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Currently on Vay-Kay

Hey all!  I'm taking my first true vacation in years (read: not having an agenda, visiting 3 cities in one week, or traveling for someone's wedding but just good old fashioned relaxation and getting away from normal life) so that's why posting has kind of ceased this week.  I was supposed to have a guest blogger last week but unfortunately my hotel's Internet connection got weird the day the post was going to be published (however that post will go out this Friday, so look out for that!).  Assuming that doesn't happen again, I'll probably have a Sunday Vintage for y'all tomorrow because I took the outfit photos and wrote that post ahead of time.  Otherwise I'll be back later this week.  I'm still posting pretty regularly on Instagram so check me out there if you haven't already! I hope you're having a great week and HAPPY SATURDAY!!

Outfit Details: Hair Flower- NicCoCo Creations- Sunglasses- Clothes Mentor- Bathing Suit- Esther Williams via

Sunday Vintage: White and Green 70s Wide Leg Pants

Believe it or not...I do wear pants!  And for better or for worse, my "pants" season is upon me.  I can push my limits and wear skirts and dresses throughout winter.  But Colorado gets insanely windy from approximately the end of the February through April or May, and wind drives me more crazy than any other weather possibility out there!  Not only does wind chill me to the bone more than actual 20 degree weather, but wearing dresses becomes somewhat impractical, as none of us look like Marilyn Monroe did when she had some wind fly up her skirt.  Most of us, especially me, look a helluva a lot more awkward and lack sex appeal while the wind "plays" with our skirts.  This time of year I'm more prone to say "uncle" and wear pants.

But to make wearing pants more fun and less basic, I enjoy loud prints and/or retro pants to keep the fun in my wardrobe.  These pants I'm pretty stoked about because I found them on Etsy and they fit me perfectly!  Buyin…

Special Pieces Saturday: Chic Wish Scenery Skirt

Chic Wish was my favorite discovery of 2014.  Skirts and novelty prints are amongst my favorite things, and CW is lousy with those items!  I even did a Gaga For post about Chic Wish here.  Over the holidays they did some pretty impressive sales, so I indulged in some of the items I coveted knowing I probably wouldn't get them cheaper than the prices they had listed.  One of my favorites is this purple landscape skirt!
Outfit Details: Hair Flower- NicCoco Creations, Cardigan- Old Navy (for the record it's burgundy but for some reason photographed closer to a berry), Top- Le Bomb Shop, Skirt- Chic Wish, Shoes- Nine West I consider Chic Wish to be of pretty high quality, but I must say that this skirt is even more durable than the other ones I own!  The fabric is thicker so it doesn't wrinkle quite as easily and the zipper is bigger and heavier.  The details are completely beautiful in person and it truly is one of the prettiest pieces of clothing that I've ever owned!  A…

Heart Surgery Anniversary

Many of my friends and followers knew about my surgery when it happened a year ago today or 6 months ago today when I posted this article explaining what had happened and why I was starting A Case of the Motivational Mondays.  During that post I showcased myself wearing tropical shorts because I bought them when I was not fully recovered physically and couldn't see how well they truly fit.  Today I want to showcase this Bernie Dexter dress and heart necklace!  Here's why:

I love this dress.  I love it because I love dogs.  I love it because the print is so fun.  I love it because Bernie Dexter is arguably my favorite dress designer.  But I also love it because my mom bought it for me about a month after my surgery because I was starting to enter a pretty dark place about the surgery being a failure.  Now, I'm not so shallow that getting a present makes everything in my life all better!  But I'm also not above enjoying getting a really nice present-in good times or bad…

Lucky eBay Find: Bernie Dexter Blue & Red Eiffel Towers

I've literally been in love with this print since I discovered Bernie Dexter.  But this dress is NEVER on sale (or very rarely, I should say, and during moments where I'm not flush with cash).  I always assumed I'd get the Frenchie style, though I was also holding out hope for a very elusive halter version of this dress since that's my favorite Bernie Dexter style.  Earlier this winter I saw this version  (Lulu) of the dress pop up for $40.  I Googled it immediately because I had never seen the red eiffel tower print in this style, so I wanted to make sure Bernie did do that version (majority of her fabrics can be found elsewhere so I'm careful about knockoffs) and I found several photos on Google images of other girls in this exact dress.  $40 for a Bernie dress is ALWAYS a steal, and the seller had listed that number as the price with no bidding, so I immediately seized the day with this one and purchased it!

A little over a week ago, I spoke about another Lulu …

Case of the Motivational Mondays: Love is Respect

My outfits from this past weekend!
Hey, kiddos!  Did you enjoy your Valentine's Day weekend regardless of where your romantic life may or may not be?  Mine was filled with love, friendship, brunch, and as promised...debauchery.  It wasn't as wild or silly as two years ago, but a notable highlight was walking around an adult store (if you didn't click the above link above, doing that sort of thing is an accidental Valentine's Day tradition in my friend group) with two male companions (while waiting to meet up with other people) and having the couples in the store try to figure out if I was with either, both, or what in the heck was happening there!  Even in real life I'm mysterious about my romantic status ;)

ANYWAY...this one is going to be brief because I'm a little under the weather, but in continuation of this month's theme about love I have to talk about how respect and love should never be mutually exclusive.  Respect can take on many forms, but at th…

This Plaid Skirt!

There's a few prints I'm cautious of, and plaid is one of them-at least in skirt form!  The reason being is that there's many cliches attached to the idea of plaid, ranging from school girl, slutty school girl, frumpy, goodie goodie, and old fashioned (in the non-fun vintage sense of the word).  So when I do go for a skirt that's plaid it's usually off the beaten path color wise and something that will be a unique piece of clothing in my wardrobe instead of a tried and true classic.  While reds and blues can be staples in plaid, I love how they're contrasted with grays in this skirt because it makes all of the colors pop out that much more!  When I first saw the skirt pop up on ModCloth (and at 40% off at that!) I immediately clicked on it.  I know I will love an outfit if I'm already brainstorming ways to style it before owning it, and I instantaneously had visions of pairing this with all black, varying blues, a gray tank with my gray wedges for an effor…

Case of the Motivational Mondays: Love and embrace your circumstances this week

Best Valentine's Day EVER!  (No, it wasn't because I had "four dates")
Whether I'm single or whether I'm in a relationship, Valentine's day isn't the biggest deal to me.  If I'm in a relationship it's a great excuse to spend time and show affection towards a significant other, but if I'm single it's not as though I'm on suicide watch.  It's just a day after all, and while there is a history to it, it has been pumped up on steroids by the greeting card and all forms consumerism industries.

I wanted to share with you the best Valentine's day I ever had, because it's an incredibly unlikely one!  It was 2013 and my love life was kind of neither here nor there.  I had split up with my boyfriend about two months before and had gone on a few dates with a few different guys and actually had plans with one of them for Valentine's.  He had to cancel earlier in the week though because of a schedule mixup (he did make it up t…

Sunday Vintage: The Wild West!

Sometimes vintage is like, mega expensive.  I've seen some amazing novelty prints and in great condition skirts pop up on Etsy and eBay for like, $200 dollars.  This makes me incredibly sad because that's way out of my budget!  But...once in a while you get super lucky, and this skirt is a story of luck!

I saw this print pop up on my eBay feed last fall at a bid starting at something ridiculous like $16 or something in that neighborhood.  A lot of vintage pieces have starting bids super low because sellers know this will likely entice several people to start bidding on that item over the medium priced pieces, and what often ensues is a bidding war that leads the price to go up way past $100.  Being a sucker for novelty prints/scenery prints AND living in Colorado, I became pretty interested in this piece of vintage clothing!  And very lucky for me, this "bidding war" ended up with me snagging this piece at less than $30!!  I almost wondered if I missed something in …

Special Pieces Saturday: Bernie Dexter Black & White

I've never met a color that I didn't like, so 98% of my clothing is very colorful.  That said, lately I've been getting more into black dresses, as well as black and white color schemes.  Maybe it's because of winter or maybe it's because I'm getting older, but something about the simplicity of B&W has been really grabbing my attention lately.

I actually found this dress via the shop connected to the lovely blog Southern California Belle, so I have to give a shoutout to Ashley!  (Hay!).  Sometimes your favorite bloggers have stores connected to their sites or links to their Etsy stores, so if you like their style it's always worth checking out what they have to offer from time to time!  Being a huge Bernie Dexter fan and becoming more into black and/or white pieces, this was a very lucky find!

The style of this BD dress is called Lulu and I want to talk about this fit for a second!  I got another dress via eBay in this style right about the same time …