Sunday Vintage: White and Green 70s Wide Leg Pants

Believe it or not...I do wear pants!  And for better or for worse, my "pants" season is upon me.  I can push my limits and wear skirts and dresses throughout winter.  But Colorado gets insanely windy from approximately the end of the February through April or May, and wind drives me more crazy than any other weather possibility out there!  Not only does wind chill me to the bone more than actual 20 degree weather, but wearing dresses becomes somewhat impractical, as none of us look like Marilyn Monroe did when she had some wind fly up her skirt.  Most of us, especially me, look a helluva a lot more awkward and lack sex appeal while the wind "plays" with our skirts.  This time of year I'm more prone to say "uncle" and wear pants.

But to make wearing pants more fun and less basic, I enjoy loud prints and/or retro pants to keep the fun in my wardrobe.  These pants I'm pretty stoked about because I found them on Etsy and they fit me perfectly!  Buying vintage pants was a completely new experience because the measurements are slightly different.  When I buy a vintage skirt, I basically only need to look up the waist measurement.  With pants, the waist measurement applies, but hips are also super important because they're not open.  Paying attention to how long the inseam was is also something that I wasn't used to.  I ordered a few pants over the past few months knowing I'd be wearing them when this time of year snuck up on me, but I feel these fit me the best (though they all technically fit and I'll introduce you to them in the future).

Outfit Details- Head Scarf- Target Style, Sunglasses- Forever 21, Shirt- Denver Nuggets Merchandise, Pants- Etsy, Shoes- Nine West via Zappos
I thought it'd be fun to style them with my green Denver Nuggets shirt that I've had for years that I LOVE!  It isn't vintage, though it is a throwback to the vintage logo they used to rock that has become a popular revival here in Denver.  I initially thought I was going to tuck in the shirt, but decided that it was more flattering to leave it tucked out.  As I mentioned in this post, sometimes wearing vintage/vintage repo can take a hot second to get used to because we don't always wear high waisted clothing in modern times.  Though I'm a pro at styling high waisted skirts, something about wearing high waisted pants is throwing me off.  Maybe because it shows the figure more?  Either or, I haven't quite figured out how to rock high waisted pants with my shirts tucked in.  I either need to better figure out how to style high waisted pants, or just get used to me being in them.  
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  1. Cute! I never thought about shopping for vintage pants. I wear jeans or a dress, I have no in-between.

  2. That throwback shirt is the bomb! I missed you while I was moving and taking a blogging break!


  3. This outfit is so amazing I love 70's fashion and those pants are an awesome find!! You look so groovy hehe. xx


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