Sunday Vintage: 70s Patchwork Maxi Dress

 I love me some 70s dresses!  The louder and bolder...the better!  I got this in the very late fall from a vintage eBay seller and I totally love it!  It's been the perfect dress to wear not only during the weird balmy winter days we have in Colorado, but also the somewhat chilly and overcast spring days we have here as well.  Maxi dresses really are for every season, aren't they?!  Hopefully I'll be wearing shorter dresses throughout the next few months, but I'll be super excited to whip out my inner Marcia Jan Brady once the autumn comes around again.  These Nine West platform wedges feel like they were made for this dress!  
Below I show off two different sunglass styles I thought went nicely with this dress.  First are my awesome vintage/secondhand find I found at my local Buffalo exchange that scream the 1970s with their oversized frames and faded tints:
But of course, aviators work well with ANY 70s outfit as well so I had to feature my favorite pair of golden aviators from H&M as well:
What's YOUR favorite decade to dress in?  I'm partial to the 40s-60s, but these 1970s dresses and some of their wide leg pants give those earlier decades a real run for their money!  
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  1. This patch work is amazing! I've never seen a dress like this before. My favorite decade is the 1950s. I also love the 1940s-1960s, but the 50s are my absolute favorite.

    1. Thank-you! Those are some good decades style wise for sure!!!!!

  2. Beautiful dress! I almost thought it was two separate pieces. :D Great wedges, too!

    - Anna

    1. Right? I think I may pair a sweater over it come fall/winter and make it two pieces ;)

  3. Love the skirt so much!! It's fun and cute!!
    U look adorable as always !! Xoxo

  4. Adorable, Lauren! I am a child of the 70's; so, I am absolutely loving this fab look!!! T.

  5. That dress is so cute <3 !!! I loved the first sunglasses :D So 70's haha

  6. You look so pretty <3 Love your smile!!

  7. Such a stunning and unique dress!
    You look lovely :)

  8. Your dress is so fun! I love how busy and colorful it is! The first pair of sunnies are definitely my fav! And seriously how nice is this weather lately!? It is so nice to get out without stockings and layers!!!


  9. Wow, this looks so great :) Love this look :)

  10. I love this patchwork dress on you. I do like red and green. There is something so cool about patchwork. I think I missed out on a good clothing era in the 70's haha.


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