Fashion Blog Resolutions 2015

I'm not one for New Year's resolutions because I subscribe to the belief that every day, week, or month should be a check in place to see if there's areas you can be doing better at.  BUT it was a year ago I started blogging via tumblr and outfit sharing on Instagram and I've learned a lot!  Thought I'd share my thoughts, lessons, and ideas with you so I won't have a choice but commit to changes I want to make!!
  • Accessorize more.  I got the shoe and purse thang down to a science, but I seem to be allergic to wearing jewelry.  It partially comes from the fact that taking the time to match earrings with a dress feels high maintenance in that it takes a few extra minutes, but I'm also bad at purchasing jewelry even at discounts.  My brain says I could buy shoes instead.  But now that I have so many shoes and items of clothes, I'm going to try to redirect with accessories (and have already been successful the last month or so of 2014 with hair flowers, especially from NicCoCo Creations).
This could have used a necklace...or at least earrings.  Outfit details- Tank- Forever 21, Skirt- Pinup Girl Clothing, Bag- Kate Spade, Shoes- Nine West
  • Learn how to do my damn hair.  Like jewelry, ugh...any extra time putting myself together makes me feel like Amy Poehler taking a shower in Baby Mama.  I know I don't dress it, but I've never not been the one in a relationship waiting for a boyfriend to finish getting ready so we can finally hit the road.  I'm also totally freakin' clueless about hair.  I've figured out a few tricks to make some styles work for me (recently involving beehives), but wow is it impressive what I don't know!  Like accessorizing more, I need to figure out the hair stuff and be more of a package deal.
This hair is fine....
...but admittedly this is more fun!
  • Learn more about make-up?  Not convinced on this one, as I like to be somewhat transparent with blogging and not have too many facades, and wearing too much make-up feels like a potential facade.  I'll admit I often wear lip tint or full on lipstick in photos because I look slightly washed out when I don't, but make-up is the final part of the already mentioned jewelry-hair trifecta that makes me question if I am in fact a girl.  If I do full on make-up, it either looks a) great or b) makes me look like a drag queen.  And I have no idea why either result happens either!  I should at least learn some make-up tricks, maybe figure out how to do some vintage-y things with make-up (just for educational purposes), and figure out what works for in person and what for photographs and why.  Even if I don't utilize this knowledge, I should have this information in case I need to pull a trick out of my sleeve.
  • Branch out from just vintage-y outfits.  It's my staple and go-to 100% and that isn't changing anytime soon.  But I think I've gotten too entrenched with it so I need to start incorporating the other parts of my style as well, as I do have a funky rock and roll flare to my clothing choices as well.
Not exactly "vintage" but still fun!  
Details: Dress-Louche via ModCloth, Bag- Kate Spade, Shoes- Chinese Laundry
  • I have about 10 months to prepare for next fall/winter.  I need to make the most of it.  I'm great at light layering but terrible at anything past that.  I like shoes you can't walk on snow or ice with.  Covering my lower calfs?  Boo!  Bulky sweaters?  If it's 2 degrees I'll consider, but otherwise I'll pass!  Last year I got away with sharing outfits in the winter because I started slowly, Denver experienced some balmy weather, and I was out of commission for a month post surgery and when I had healed it was basically spring.  I need to figure out a game plan for next time the seasons change.
I genuinely wish I could wear this year round...but I need to get over that I can't!
Outfit Details: Bandeau- Forever 21, Skirt- ModCloth, Shoes- Nine West
  • Learn more than a few poses/facial expressions.  My friends always poke fun at me for how awesome my camera radar is as it's impossible to catch me in an "off guard" setting.  It's a pseudo super power like Barney Stintson from How I Met Your Mother I guess!  I suppose I somewhat agreed with my friends...until I had to take photos of just me nearly daily.  I can pop my foot, put my hands on my hips and so forth...but I have no idea what else to do!  This is partially because I feel awkward posing with only me in the picture.  I'm also super insecure about my nose, jawline, and profile in general so any poses where I'm looking down or away scare the crap out of me.  I need to get over this.  Commercial looks are fine, especially for this blog as I promote positivity as much as humanly possible so "heroin chic" looks would never fly.  But I need to step outside my comfort zone and learn more about how to pose and be comfortable in front of the camera, because I realize most good photos of me are just luck.
  • Devil is in the details.  Because I'm allergic to high maintenance behaviors, I literally take only 1-4 photos per outfit picture and call it good.  But then when I go to post them on IG or make a blog post, I notice my bangs are wonky, the pose is awkward, my hair accessory isn't showing or the picture is slightly blurry.  I need to learn to remember to double-triple check those details and try again if it's not right.  
I look forward to working on these things that need improvement and am excited to step up my game!!  And thank-you for such a wonderful 2014!  2014 brought several challenges for me, but making friends all over the world, being inspired by your looks and styles, and waking up to kind words almost daily was an amazing experience that kept me afloat at times more than I can express.  You all made my first year of fashion blogging completely worth continuing this journey for the second year!  I hope 2015 brings you everyone you want/need!  XOXO

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