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Music, Fashion, and Surfer Blood

Hey all!  After finally getting back into the concert scene after a year plus hiatus, I've decided to blog about the shows I've been going to as a "style meets music" kind of post.  And since I'm somewhat private about some parts of my life, these will also somewhat serve as a inside look to aspects of my life.  The response and hits for my post about seeing The Jesus and Mary Chain was amazing, so I'm hoping that's a sign that a once a week music post is a good idea!  XO Surfer Blood is one of those bands where from the second I heard them in 2011 I totally loved them.  A lot of their songs off of their 2010 album Astro Coast really hit a chord with me and I listened to them on repeat, but not long after my health started to get kind of weird.  I had a good year or two in there of going to shows, but by the end of 2012 I was out of commission.  As I mentioned in this post, I wasn't really checking out new music as much because getting excited about …

Lady with Sunglasses Squared! (Gaga for Romwe Part 2)

This couldn't just be another 'Gaga for Romwe...' right?  Lady with Sunglasses Squared is just too fun of a blog title post!  As I mentioned in this post about Romwe, I stumbled upon the site this spring and loved that they had relatively cheap midi novelty print skirts.  This is the other one that I fell in love with AND that by using the site's zoom function I deemed to have acceptable quality.   I just love how chic, first lady like, classic, ethnic, feminine, art deco, etc ETC this print is.  It's like every possible cool retro theme into one skirt and one repeated print...but it's all so seamless!  Obviously I had to wear similar sunglasses for this photoset to match the woman on my skirt!!   Hair Bow- Forever 21 Sunglasses AND Nekclace- Charming Charlie Earrings- Aldo Shirt- J Crew Factory Bangles- Gifted Skirt-Romwe Shoes- Nine West  Because it was such a classic look in many ways, I'm super glad I accidentally found this fence post along the side …

Swimwear Saturday: Esther Williams Red & White Striped

So...I somewhat collect bathing suits.  Not like, on purpose, as it's more of a compulsion.  I don't know what it is, but I just love bathing suits.  It was justified for a lot of my life as my family had a pool and I went to college in Miami.  There was never a shortage of bodies of water to romp around in!  But then I moved to Denver.  And while it's like, boiling lava hot in the summer with WEEKS of 100+ degree days...bodies of water are a little harder to come by!  I am friends with three people who currently have pools and my friend group likes to at least try to go to a reservoir once a summer.  Hopefully my suits will be put to good use this 2015 swimsuit season!  
The funny thing about my love of bathing suits is that I also don't love bathing suits.  Huh?  Yeah...I like the idea of bathing suits but the reality is way less flattering.  I'm missing the shame gene so if people are forced to be in the same room with me while I'm changing outfits I shrug …

Blogger Question of the Month: June

Greetings from the 10th or 11th hour of this month!  I initially wanted this series to be in the middle of each month but a fortnight of unexpected traveling threw off my blogging schedule a bit!  For newer friends, this is a series where I ask fellow bloggers to share their insights while I share mine.  Blogging is still a relatively new art form with no rights or wrongs (...within reason) and it's a largely collaborative field, so why not dedicate a day a month to discuss the ins and outs?
This month I want to talk schedules, personal preferences, and lines in the sand.  My specific questions are:
What's your blogging style?  Do you plan out a blogging schedule?  Take photos in advance or is it 100% a daily and in real life thing?  Or both?  Why do you do it that way?  Are there topics that you shun away from about your personal life or other details that may or may not relate to your blogging genre?  What made you decide to be open or private with such things?
My personal a…

Artistic Outfit Photos from Spring 2015

Since beginning to take majority of my outfit photos on my own and in advance, I started to experiment a little bit with angles and composition.  Sometimes I really like a photo, but for whatever reason I decide it's not "right" for the flow of an outfit post as it features the composition more than the outfit.  Or while getting a typical #ootd I take a really bad photo, but if cropped right the picture can still saved.  I've decided to share some of these pictures with you from the past spring, as I didn't want them to NEVER see the light of day.  Some are happy accidents, as I was experimenting with stuff, but I think from here on out I want to aim to have a handful of these every so often.  Most are more heavily edited comparatively to my other photos in terms of filters and messing around with exposure and sharpening tools.  Some are 100% untouched though.  Fair warning: I'm a lighting nerd and love to play around with natural lighting and the sun as muc…

1940's Ball!

Living in Denver/central Colorado has it's perks!  I have never found a shortage of interesting event events to attend, ranging from small scale (but super awesome) music festivals, themed proms, and a weekly bike party where you bike around in different costumes each week.  I could probably go on!  But one event that I have not attended until this weekend was the 1940s Ball.  I had heard about it here and there, but even in the past few years as I've increased my vintage wearing habits it's never dawned on me to go to this event.  Then enter my friend Katie, or MrsKhaos on Instagram, texting me this past February about an early bird special if we buy tickets now for the 1940s Ball. I decided why not check it out (finally) and with a vintage loving friend as well? And as time progressed, my friends Sarah and Allen decided that they wanted to go, which made for an awesome foursome!
The event was overall fun!  All four of us seem interested in repeating the event next year…

Spring Fling Round-up!

It is officially summer!!!  It never matters what my schedule is, when I vacation, or how old I get: summer is still the most exciting thing ever!  The first time I moved away from home (PA) I moved to Miami, so that says something about what my weather preferences are!  And given that I prefer dresses and skirts, summer is kind of the perfect season!  But with each beginning we must say goodbye to something, so here are some memorable spring looks I had over the past three months! This was taken literally on the first day of spring.  I had saved this outfit for that very occasion and just pretended that I knew it would be a nice day out (and I was right).  That said, taking this picture was a nightmare.  I've taken to getting my photos on a tripod and self timer.  No directing people or awkwardly asking someone to step outside an event to get my photo (though that happens still sometimes).  The only downside is that people are passing me by in parks and other places I take photo…