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Winter Roundup 2015

Hey all!  I ceased doing monthly roundups after October for a number of reasons, but I thought I'd do a winter roundup on the last day of winter(!!!) because winter is really tough for me fashion wise so I thought I'd highlight what I managed to get right!  Haha!

Outfit Details: Hair Flower- NicCoco Creations, Cardigan- Target Style, Skirt and Petticoat- Hell Bunny, Shoes- Guess

This one really was as cold as it looked!  Denver shockingly has a lot of 50 degree days in the dead of winter, but this was not one of them!!  It was a day or two after a snow storm and it was still 20 degrees out.  Pain is beauty...or at least makes for beautiful photos as this one was mega liked on Instagram!  #worthit

Outfit Details: Glasses-Charming Charlie, Necklace- ModCloth, Shirt- Old Navy, Skirt- True vintage via Etsy, Tights- Target Style- Boots- Marshalls
This photo is the opposite of the first one!  Yes, it snowed the day before but it was extremely balmy out!  Even posing in the shade (it was super sunny out) without a jacket and being ankle deep in snow was totally comfortable.  It was also exciting for me to a) winterize one of my vintage skirts as I had not done that before and b) bring out more of my rocker style with these combat boots as that is a big part of me AND I feel it all worked together seamlessly!

Outfit Details: Flower- NicCoco Creations, Necklace- H&M, Cardigan- Old Navy, Dress-Bernie Dexter- Purse (barely pictured-sorry!)- Kate Spade, Tights- Target Style, Shoes- G by Guess

This was on New Year's day and while it was supposed to be luke warm out it ended up being chilly! I did brunch with my friends and it was super freezing taking this photo!!  (Not pictured- a winter jacket haha!).  It had snowed two days before and the menfolk in my life definitely had to assist me while walking on parts of the sidewalk as it was kind of icy (which I frankly would have needed help with in boots or flats anyway).  It's worth noting that the fabric of this dress kept clinging awkwardly to my tights.  Does anyone else have this problem involving some fabrics of their dresses?  I need to invest in a slip for next winter for sure.  Other than that, for someone who is clueless about winterizing her wardrobe I thought this ensemble was nice!

Outfit Details: Earrings AND Cardigan- Old Navy, Dress- Retrolicious, Bag- Kate Spade, Tights- Target Style, Boots- Madden Girl via DSW
Fun fact about this picture: it had just begun to snow outside so I'm posing under the porch of the brunch place I had just dined at.  This is a happy accident though as the green bench and trim of the window matched my outfit!  I liked this one because I a) winterized one of my favorite "summer" dresses and b) never thought to pair darker green hues with the bright green in the dress. I overall was really happy with this combo!

Outfit Details: Glasses- Forever 21, Scarf- Flea Market Find, Sweater & Skirt- ModCloth, Tights-Target Style, Shoes- Ellie Shoes
This one may be my personal favorite!  I had wanted to wear this outfit for a while but Denver was on a warm streak (read: sweaters need not apply).  Then it pseudo unexpectedly snowed a lot one day and I decided to take this outfit pic outside instead of my becoming more normal winter picture option (in front of my desk with all my framed records).  The problem was that by the time I got a chance to take the picture the snow flakes got very thick and I was almost losing light.  I had to take a few pictures to get this just right, but I'm really glad I did!

While I'm looking forward to warmer weather, I have to forewarn you all that there may be one or two more snow photos coming your way from me!  Denver is notorious about having such back and forth springs, so we'll see how this season goes.  But hopefully I'll get some pretty floral pictures so I can do a spring round-up in three months!

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