I'll snap two sets in the same weekend... But I'll post them when it feels right and working to timings that work best for my blog from years of writing it. I also like to think more about what I'm going to actually write, and if I was taking photos and posting them the same day that doesn't give a lot of time to do that! I completely agree on keeping private life private - it means I come across in my blog as doing nothing apart from thinking about what I wear, but that's exactly the side of me my blog is for! x

    1. Yeah, I used to be exactly the same way. I 100% agree about thinking about what to write, and the re-reading it without a time crunch to see what needs to be edited etc. Thanks for the input! I really appreciate it! XO

  9. what a lovely summer outfit btw so pin - up!

    I am an organised blogger and would have blogs/posts waiting to be published. So I know in advance what to publish and when and everything has to have a meaning and a plan. Maybe if someone does it as a hobby then it's probably more spontaneous and go with the flow feeling however I take it as a job (which I adore don't get me wrong lol) and take it seriously but I always have fun because this is what I love to do and intend to do for very long.
    As long as we do what we love to do...even if it's just a hobby or making a living.



    1. This totally resonates...I've been taking this approach (everything you said) more and more. Thanks for commenting!!!!

  10. Great post Lauren! I typically do my photos one to a few days in advance since I can then edit them and create the post to my liking without being crunched for time. Also, some brands I work with have a posting schedule so that has to be kept in mind as well.

    1. I agree and that totally makes sense! Thanks for contributing, doll ;)

  11. Great post topic. I share some things so my readers can get to know me as a real person. Also, I like writing about past events instead of future ones. On the day of the shoot, I get my hair and make-up done because I am not the greatest at either one of those things. I style all 6-8 of my outfits a week or two in advance. I drive around scouting locations for each outfit a week in advance. I usually have topics or events in mind when I style. I try to get all the looks photographed in one day, once a month. Whew! Those days are crazy.


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