A Very Vintage Announcement: #instatruevintage!

My latest vintage skirt that I'll be tagging to the account tonight!
Hello, all!  If you follow my Instagram page, you may have already seen this announcement.  Regardless, this is a more thorough explanation so hang tight ;)  When I got into real/true/authentic vintage a year ago, I got super excited to find other girls on Instagram that were also dressing in novelty print skirts, 1950s dresses, and in 40s silhouettes.  When I first got into ModCloth, finding girls in ModCloth dresses was easy; I could search ModCloth's actual Instagram page under their tagged photos, or search one of their many hashtags, most famously being #modcloth and #stylegallery.  When I got into Pinup Girl Clothing it was the same story in that between hashtags and women tagging their outfit pictures to the PUG Instagram account I could find likeminded ladies.  But after getting into vintage, I realized finding other vintage girls is actually somewhat difficult.

Part of the reason why it's so hard is because there's few well known hashtags for wearing vintage.  #truevintage and #vintageootd seem to be the most widely accepted, but even then those are cluttered with vintage stores trying to both sell you vintage clothing AS WELL as vintage appliances, decorations, and knick knacks.  There are girls like you and I wear donning their vintage apparel between them, but weeding through the other stuff isn't always the most fun or rewarding thing to do.  And unlike ModCloth, PUG, Unique Vintage, Bernie Dexter, and Trashy Diva (amongst others) there is no vintage "brand" or large store that has built a community amongst several brands that girls can flock to for hashtags and tagging.  After finding both in real life friends as well as virtual friends that I speak to nearly daily through the community that the online world-specifically Instagram-has brought to me from sharing outfits online I found it to be a real pity to not have a vintage hub to both bring people together, feature ladies with amazing vintage finds, as well as have a place for people to scroll through just to admire vintage fashion...without trying to be sold something on every other photo.  After thinking about it for a few months and waiting to make sure I could honor the commitment to start such a thing, I decided last week that it was about time that there is such a hub on Instagram!

There has been some confusion over the rules and how it works.  That's totally fine as anything new (especially with a profile description being limited to 180 characters) is bound to have some misunderstandings from the best of us!  Here's how it works:

  • First and foremost, please follow @insta_truevintage and be active!  Like the photos and befriend the lovely ladies who are in them if you feel so inclined!  The more active the community, the more successful a one-stop shop to have a sacred place for vintage duds will be!

  • Participate!  If you are wearing a vintage outfit in one of your photos, hashtag #instatruevintage!  You are also welcome and encouraged to both tag @insta_truevintage in your comment as well as actually tagging your photo to the page.  
Hash tagging:

Or tag the actual photo:

  • Remember though, REAL vintage only.  I've had a few tags from vintage reproduction brands.  It pains me to have to say no because you all look so lovely, but those brands likely have brand accounts to be tagged to.  
Other things to consider while tagging:
  1. I won't discriminate against non-midcentury outfits.  If you tag an amazing 80s prom dress I will share it.  Anything past the 80s I will likely not repost, partially because I don't feel as though there's a huge demand for the 90s fashions on social media just yet.  It may also be tricky for me to verify that you're wearing something from 1991 versus a Forever 21 reproduction look.  
  2. If you are a clothing vendor who models the clothes yourself/partially uses your account for your personal style OR you use real models to model your clothing (read: no mannequins) I will possibly repost your outfits.  I see it as an opportunity to admire vintage clothing on real women, which is the purpose of the account.  However, I will not advertise that you are selling garments and will leave that up to the follows to click on your account as I don't want to play favorites with these kinds of things.  If you only have pictures of clothes on mannequins or hangers, PLEASE do not use hashtags or tag associated with @insta_truevintage.  Thank-you.
  3. If you are wearing vintage reproduction clothing but have genuine vintage accessories and jewelry, I will consider your entry.  But please specify what is vintage after you hashtag #instatruevintage so I don't accidentally dismiss you altogether.  Ideally I'd like for this to be a haven for outfits featuring true vintage clothing, but I don't see it necessary to not post a headshot that's photographically interesting featuring a hat from the 30s.  These decisions will be a case by case basis and a more concrete deciding factor will be made as this account evolves.  
Any additional questions?  Please leave them in the comments and I'll be happy to answer them!  Please pass this info along to anyone who may be interested so the community can grow!  Thank-you so much to all of the lovely ladies who have helped me have several outfits to pick from a day to share on @insta_truevintage!!


  1. Congrats! I'll check out the page! <3 Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment for me, too. I really appreciated it!

    - Anna


    1. Thank-you! Your fashion is so fun so the pleasure is all mine!


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