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How to Style a Skater Dress 5 Different Ways

Greetings!  Skater dresses are one of my favorite things to wear in the warmer weather months.  Some come in patterns or color blockings, but I especially love the solid color ones because it gives you an opportunity to wear it completely different each time you wear it.  Given that most states are still in limbo weather wise, or it's chilly at night, OR that some readers and friends are elsewhere in the world, like Australia where it's technically fall now, I thought I'd style this amazing purple dress I got from Express in varying weather friendly ways.  Enjoy! #1 Pick a Complimentary Color to Accessorize With The Buffalo Exchange in Denver is like, my favorite brick and mortar store ever.  They have tons of used clothes, real vintage (at cheaper prices than usual vintage stores), and some dead stock from recent seasons at stores.  I saw these purple, tan, and pink shoes and nearly fell over.  For $30 I took home these BRAND NEW killer wedges because people apparently di…

April Love Affairs

Hey all!  April is just about dunzo!  It's time to talk about what's been on my radar this month involving non-wardrobe things...though I totally broke that rule on one of my love affairs this month!
Baseball (specifically the Colorado Rockies) Baseball is my favorite sport and April always means that it's the start of baseball season!  I made it to Opening Day last year, but since I seem to make it only every other year I didn't make it this year.  Bummerface!  Oh well.  Colorado has such back and forth weather in the spring (hot and cold, sometimes snowy and/or rainy, and almost always windy) that I'm trying to put off going to too many games (if any) until a little later in the season.  In the past I've gone to one or two opening weekend, and then another a few weeks later, and if both had bad weather it just makes me reluctant for the rest of the season.  We'll see how that goes, but regardless I'm super glad baseball season has commenced and that s…

Lauren Blair in Mary Blair: Jenny Skirt in Train Border Print

For those of you who have been purchasing from the Magic of Mary Blair Collection from Pinup Girl Clothing, how have you narrowed down your choices?  For me, my first gander at the collection was overwhelming because it was all so beautiful.  In a way, I'm glad that we had a month to stalk the collection before purchasing because it got me to narrow down my wish some extent.  I still want somewhere around half of the prints, haha.  My number two wants were the Commuters Print Jenny Skirt  and the Mother and Child Jenny Skirt (ordered last night!) for mostly the same reasons: they are unlike anything in my closet.  I'm a bit of a novelty print queen so I really did want the train skirt, but I was trying to hold out because I own soooooooo many novelty print skirts.  Then I added it to my cart and started to mess around with quantities (a trick I do if I'm afraid something will sell out) and realized that there was only one left in my size, so I made an impulse pu…

ModCloth + J Crew= Love

I have a LOT of fashion friends who love ModCloth.  And I have a marginal amount who love J Crew (Factory).  I'm surprised there isn't a larger overlap though.  Hear me out!  J Crew sometimes borders on a liiiittllle bit too preppy, fair.  BUT they actually have some really fun novelty prints and an excellent use of bold colors!  I recently got this amazing tropical sweatshirt from them that I am absolutely in love with!  It reminds me of a cross between curtains from a 1980s/90s beach motel and  a print that a character from Full House may have rocked.  Some people may not understand it, but that combination puts me into a tizzy!   I got this skirt from ModCloth.  It has all of the ingredients of the kind of skirt I would love: it's purple, it's midi, and it's high waisted.  That said...I'm not sure I love it.  It's a size small because every review for an Essential Elegance skirt in any color indicated that my waist size (26) would be perfect for a size …

Predictions about Mad Men Ending

I'm so into retro clothing and I love the show Mad Men.  Since they go hand in hand, I thought I'd take a hot second to speculate about how it's all going to end while there's still three episodes left.  Part of why I love this show is because while not everyone cheats, philanders, and drinks themselves through life (I hope),  everything else about the show is realistic to me.  All of these characters have flaws, but they are also real human beings with different ranges of emotions and redeeming qualities.  This is arguably the first show to ever portray that human condition as being super gray as opposed to black and white or inherently good or inherently evil.  Yes, there are some shows from the past decade that feature anti-heroes as protagonists for sure.  But the fact that so little can happen in a episode where people are simultaneously fucking up and being vulnerable is more the point that I'm trying to make: people's lives play out in real time and the…

Lauren Blair in Mary Blair: Commuters Print Jenny Skirt

Finally, I'm starting showcasing officially my Mary Blair pieces!  I had a light ankle sprain last week overlapping my allotted time to take these photos, so I needed to delay this post a week.  (I did consider doing these photos in an ankle brace but I figured what's a few more days of waiting...?)  Anyway, THIS was one of the skirts that I HAD to have!  When the Magic of Mary Blair Collection released the photos of the pieces, ALL of them were lovely.  But after waiting the month or so for the collection to be released I couldn't get the Commuters print out of my head.  The background color was so unique in that I next to never see olive skirts in vintage reproduction land, but the boldness and unique sketching of the people or "commuters" was also like nothing else I had ever seen.  A lot of reproduction dresses and skirts are made to look like actual prints and pieces from the mid-century but I have yet to see anything that is remotely like this.
I love ever…