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Blogger Question of the Month-May

Greetings!  Because the blogger community is such a collaborative effort in that we sometimes literally collaborate with guest blogging and dual posts, but also in that we cheerlead each other on while networking I thought I'd start a question of the month for bloggers (and future bloggers reading who haven't gotten their feet wet yet but are researching how to blog).

This month I want to talk Facebook.  It seems that most fashion/style/lifestyle bloggers have an Instagram and likely a Twitter account.  Everything else is debatable.  I'm somewhat active on Tumblr, but am totally Pinterest deficient and have no time to be Snap Chatting.  But it seems pretty divided in half in regards to blogger's uses of having a Facebook page.  So my question is:
Do you have a Facebook page for your blog?  If so, is it rewarding?  Do you feel you reach a different audience, do followers find you easily, and can you track traffic back to the page.  If you do not have a FB page, why not?
My personal answer is that I currently do not have a Facebook page for Prefer to be Demure.  I have other blogging projects, one of which has a Facebook page, but I've let that go somewhat dormant because it was a lot of work for nothing.  Despite a loyal audience on Tumblr and relatively high page hits per month, I just couldn't get arrested in terms of moving my audience to Facebook by getting people who already followed me to like my page.  And, because you can see how many people view a particular post with pages, I could see that I wasn't casting a large enough net in terms of so few people even saw my posts.  Plus I rarely got traffic to my actual blog from there.

I'm currently (somewhat) conflicted about making a Facebook page for this blog.  I'm leaning on no, especially since I'm genuinely considering deleting my personal account.  But I'm not sure.  I feel like there's a lot of people who want to follow fashion accounts who are not necessarily on Instagram and Tumblr, but would be on Facebook.  But Facebook keeps changing their algorithms in that you can't even see people on your feed that you don't interact with as much anymore, so I'm not sure how a new page would fare.  And, personally despite that my friends and I were Facebook kings and queens a few years ago, all of us have somewhat jumped shipped and never update and rarely check the Newsfeed anymore.  We sometimes seem to be at the tip of the pulse with trends like this, so I'm curious if that's happening elsewhere...therefore making adding a Facebook page to my social media mix a potentially fruitless time waster.

What are your thoughts?  Do you have a similar experience or thoughts OR have you had the complete opposite experience and could teach me and others in my boat a trick or two?  Please sound off in the comments and please comment on each other's comments if there are questions so conversations can evolve.  :)

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  1. I have a Facebook account for my page and have found it to be a great tool for blogging. About half of my traffic comes from Facebook at the moment. However, it's not my favorite. Instagram for example, is far more interactive with followers (and fun!)...however, I don't see quite as much traffic from Instagram, yet. I've found Facebook to be useful for keeping in touch with my family, too. My parents, aunts, uncles, siblings, etc. all have Facebook and are able to keep up on my posts through Facebook. The biggest downfall about Facebook, though, is that Facebook's algorithms really do not help get your page in front of a large following. I have over 400 "likes" on my page but am sometimes lucky if 50 people see it. It's really frustrating. I guess to wrap this little discombobulated thought up, Facebook can be a great tool, but it's not without its downfalls. :)

    1. I'm super impressed you have 400 likes! Getting people to follow me on different social media accounts is always my biggest challenge for sure! I'm going to have to find your page! Thanks for the insight!

  2. Hi lovely! i am almost everywhere even snapchat but i do not used, honestly I believe my fb pages an personal I think it does reach another audience.
    Great post!
    Glamoury Armory Blog

  3. Nice post, Lauren! I think it it's a great idea to discuss bloggers' tools and concerns once a month.
    I recently created a Facebook page, but I am not very active there. I am thinking right now whether I should promote it more or invest more time in Instagram or Twitter:)

    1. Gotcha! Yeah, that's why I'm backing off the Facebook for this blog idea...for now. I'm not sure I would invest time in it or not. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Fantastic questions and thoughts! I personally do not have a FB for my blog, nor do I have a personal account. I deleted the personal ones a few years ago. While having a FB may reach a few more people, I do not have the time to stay actively engaged on it. My biggest social media presence is through instagram.

    1. Hahaha I hear you all around!! Thanks for answering this, lovely!

  5. I think it is all about what you like for social media. I don't like twitter and so I don't have it but I do like Instagram and facebook. I think it is best to just post on sites that most interest you regardless of what you think will get you the most followers. Sometimes posting on too many places just becomes a chore rather than being fun!


    1. That's a really good point. I think I completely agree with ya! Thanks for commenting, xo!

  6. Great post! I have facebook but I don't use it much. I don't think it's as useful as other social media outlets.

  7. Yeah, Facebook is kind of a pain for both personal and professional accounts. Their user assistance is basically non-existent. If you're having any issues at all, they won't respond to you when you contact them for help. That can be particularly frustrating when you're just starting out as a blogger and you're trying to figure out what's what with the FB platform. So, there's that. Heh.

    On a positive note, I started my FB page to give readers a "lite" version of my blog (updates just twice a week + occasional shop announcements) and an easier, more convenient way to follow my style updates. Since, as you mentioned, most people will already have a personal account, it's little or no trouble at all to find a fan page and subscribe to that feed. Not everyone wants to sign up for another service just so they can follow someone's blog.

    Also, if you do ever decide to do a FB page, I would advise providing content that isn't duplicative. There needs to be some reason for why someone would want to follow you on different social media platforms. So, for example, my Instagram is very popular, because it's really the one place where people can go and see photos from my "real" life and get sneak peeks into future blog content. My blog is a place where people can go to read the stories behind my outfits, see where I bought certain pieces, get close up photos and listen to tracks on my music blog. My Facebook page, while showing some style updates, is the only place where people can get up-to-date info about the latest additions to my shops and recently sold items. Also, it's usually the first place I will share a coupon code before I do so anywhere else. My Twitter is more or less a hodge podge of my random thoughts and things I find interesting. Hence, it is my least followed account. Hehe. So, each platform has it's own unique offering. If your FB page is just a reiteration of your blog website, then it might not have many subscribers.

    - Anna

    1. These are all really good points that I will for sure take into account if I make a FB one day in the future. I like the idea of FB being slightly different than the other social media venues in regards to content. Thank-you so much for the insight! I'm also going to have to seek you out on other social media!!! XO

  8. Yes! Facebook is a "yes" in my book. Your friends can re-post your pictures from there, and their friends can view and link to the post if they want. I have had a lot of traffic that way. My suggestion would be to link it all up with your IG, Twitter, Tumblr and Twitter. Don't post the same things on each site as all the others as well, because if people really want to "follow you", they may get bored of seeing re-peat post pics, info, etc. Just my two cents, but what do I know? I have only been blogging for 3 months. This is all I can tell you from my personal experience, but it sounds like it may be different for everyone.

    1. Haha, I wish my friends would repost my photos from a hypothetical FB page! They don't use a ton and are supportive of my fashion blog but not super into fashion. That's good advice about not having too many identical posts. Thanks for sharing! XO


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