I'm on Moon Moth!! Q&A by Natalie-Check it out!!!

Hey all!  I'm honored to announce that I am on The Moon Moth!  A lovely lady named Natalie hosts this blog (check it out-she's super colorful and has such a fun sense of style).    
Me in one of the outfits for Share Your Style (vintage skirt/#instatruevintage)
My Share Your Style Q&A was super fun to do!  Here's the link here!
Natalie!!  Check out her blog: www.themoonmoth.com

Thanks, Natalie!!


  1. Loved reading the article on you! I absolutely adore Grace Kelly! She is one of my all time favorites. I love classic movies and started watching Hitchcock ones when I was about 12 and that's how I was introduced to her. Also love shopping at Modcloth! Probably because of my love for the classics.


  2. Yay! Another Grace Kelly fan!! Sounds like we're cut from the same thread all around :)


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