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Hey all!  I originally had a different idea for my first 'Gaga for' post of the new year but as soon as I got my ModCloth annual winter purge sale (with a coupon at that!) package I knew I had to go with Retrospec'd!  I (unknowingly) got two of their dresses-both of which prompted me to do a happy dance upon trying them on a la Dumb and Dumber style...which is how I know I'm in love with a piece of clothing!  After doing my research I learned that Retrospec'd is an Australian based clothing company and it seems hard for us in the states to locate too many stores that sell this brand (it's even hard to find one eBay!).  That said, if you live down under I'm sure it's more accessible!  You CAN order from their store directly in Australia, but it seems shipping to the states is kind of pricey (as are the dresses if you don't find them on super sale like I did).  

This outfit's details: Hair Ribbon- Actual ribbon to tie presents with, Sunglasses: Forever 21, Earrings- Old Navy, Cardigan- Target, Dress- ModCloth, Shoes-Nine West

This outfit's details: Hair Flower- Unique Vintage, Earrings- H&M, Sunglasses and Necklace- Charming Charlie, Cardigan- Old Navy, Dress- ModCloth, Shoes- G by Guess via DSW 

The Good: Um, the beautiful prints!!!!  The quality is also phenomenal!  I'm so in love with these dresses it's ridiculous!

The Bad: Kind of pricey, but given that the quality is great it's hard to protest this too much.

The Ugly: Nothing-except being in the states as it's harder to track one of these bad boys down!

Other things worth mentioning: These two dresses are actually two different sizes.  The Travelin' Twirl Dress is Sightseeing (the red one with the landscape) is the size 6 while the Rock in the Park Dress (the black dog one) is a size 8.  Both fit perfectly though!  I thought it would be worth mentioning that and my thoughts of why both fit so well.  I tend to be a size 0 or XS in (most) brands so not realizing these two dresses were the same brand I ordered the smallest they made for both.  The red one has the kind of bust the criss crosses over in a draped fashion and leaves a lot of room in case you're more well endowed, but bunches to you if you're not.  I think had I gotten the 8 in that dress it would have been too big as I don't have a lot to work with.  I say that with confidence because other dresses marked as an XS or UK8 I've tried in this cross over draped style have been too big on me.  The dog dress only came as small as an 8 but fit basically exactly like a Bernie Dexter dress does, meaning it hugs my bust perfectly.  A 6 would have been to small because there's no tricks to the bust as it's fitted so a size 6 likely would have pinched into my armpits.  I thought these facts, sizes, and thoughts would be worth sharing in case you're ever stuck on which size to pick.  If you're more well endowed the dresses the draping style may fit you fine in whatever your size may be, but the more cut ones will either fit or you may need to consider sizing up.  If you're built like me, consider my experience when picking a size!

Here's a few last photos because I took all of these pictures as the sun was setting, which gave off a different lighting every 3 minutes. With the different and more options I had more trouble than usual picking just a few pictures to share!  XOXO

Wanted to show off the whole dress without a cardigan hiding some of it but by now I was totally freezing!  You're welcome! ;-)

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  1. Beautiful photos and dresses! Retrospec'd is such a great Australian brand, I visited their store late last year and picked up a gorgeous dress and received another for my birthday! I need that puppy dog dress ahh! Looks like one of my dogs! xx

  2. Oh wow, both those dresses are so pretty! I've never bought anything by Retrospec'd before. I should look into it!

  3. I love Retrospec'd, only wish it wasn't so expensive though! Sometimes they do have a "sale" though! So far I own one dress, with another one on layby through Miskonduct Klothing.
    Both of your dresses are beautiful!! xo

  4. My goodness, I love both of these dresses. I'm sad I missed them on the sale haha. Such beautiful prints, and you look gorgeous!

    xo, Serli


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