"Hey, can you take a quick outfit pic?"- Awkward Tales of Fashion Blogging

All of 2014 I did 90+% of my blogging from my real life, meaning all outfit photos were from events as opposed to shooting photos in advance.  I've since been departing from that angle a bit because Colorado weather is not only so unpredictable (the joke is that 8 months out of the year we have all 4 seasons each week) but it's also SUPER sunny and bright (being a mile up and all) so overexposing photos happens way too easily, regardless of camera settings etc.  Planning outfit photos on the fly has proven to be a headache and the quality sometimes suffers.  I now rely more on a tripod over friends to help me take photos, but as I love lifting the blogging veil I thought I'd share some funny instances where I needed to ask a friend for an outfit pic.  Outfit photos on Instagram and on blogs always look so glamorous, but getting the photo isn't always as effortless or graceful haha!  I hope you enjoy, and if you are a blogger I hope this tickles your funny bone and makes you feel 100% better about any weird photo situations you've found yourself in!!

The "Hey, I forgot to ask one of you for my photo at brunch so could one of you please snap a picture of me on Alex's balcony before we change into our swimsuits to go to the pool?"

The "Hey Chris, I know we haven't seen each other for months because your band's been on tour and all...but before I forget can you take a picture of (just) me for my blog before we start walking back to our cars??"
The "Hey mom, can you quickly take my picture?  It's a tiki print and with the pool house that'd be cool.  Plus I don't know if my friend from high school who I'm meeting up with knows I'm fashion blogging so I might feel awkward asking him to my picture at the restaurant..."
This is one of my first adventures in using a self timer, which doesn't sound awkward.  BUT I was too self conscious to ask a friend for a bikini shot so I waited until the pool was empty to this haha.
I was at a restaurant with heavy duty misters that literally made the people across from you disappear in the fog.  The lighting wasn't perfect here, but the misters were off so it was a situation of, "Real fast!  Can you please take my photo before those bad boys turn back on and I lose my chance??"
The, "Hey, I know it's 9AM  and we're about to load our bikes up in the car.  But can you take an outfit photo first??  I don't want to get it later in case I sunburn."
The "Hey, I know we're watching TV and vegging out tonight, but if you don't mind I'm going to put BACK on my boots for an outfit photo before we lose the light..."
The "I'm completely over this because our Thai take-out just arrived but I need this photo real quick for a petticoat post next week..." Okay, this was a planned photo technically but it still works with the overall theme of borderline awkwardness/total inconvenience!
The "I know we have to put on our serious faces and talk politics all night at a meeting, but real fast, can you take my picture for my blog before this train comes?"  
The "I know we're shopping for a dress for your boyfriend's military ball, but since it's raining out and this dressing room has the least fluorescent lighting in this mall so far... can you take a quick outfit picture in this dressing room?"
The time it was too sunny out, my friend's apartment and stairwell had bad lighting, so we had to settle for her parking garage and got a mediocre photo at best!  
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  1. Hahaha, I can relate to nearly all of those and I love the candid way you wrote about taking blog photos!

    1. Haha thanks. I was hoping I wouldn't be alone in fashion blogger world for these examples!! XO

  2. Been there!! Thankfully my husband is (usually) willing to oblige and will take a few for to choose from. Xo

    1. That's good though! Built in photographer! It still can be weird regardless though, I know :)

  3. I love this last beautiful dress you are wearing. Cute shoes too!


  4. Hahaha to everything in this post. The phrase "Ooohh before we go can you take a quick outfit snap?" is one my poor husband is starting to dread... Looking gorgeous as ever! xx

    1. Yay, I'm so glad I'm not the only one that feels this way in fashion blogger land haha!! XOXO


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