Fraternal Twin Dresses

Hey all!  Depending on how long you've been with me, you may already know that I tend to stick with what I know fashion wise!  I love finding a skirt in a solid color that I love and then getting it in as many other colors as I can possibly find it in.  We are all built so uniquely and my philosophy is that if I find something that works...I'm gonna stick with it!  It saves that heartache of getting super pumped about a new find in a new brand and only to have it be delivered and have it be too big, too small, too frumpy, too cheap looking, too something!  When I find something I like, I'm also more likely to try more within that brand because I assume that sizing will be similar throughout the many different options that a brand has to offer-though I have been led astray by that once or twice before!!  Sometimes I will find something in a brand that comes in the same print but in different colors.  Usually I just pick which one I liked the best and call it good.  However, sometimes I like something so much that I'm tempted to get it in another color!!  This is such the case with this post featuring two fraternal Bernie Dexter dresses in the Paris style cut and the Rose prints in black (similar one here) and turquoise.  About 6 months ago I was warming up to the idea of red and green being in the same print as well as pink and red being on the same article of clothing-something that I had never been all that keen on before!  Then overnight I fell in love with both color pairings.  This past fall I won the black one in an auction from Bernie's eBay store and when I got it I was stunned at how much I loved this dress.  Usually that kind of love comes from crazy novelty prints as opposed to florals, but I kid you not I had never felt prettier when I first tried on this dress!  Obviously I became temped with her other colors (she has a yellow on that I'm still coveting) and this turquoise one that I also won in an auction from her earlier this year.  Somehow I haven't featured either dress too heavily on my blog, so I figured why not feature both at once??

 I've worn the black one several times, but sadly never during Kodak moments.  My first night in Miami back in November I wore this out and about while walking down memory lane, or more specifically, Lincoln Road on South beach.  (I went to college in Miami).  I wore this to the Red Ball as well in November and got some (bad) photos from there I featured in this Petticoat Junction post.  
This turquoise one I've also worn a few times and I believe every time has been caught on Instagram. One of my favorite blogger friends, Kathy, even drew me in this dress!  
 Plus I had one of the happiest of accidents in this dress in that while on vacation with my mom!  I was taking an outfit photo in this dress and the wind was 20 mph.  My mom kept snapping so I cropped a photo of me trying to keep my dress down!  I believe it's my highest liked photo on Instagram to date, so that was quite the fun accidental photo to stumble on!  
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PS-I've been out of the blogging world for around a week.  I'm looking forward to catching up with your blogs, respond to your comments, and continuing to pump out more posts over the next few days!  Thanks for your patience!  XOXO


  1. I can be the same way about fashion. I tend to stick to what I know and like in style. Often when I like something I'll race back to get the same thing or similar in several colors. Nothing's worse than learning a new brands sizing!

    I love your dresses! Especially the floral and blue one. It's funny how an unintentional photo can be the most liked! My hubby sometimes loves to just shoot away millions at a time. I can make some pretty funny faces when I'm not ready but I love them! That drawing of you is so beautiful.

    Heather Gwinn

    1. Lol, yeah I make some pretty funny faces too when the camera keeps going or I'm not as ready hahah!

  2. You look so gorgeous in both of these dresses! The "accident" photo at the end is soooo cute! Reminds me of Marilyn. I'm like you too, I find a brand or store that I really love and then stick with it because I know the sizing will be similar. I've recently been branching out a bit to try new things. You never know what you'll find! Have a great weekend!

    1. I'm trying to branch out too a bit but it's so hard! Thank-you!

  3. So pretty! I like the blue one better, but that's just because I (obviously) love bright colours! And that blue is such a gorgeous shade. Ha that last picture is great!!

  4. Pretty dresses :)

    I like this post so much.

    xoxo ♥


  5. Lauren, this dress is so beautiful. I just love retro dresses; they are so feminine. They look great on you!
    That accident IG photo is so fun. I am not surprised why everybody likes it:)

    1. Thank-you! Retro is my fave :) And yes, I get why people liked the happy accident photo too! XO

  6. Action photos with wind and dresses seem to be pretty popular. Remember Marilyn Monroe's famous photo? That one is probably her most famous picture. I love, love this green and pink floral print on you. You look so pretty! I have to say that one is my most favorite on you. The black is nice too, but that green just pops on you!

  7. You look great in bright florals. Love the dresses!

    - Anna


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