Special Pieces Saturday: Bernie Dexter Black & White

I've never met a color that I didn't like, so 98% of my clothing is very colorful.  That said, lately I've been getting more into black dresses, as well as black and white color schemes.  Maybe it's because of winter or maybe it's because I'm getting older, but something about the simplicity of B&W has been really grabbing my attention lately.

I actually found this dress via the shop connected to the lovely blog Southern California Belle, so I have to give a shoutout to Ashley!  (Hay!).  Sometimes your favorite bloggers have stores connected to their sites or links to their Etsy stores, so if you like their style it's always worth checking out what they have to offer from time to time!  Being a huge Bernie Dexter fan and becoming more into black and/or white pieces, this was a very lucky find!

The style of this BD dress is called Lulu and I want to talk about this fit for a second!  I got another dress via eBay in this style right about the same time earlier this winter (that I'll also be showcasing soon) and both are basically my firsts in this style.  I'm a true XS in Bernie dresses but in some styles the arm pit area is too big because I'm particularly narrow on that part of my body.  The Lulu fit is borderline-but not quite- too tight.  And, unlike the Paris style (which I found to be the tightest fit until I met the Lulu style) you can't zip up from the front, twist the dress to the back, and then slip on the straps.  Don't get me wrong: it fit!  It was just a tighter fit than usual!  That said, lucky for me(?), I've had to amp up my cardio work to strengthen my lungs lately, so for better or for worse when I slipped this dress on to take these photos it went on super easy, as opposed to a month ago when I first got it.  BUT if you're between sizes or finding your normal clothes tighter than usual, size up if you find this style and want to purchase it!!

That all said I love this dress because it's versatile for all seasons and I'm looking forward to pairing it with cardigans and heels that will be in a range of bold colors!  I'll leave you with a smily but kind awkward attempt in the footwork department of me twirling in this dress ;)

Outfit details: Hair Flower- Unique Vintage, Sunglasses- H&M, Dress- Bernie Dexter via Southern California Belle's Store Envy, Saddle Shoes- Ellie Shoes via Amazon 

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  1. That Bernie dress looks awesome on you Lauren! I love black and white and saddle shoes as well!! :)


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