Fashion Faux Pas: 2014 WORLD Edition

I'm hardly a "trendy" fashion blogger, but that doesn't mean I don't have eyes and opinions on what I see in the world!  Plus, I do occasionally go into malls for staples and get disappointed by things that I think I like until I further inspect this was worth sharing!  (Also worth noting- I was having technical difficulties this week and was unable to post prior to the New Year as intended, but still wanted to share this content!)

High Low Skirts- Sexy in the front, demure in the back?  Who wants a mullet around their legs?  I know fashion is always about finding new things, but this is a trend that will be gone by the way side within a few years and be mocked a la acid wash in the future.  Sorry/not sorry.

Lined to the knees and then see through- What the hell is this?  Some perfectly lovely skirts and dresses have been ruined by this trend.  It looks like the designer ran out of fabric and said "fuck it."  Another trend that will likely not be remembered fondly in the future.

Mustache Prints-  We get it.  Mustaches are funny, ironic, and creepy in a cool way.  70s pornos?  Why not?  Sign me right up!  But pop culture started being ironic about them nearly a decade ago.  NEXT!  Bicycle lovely as you are, I'm looking at you too, Mr!

Harem Pants- Why were these brought back?  No really...WHY?  (Not to be confused with wide leg pants...I dig those a lot actually).

Tribal Prints- Now I don't hate tribal prints.  But I am super over them.  I have one piece of clothing in a tribal print and I love the colors, but I'm so sick of this trend I can't bring myself to wear it.  I'll get over it, but enough is enough.

3/4 sleeves=25% off sleeves...right?

3/4 Length Sleeves- I really kind of like this look.  But as someone who's always cold I'm constantly trying to pull down the sleeves over my wrists to no avail.  Quit teasing me, style gods!

Asymmetrical Shorts- They're like the harem pants of least in terms of flattering points.  I'm in the dark about why so many fashionistas went so gaga for them this year.

Those are my main 2014 gripes!  I look forward to seeing what 2015 brings style wise, even if it gives me another chance to mock stuff a year from now!  Also...I can take what I dish!  Tomorrow I'll discuss my own 2014 faux pas so stay tuned ;)

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