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Missed in March? Noteworthy Links

In case you don't check this blog religiously (whaaaaat??) or have been MIA, here are the most noteworthy links from the past month.  Happy April!!!  Hope March is leaving you like a lamb, as the saying promises ;) Vacation Fashion Some outfit photos from my recent trip to Florida. March's Guest Blogger: Kathy Read all about my oh-so lovely guest blogger of the month! Sunday Vintage: Bathing Beauties Skirt All about one of my favorite vintage novelty print skirts #green #green #green TONS of green outfits in celebration of St. Patrick's Day! Winter Round-Up Saying buh-bye to winter while remembering the ways I winterized my wardrobe. A Very Vintage Announcement: #instatruevintage My most exciting blog announcement to date!!  I've started a second Instagram account for ladies with real vintage in their wardrobe's to share their outfits and befriend one another!  Click here for to follow the Instagram account! I look forward to what April brings!! Follow this blog: Instag…

A Very Vintage Announcement: #instatruevintage!

My latest vintage skirt that I'll be tagging to the account tonight! Hello, all!  If you follow my Instagram page, you may have already seen this announcement.  Regardless, this is a more thorough explanation so hang tight ;)  When I got into real/true/authentic vintage a year ago, I got super excited to find other girls on Instagram that were also dressing in novelty print skirts, 1950s dresses, and in 40s silhouettes.  When I first got into ModCloth, finding girls in ModCloth dresses was easy; I could search ModCloth's actual Instagram page under their tagged photos, or search one of their many hashtags, most famously being #modcloth and #stylegallery.  When I got into Pinup Girl Clothing it was the same story in that between hashtags and women tagging their outfit pictures to the PUG Instagram account I could find likeminded ladies.  But after getting into vintage, I realized finding other vintage girls is actually somewhat difficult.

Part of the reason why it's so har…

Sunday Vintage: 70s Flower Power Maxi Dress

I once called this dress "one of the most polarizing" dress I own  in a previous post about my vintage 70s dress collection.  In fact, I would say now it's probably the most polarizing dress I own period!  My mom thought spending $12 on it was $12 too many (although got really excited to stage and direct a photo shoot around it...) and my friends either love or hate this dress.  Though it doesn't get photographed every time I wear it (that occasionally happens to us fashion bloggers...) it's one of my go-to outfits because it's a) colorful, b) comfortable, and c) fun, and d) retro, e) is versatile for all seasons and f) is easy to pair with various cardigans, purses, and shoes.

I found this dress at the Buffalo Exchange in the "hipster" neighborhood of Denver.  For those who are unfamiliar, Buffalo Exchange is a place where you can trade in or sell your relatively recent and trendy clothes, but they also carry vintage as well.  Given that this BE i…

Pinup Girl Clothing Round-Up #1

Hey all!  I'm slightly behind in round-ups, so like I did last week with my Bernie Dexter round-up I'm posting on Saturday when I usually do Special Pieces Saturday.  Pinup Girl Clothing skirts are great to wear in the winter because they're slightly thicker and heavier so they're slightly warmer.  I definitely had a lot of fun keeping my style during the winter months while wearing PUG skirts!  Without further ado, here are the Pinup Girl Clothing outfits from this past winter! I do love this chocolate and red harlequin skirt!  I got it over Black Friday and am super happy I have it.  This was taken on a cold day when it was about to flurry.  I've been pairing more and more cardigans with tea length skirts to help keep my style, stay warm, and still have bare legs (if I don't have to wear tights...I really won't).
I think this outfit looked better in person than it photographed.  All of the blues played off of each other really well and it's one of my…

Winter Roundup 2015

Hey all!  I ceased doing monthly roundups after October for a number of reasons, but I thought I'd do a winter roundup on the last day of winter(!!!) because winter is really tough for me fashion wise so I thought I'd highlight what I managed to get right!  Haha!

Outfit Details: Hair Flower- NicCoco Creations, Cardigan- Target Style, Skirt and Petticoat- Hell Bunny, Shoes- Guess
This one really was as cold as it looked!  Denver shockingly has a lot of 50 degree days in the dead of winter, but this was not one of them!!  It was a day or two after a snow storm and it was still 20 degrees out.  Pain is beauty...or at least makes for beautiful photos as this one was mega liked on Instagram!  #worthit
Outfit Details: Glasses-Charming Charlie, Necklace- ModCloth, Shirt- Old Navy, Skirt- True vintage via Etsy, Tights- Target Style- Boots- Marshalls This photo is the opposite of the first one!  Yes, it snowed the day before but it was extremely balmy out!  Even posing in the shade (it w…

#green #green #green

St Patrick's Day is one of my favorite holidays!  My lineage is a little bit confusing, especially on my mom's side, but what I do know is that I'm the rare bird that is 50+% Irish and still tans!  My dad's side of the family boasts an inside joke or two about being Irish so this is a very fun day for me! I've been trying to wear as much green as possible in the week or so leading up to today.  Here's all of the green outfits I was able to wear!  Hope today is as lucky as a 4 leaf clover for all of you!

From Tatyana
(Skirt via JC Penny) From ModCloth: From Folter/Retrolicious:
From Pinup Girl Clothing: From Eva Franco: From Le Bomb Shop: (Skirt from The Oblong Box Shop via Unique Vintage) Follow this blog: Instagram: @demurelaurenblair Twitter: @LaurenBlair23

Sunday Vintage: Bathing Beauties Skirt

This was one of those skirts that I knew I had to have when I saw it listed on eBay.  Vintage novelty print?  Check.  Vintage ladies sunbathing in vintage suits and hats?  Check!  It was like this skirt was meant for me!  Thank goodness it was in my size, or I may have cried!  I tried to wear this on vacation two weeks ago.  I got all dressed up and then went outside to find that it was just starting to rain, windy (read: blowing up my skirt and making me a little unlady like), and not particularly warm out despite the weather forecast not calling for those elements. Because I was all dressed up, I decided to take shelter where I could and get a few photos in so I could at least post about it here on the blog in case Denver weather in March brought more snow and too much wind.

Close-up of the print. I'm honestly at the point where I can't decide what my favorite piece of vintage clothing is.  I have roughly 5-10 favorites because I'm lucky and own some truly special piec…