Artistic Outfit Photos from Spring 2015

Since beginning to take majority of my outfit photos on my own and in advance, I started to experiment a little bit with angles and composition.  Sometimes I really like a photo, but for whatever reason I decide it's not "right" for the flow of an outfit post as it features the composition more than the outfit.  Or while getting a typical #ootd I take a really bad photo, but if cropped right the picture can still saved.  I've decided to share some of these pictures with you from the past spring, as I didn't want them to NEVER see the light of day.  Some are happy accidents, as I was experimenting with stuff, but I think from here on out I want to aim to have a handful of these every so often.  Most are more heavily edited comparatively to my other photos in terms of filters and messing around with exposure and sharpening tools.  Some are 100% untouched though.  Fair warning: I'm a lighting nerd and love to play around with natural lighting and the sun as much as possible.'s a genuine compulsion!  Enjoy!
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  1. They are really artistic!! Love all your outfit and photos!! Happy weekend. Xoxo

  2. Im a sunshine nut too! It seriously gives the best looking photogrpahs.

  3. Beautiful pictures Lauren! Midi skirts are made for you! Great series of outfits!

  4. I really like your artistic photos, dear, especially 1st one is stunning :)

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  6. Especially love the first one - so atmospheric! Great post - I love playing around with lighting too and totally know what you mean.

    Best, Fiona | Caliope Couture

  7. I have learned SO MUCH about photography from taking my own blog photos. I love all of these--particularly the first one. Such great and interesting shots!

  8. Beautiful photos! Adore all your looks, love the skirt with the boots

  9. Prints on your outfits are gorgeous. I really love your taste in the skirts-so vintage, feminine and pretty <3 <3


  10. I love the skirts very vibrant colors #summerready
    I blog about jewelry and how to style jewelry with outfits.

  11. There are some really beautiful photos in here. Glad you shared.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  12. Really lovely photos and outfits - the utilization of the sunlight in some of these shots is just gorgeous.

    Have a splendid weekend!
    ♥ Jessica

  13. These are such lovely photos! really love all your skirts!


  14. All are such wonderful outfits and photos! Love it!! :)

  15. Loely post!!! you have diferent style <3 I love it !!!

  16. You have such great skirt selections. I really like all the different kinds of lighting you use. You have such a pretty face and smile! I think you look stunning in all of your photos.


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