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Music, Fashion, and The Jesus and Mary Chain

I have a music blog, but I haven't updated it in two (?) years.  Lack of time to commit to it is the number one reason why I haven't, but I've also been a little bit unplugged from the music scene for that time period.  Until earlier this year, I hadn't been feeling great on a relatively chronic level since mid-late 2011 due to a perfect storm of conditions and disorders rearing their ugly heads.  I put up a good fight for a while, but I slowly stopped wanting to go to concerts because I didn't want to buy tickets two months in advance without knowing if I'd even be up for standing while listening to loud music for hours on end when the day of the concert rolled around.  And without going to shows, I stopped being as into scoping out new music and felt sad listening to some of my old favorites.  The past few months I've been on what (knock on wood) finally feels like a momentum building streak and I've been more and more back to my old tricks.  My social life is more swinging and consistent, I have tons of events on the calendar that I feel confident about attending and enjoying, and I've been slowly going to more and more concerts.  This post probably belongs on my hopefully not defunct forever music blog, but fashion is about passion too and people dedicate tons of posts about what to wear to festivals and concerts, so like when Urkel guest stared on Full House, this is a crossover post for me.
The Jesus and Mary Chain.  May 11, 2015.  The Ogden Theater.  Denver, CO

I have twenty favorite bands, give or take.  I don't keep a list per se, but I'm self aware enough to know that I've caught myself citing way more than ten bands as "one of my favorites" and really effing meant it.  But there are three that are under my skin in the best possible way.  And frankly, I can't define why I even like them so fucking much past a few describing least not in a way that stands apart from other bands I like.  I can talk your ear off about how Andrew WK is arguably a musical genius, rave about the brilliance of some of Everclear's lyrics, tell you how masterful Fiona Apple's piano compositions are (and hard to me...I've tried!), why Poison is one of the best feel good bands of all time, explain that going to 80s shows is the best thing you can do in life a la The Go-Gos and Def Leppard, tell you all about how I saw Ice Cube in concert and prove to you that the Good Year blimp should read he's still a pimp, and talk about how David Ruffin's voice (The Temptations) is one of the best voices of all time and frankly doesn't get enough credit for that.  All of the above are amongst my favorites.  But Sonic Youth, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and Pulp consistently duke it out for my #1 favorite band and sometimes I'm at a loss for words as to why they are.  They're all awesome (duh), but I almost don't know what to say beyond that.  I can sometimes go on how they changed modern rock and roll and how they helped define indie street cred and coolness.  But why are they under my skin though?  I'm not even totally sure!  I remember first hearing Sonic Youth and being totally blown away.  I think my exact thoughts were, anyone who doesn't like this band is officially not my friend.  (Obnoxious hipster 22 year old, party of one!)  Not long after that I discovered The Jesus and Mary Chain and I just remember being super amped about their sound; I loved how gritty it was but in a more accessible way than some similar bands.  Pulp I had known about for some time, but I had rediscovered them a bit a few years back and fell in love how quirky their lyrics are and how powerful their instrumentals are.  All three of these bands define something for me about how I feel about life...but despite being a fairly verbose individual I can't put into words why they explain so much about life to me.  I just hear them and immediately feel connected and know that they're playing in some silent soundtrack to all of my life's stories.  And that is likely why they are my favorites.
The concert tee I got at the show that I wore almost immediately after 
I had seen Sonic Youth before, twice, before they indefinitely but likely forever broke up.  I was super happy both times, to say the absolute least!  The Jesus and Mary Chain and Pulp I had yet to see, and with each passing year it seemed unlikely due to breakups and limited touring (especially touring only in the UK or huge US cities exclusively like NYC or San Fran).  Being out of the concert loop for some time now, I had virtually no idea about who was coming to Denver in the near future.  After I got back from Florida this winter, on a complete whim, I started looking at my favorite venue's schedules for the upcoming months.  After scrolling through about a dozen bands I didn't wanna see and a small handful of bands I could humor seeing, I saw that The Jesus and Mary Chain were coming on May 11.  Honestly, time stood still for a minute!  It was a Friday night and I was purposely staying into to catch up with some things in life so the second time started up again, I started researching if there was a concert that very night at the Ogden theater (where they would eventually be playing at), because that would mean that the box office would be open.  I'm a snob and a half about getting the real tickets instead of the print out ones (plus you avoid the majority of fees...FYI) and I needed to get these tickets ASAP in case they sold out.  I ultimately decided that was irrational, especially since parking in that part of town blows, but I vowed to get up to the venue in the AM for their Saturday morning box office hours.  And that I did.

I couldn't really peak anyone's interest to go to the show with me, or at least some schedules didn't mix.  I've gone to a show once or twice by myself (I mean, you are just standing there so...why no be alone if you really want to see someone) but I'm a pack animal by nature and prefer to go to shows with people.  As the weeks leading up to the show flew off the calendar, I realized this may be a blessing in disguise.  Nobody in my life is as obsessed with this band as I am and would be largely going as a favor to me.  I wanted to truly be in the moment and enjoy the concert, so I realized that may be ideal.  Plus, I got a sneaking suspicion that I would geek out big yeah.

Yeah, I totally geeked out!  Like tears were happening basically the whole show!  The thing is, I was not only super grateful to being seeing a band that means so much to me, but I was also super thankful that I was well enough to be there to enjoy it.  Given that the band does something to me that I can't quantify, seeing them live also impacted my thoughts and made me super reflective about the past few years and I felt so incredibly lucky to be alive and be at my favorite band's show.  If this had happened exactly a year before, I probably wouldn't have been able to go to show.  And now, as of this week, it's been officially over a year since I've been in a hospital or ER which is amazing since the six months prior to May 2014 I was in one or the other a whopping 6 times.  I literally could not have been happier to be at this concert...for more reasons than I can count.  And with the exception of seeing my favorite pretend band two weeks ago, I have not been in the music scene for what feels like forever.  It felt sooooo good to be back, and currently my friends are on a concert planning RAMPAGE for the upcoming months and I couldn't be more excited!  I feel like I'm back to life...finally!  I'm relatively healthy these days, but The Jesus and Mary Chain made me realize I need a helluva a lot more music in my life to feel more like myself again.  As if I needed a reason to love them even more!  So Summer prepared, because Blair is back and she's refusing to humor that live music won't be happening!
As for the fashion and personal style aspect of this post, this is the most "on the nose" I had been at a show in a while.  Meaning, I wore faux hipster glasses to Heart/Def Leppard, dressed like the all-American girl to Sonic Youth, and opted for 70s florals to Bone Thugs/Ice Cube/Snoop Dogg.  I don't know why I do this.  I guess I hate being a cliche?  Regardless, given how special this band was to me I wanted to wear my favorite skirt from Folter/Retrolicious that I got because it reminded me of my favorite book (Love is a Mixed Tape).  Initially I was going to wear a different shirt, a neon button down, but I found it to be too wrinkled with no time to iron it so I dug through my concert tee shirt drawer (I seriously have a whole drawer of them) and found this Blondie shirt to be a better match over my Psychedelic Furs tee that I was debating between.  I walked out of the house in these Not Restricted heels, and though I fancy myself a pro in heels, the traction and balance on these bad boys aren't the greatest and I kept nearly rolling my ankle...which was no bueno given that I sprained it last month and it was still tender at times.  Once I got to the venue I found some sandals in my car and opted to change because the last thing I wanted was to injure myself at my favorite band's concert.

Now that I've purged my soul...what are your favorite bands/singers of all time?  And how do you dress for concerts typically?
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  1. I love the skirt and your red shoes :) Looks perfect for such a day :)

    1. Thanks! It was a fun way of brightening things up! XO

  2. Hi lovely, It looks like it was a great event! You look so pretty and happy!! Have a great weekend.
    Glamoury Armory Blog

  3. Love your outfit!! What a great event u went!!
    Nice post!! Xoxo

  4. I love Jesus and Mary Chain! If I lived anywhere near you, I would have definitely tagged along. I just went to see Sleater-Kinney by myself, and it was still a lot of fun. I'd love to see more music posts from you. I have a feeling we geek out about the same things!

    1. I was hoping you'd see this because you're right, we do geek out about the same things! Wish we could have gone to both shows together!! XO

  5. Sympas !

    Kiss, Léa

  6. Beautiful skirt! :)

  7. Love the printed skirt!

  8. Love the skirt and red shoes! Glad you had so much fun too!

  9. Those red shoes are awesome!


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