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Sunday Vintage: 70s Patchwork Maxi Dress

I love me some 70s dresses!  The louder and bolder...the better!  I got this in the very late fall from a vintage eBay seller and I totally love it!  It's been the perfect dress to wear not only during the weird balmy winter days we have in Colorado, but also the somewhat chilly and overcast spring days we have here as well.  Maxi dresses really are for every season, aren't they?!  Hopefully I'll be wearing shorter dresses throughout the next few months, but I'll be super excited to whip out my inner Marcia Jan Brady once the autumn comes around again.  These Nine West platform wedges feel like they were made for this dress!   Below I show off two different sunglass styles I thought went nicely with this dress.  First are my awesome vintage/secondhand find I found at my local Buffalo exchange that scream the 1970s with their oversized frames and faded tints: But of course, aviators work well with ANY 70s outfit as well so I had to feature my favorite pair of golden a…

Music, Fashion, and The Jesus and Mary Chain

I have a music blog, but I haven't updated it in two (?) years.  Lack of time to commit to it is the number one reason why I haven't, but I've also been a little bit unplugged from the music scene for that time period.  Until earlier this year, I hadn't been feeling great on a relatively chronic level since mid-late 2011 due to a perfect storm of conditions and disorders rearing their ugly heads.  I put up a good fight for a while, but I slowly stopped wanting to go to concerts because I didn't want to buy tickets two months in advance without knowing if I'd even be up for standing while listening to loud music for hours on end when the day of the concert rolled around.  And without going to shows, I stopped being as into scoping out new music and felt sad listening to some of my old favorites.  The past few months I've been on what (knock on wood) finally feels like a momentum building streak and I've been more and more back to my old tricks.  My soci…

Memorial Day Sale Finds From 2014

Last year I was stunned to find that Memorial Day Weekend had sales that were almost competitive with Black Friday weekend.  Here are some of my favorite finds from last year and here's to hoping that the same venues do comparable sales! Tatyana I had yet to own a piece of clothing from Tatyana/Bettie Page Clothing until Memorial Day came around last year!  I was very familiar with the brand from ModCloth but I hadn't seen any items at prices I was willing to experiment with a new brand with.  Tatyana now has a "Clearance" section, but a year ago it was called "Tatyana Outlet."  On Memorial Day Weekend both their regular site and their outlet hosted a 50% off sale-even for their already reduced clothing! This oh-so Brady Bunch-esq dress (above) was $40, which meant it was reduced to $20.  And there was a bird skirt (below) reduced from $20 to $10.  I could experiment with these prices!  I was on the fence about the dress but was totally in love with the ski…

Oh, Deer!

I've been somewhat recently turned onto Zulily.  I'm a little late to the party here, but I first looked at it a year or so ago and nothing enticed me so I never went back.  But then I heard Tatyana was doing a sale there in February and my interest got peaked.  Not only have I been checking back at that site semi frequently, but I have also been sporting some fun outfits from Tatyana (brand: Beach Bash) that I got from Zulily's awesome sale (seriously, things were a fraction of the price).  One of the items I purchased was this deer print top.  I've been in need of more pinup tops and that has been my main shopping goal of 2015 and majority of my purchases.  Being such a skirt queen, you'd think that I would have long ago thought about the 'other separate' that is tops...but nope, I just stayed focused on skirts!  I don't mind the basic tank top with a mid-century skirt because it modernizes it slightly, but I also want to experiment more with full on…

Outfits From Instagram

I've been less and less using in real time outfit of the days on Instagram and in this blog due to wanting to enjoy the events I'm at, not worry about weather and bad lighting, and just wanting to love my closet without needing to "need" to wear stuff so it gets photographed.  That said, sometimes I still do get a real time #ootd and here are some the recent ones that I've gotten recently! Aviators- H&M, Shirt- Gap, Skirt- Pinup Girl Clothing, Bag- Kate Spade, Shoes- G by Guess via DSW I wore this on a day that was finally a sunny day, but it started out kind of chilly after a few days streak of cold and rainy days.  It definitely felt like spring here, but I am glad I bundled up slightly with a light but long sleeved shirt.  Because the shirt has sheer polka dots, I suppose you could technically consider this to be mixing prints!  I got complimented a lot on this outfit, which I attribute to it all being tied together with accents of white making the whole …

Fraternal Twin Dresses

Hey all!  Depending on how long you've been with me, you may already know that I tend to stick with what I know fashion wise!  I love finding a skirt in a solid color that I love and then getting it in as many other colors as I can possibly find it in.  We are all built so uniquely and my philosophy is that if I find something that works...I'm gonna stick with it!  It saves that heartache of getting super pumped about a new find in a new brand and only to have it be delivered and have it be too big, too small, too frumpy, too cheap looking, too something!  When I find something I like, I'm also more likely to try more within that brand because I assumethat sizing will be similar throughout the many different options that a brand has to offer-though I have been led astray by that once or twice before!!  Sometimes I will find something in a brand that comes in the same print but in different colors.  Usually I just pick which one I liked the best and call it good.  However,…

Blogger Question of the Month-May

Greetings!  Because the blogger community is such a collaborative effort in that we sometimes literally collaborate with guest blogging and dual posts, but also in that we cheerlead each other on while networking I thought I'd start a question of the month for bloggers (and future bloggers reading who haven't gotten their feet wet yet but are researching how to blog).

This month I want to talk Facebook.  It seems that most fashion/style/lifestyle bloggers have an Instagram and likely a Twitter account.  Everything else is debatable.  I'm somewhat active on Tumblr, but am totally Pinterest deficient and have no time to be Snap Chatting.  But it seems pretty divided in half in regards to blogger's uses of having a Facebook page.  So my question is: Do you have a Facebook page for your blog?  If so, is it rewarding?  Do you feel you reach a different audience, do followers find you easily, and can you track traffic back to the page.  If you do not have a FB page, why not?

I Got the Complementary Blues

I'm a girl that loves to find specific colors in prints and match them perfectly to shirts, shoes, and handbags.  But as I continue to fashion blog and evolve as a fashionista, I've been learning to match more and more with complimentary colors as well.  Typical Blair would have matched this awesome Le Bomb Shop shirt to bright blue shoes...and it frankly would have been awesome.  Haha.  But lately I've been trying to use more colors, even if it's more of the same colors, to tie a whole outfit together.  I decided to use this awesome Hell Bunny skirt I found via Unique Vintage as my palate and use a strong color to make the reds and greens pop, a la this cobalt blue pinup top.  Instead of matching perfectly, I used my favorite shade of blue, powder or baby blue, to play off of the darker blue with my Sophisticated Lady Flowers hair flower and Nine West pumps.  What do y'all think?  Do you guys have any matching secrets?  Is it better to match perfectly or find mor…