Special Pieces Saturday: Trashy Diva Circle Skirt in Grand Fleur

I really love this skirt for a number of reasons!  When the print first came out I was attracted to it because I own so few things in gold and black.  I thought the pattern was unique and the color scheme would make it easy to convert from winter looks through the summer and straight into fall.  What I like almost even more about it is how amazing the quality is!  The fabric is kind of thicker, super durable, and heavy (in a good way).  Everything about the construction of this skirt is A++.  I own a few Trashy Diva skirts, and while I'm usually more drawn to bright colors (and my other TD skirts are very colorful indeed)...this one may be my favorite!!  I'd even go as far as to say this may be one of my most quality pieces of clothing that I own!  Check out some more photos below:

Outfit Details- Headband- Forever 21, Cardigan- Old Navy, Tee Shirt- J Crew Factory,  Sunglasses- Gifted, Skirt- Click here to buy it, Shoes- Nine West

What's also nice about this skirt is that it's only $54!  A lot of Trashy Diva items run for a lot more, so considering the price and the quality it's a huge bargain!

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  1. You look lovely! Trashy Diva really does have the best skirts! And that is a great price for the skirt.

    1. Thank-you! This one is my favorite, quality wise for sure! I love their other stuff too. Did you ever get the kimono print you wanted???


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