A Fashion Blogger's Best Friend: Sunglasses!

Here's a post for all of the lovely fashion bloggers throughout the world that I have befriended, but even if you're not a fashion blogger you may be able to apply this advice for taking photos while out with friends or your beau!  Some people have noticed that I wear sunglasses in probably around a third of my photos.  Part of this is very simple: I love sunglasses.  A lot.
Like no really, A LOT!
But there is more than meets the eye (pun intended) with my sunglasses use in photos!  My first reason is that while I've accepted that being slightly more done up (a la make-up, hair, and accessories) is now something I have to take seriously, my natural instinct is to go au natural and not fuss with the details.  In the days leading up to starting a blog, as well as the early days of blogging (hell the whole first year to an extent!), my mantra was basically: I'm wearing a dress and heels and am carrying a fun bag.  What else could I possibly need?!  Obviously I learned a lot during the early days/first year, mostly being that the devil is in the detail.  I've learned some new hair tricks and try to wear make-up when I know I'm taking photos.  But...I have cheat days.  Sometimes I'm fighting losing the light and the clock is ticking.  Sometimes I'm just lazy.  But wearing sunglasses serves as a disguise when I'm not wearing make-up and therefore prevent the photo (and me) from looking too flat!  I make sure my hair is brushed and I put on lipstick for a slight pop of color so I'm not washed out and with my sunglasses I'm good to go!
Am I wearing make-up or am I bare?  I'll never tell!!!
Sometimes it's not just laziness too.  I've noticed that on the occasions that I get less than 6 hours of sleep I photograph slightly sleepy.  Maybe y'all don't notice but I get annoyed when I look like that in photographs-plus who wants to immortalize puffy eyes?  Sometimes it's bright out too and wearing sunglasses prevent you from squinting in photos.  Being a mile high, the sun is super bright here in Denver.  During the winter when snow is on the ground the combination of snow plus sun makes things painfully bright because it reflects.  Sunglasses may be classically "summer look" but they are more than practical in the winter!! There's definitely practical reasons to wear sunglasses in pictures!
Examples of sunglasses not just being for styling purposes:
The OMFG My Eyes Are Melting It's SO Bright Out Excuse
The It's First Thing in the Morning and I Didn't Bother with Make-up Excuse
 The This Is Actually Appropriate Because I'm at a Pool Excuse
 The This is REALLY Pushing It Because I'm Inside But My Allergies are Making Me Puffy So I'd Rather Look Ridiculous Than Bad Excuse
 The It's NYE After One of the Worst Years Ever and My Friend's BF Told Me I Was Dying* and I Cried Before I Got An Outfit Photo So I'd Be Totally Screwed Without Sunglasses Excuse
*I debated not being real about this one, but hey, fashion bloggers have bad days too and sometimes cry in our ridiculously cute outfits.  Also, I'm not really dying (who says that to someone anyway??) but that comment hit a nerve and at the wrong moment.  #perfectstorm #iamalive
 The I Just Got Off a Plane So I Said "No Thanks" To Any Extra Effort Excuse
And besides, sunglasses are such a fun part of your wardrobe!  I only buy $5 pairs because I (or my dogs) break them easily and I'm slightly irresponsible with those types of things.  But buying cheap means you can have things in every color, which if you've seen my shoe and handbag collection you know that I'm a huge fan of that!  Sunglasses add a great way to tie your look together, give you another thing to tag on Instagram, and can possibly save you from looking sleepy or needing to put on make-up!  Win, win, win!
If nothing else, sunglasses are an excellent tool in trying to outshine your dog's accessories:

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  1. Wow you have so many pairs of sunnies! and you look great in all of them, I particularly like the love heart ones and the aviators. xx

    1. Thank-you! They're quite possibly my favorites too! XO

  2. This sounds so familiar as I do love sunglasses, and sometimes I don't feel like putting on all my makeup, especially before and after work for taking blog/instagram photos!

    1. You do wear a lotta glasses too! Haha, aren't they the best cheating method ever??

  3. Cute outfits! They all look good with sunglasses. Love your sense of humor:)


    1. Thanks, that means a lot because I love making people laugh ;)

  4. I agree. I can't leave the house without my sunnies. :)

    Found you in one of my fave fashion bloggers' sites. I'd love to connect with you on social media. Let me know if you're interested!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I'm about to check out your site!! My Instagram is @demurelaurenblair :)

  5. Wow, you have lots of sunglasses! I live in tropical country and I just have one pair. Well, I'm not sunglasses person maybe :))
    And you have lots of lovely dresses♡ Especially cherry top on the first pic and those stripe swim wear.


  6. I love these glasses. They are the best thing I've bought on here. I can't walk by a reflective surface without going "Damn I'm cool." Then I take them off and I'm sad. The sunglasses brands don't fit your face, your face fits them.


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