Petticoat Junction: Part II

Hey all!  Earlier this fall I purchased my first petticoat. I wrote about my initial reactions to it and my expectations of using it here.  While I was slightly skeptical about the practicality of it, I found a very cheap non-brand name on on eBay in red and decided to go for that as well.  I've gotten to try out the petticoat a few times this winter and here are my thoughts so far!

On the last day of November, my friend Jim called me up telling me he had an extra ticket to the Red Ball-an AIDs fundraiser in Denver.  I had been curious about the event for a few years so despite having some work that I likely should have stayed in to get done, I took him up on the offer!  Obviously at this point I have a huge closet full of relatively fancy clothes, so with less than a half hour to get changed finding an outfit wasn't an issue!  That said, it was preferable to find a red outfit AND it was 17 degrees out and beginning to (lightly) snow).  With limited debating, I landed on this Bernie Dexter dress.

Hair Bow- Forever 21, Necklace- Charming Charlie, Cardigan- Target Style, Dress- Bernie Dexter- Tights- Target Style, Shoes- Unknown, Bag- Nine West

The tights helped cover my legs on this freezing cold night, but I decided to add an extra layer to the dress to ensure more warmth using my new red petticoat!

(Sorry the photos kind of suck- I had forgotten my point and shoot)

This was the first night I was super excited to be the owner of a petticoat!  Our friend who was already inside the event had our tickets and we got stuck waiting outside for 20 minutes in the snow.  Part of this was mind over matter, but honestly I wasn't even that cold.  If anything my ears and hands were cold, but not my legs!  Also...once inside the event, it was kind of fun to strut around with a little more mass to my dress.  I felt more elegant than usual and I also felt like I was appropriately dressed for the evening.  I'm still not sure this is an every day accessory for me...I'm growing more and more in favor of them!

This whole winter I haven't worn petticoats as much as I thought I might because on the super cold days it's also been very wet, making me wear rain boots and occasionally wear jeans or lesser dressed up dresses and skirts, so I skipped the extra step since I wasn't going "full out" to begin with.  That said, while taking some pictures for certain blog posts I used my Hell Bunny coat a lot-partially for dramatic effect in photos, but also because some of these shoots were on 20 degree days!  Here are a few examples:

Thoughts- I like the drama they add in photos.  And being a vintage blogger I'm glad I own two that I can experiment with.  I'm still not 100% sold or "addicted" to them though.  AND, I hate driving in them!  Very poofy!  I feel like I'm sitting in a cloud and it takes me a second to get adjusted correctly!  At the end of winter or sometime this spring I'll make a third installment of this series and it will be more along the lines of what my "final thoughts" are.  I'm still deciding...!

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  1. Love your red outfit! I was shopping for petticoats just yesterday :)

    1. Thank-you!! Ooh, I wanna know if you got anything!!

  2. Katie here! How do you determine what length petticoat you need?


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