Case of the (Motivational) Mondays: Getting Rid of Negativity IV

Yellow is the opposite of negativity!

Yes, it's Tuesday.  I skipped a week this month so here's the final January piece today! The final installment of this month's theme to getting rid of negativity is really the easiest one: use any and all obstacles to empower you.  Of course there's reasons and moments to wallow, because sometimes you need to process something before you can grow from it.  But at the end of the day if you take any hardship that you endure and use it as a silver lining because you became stronger or because you learned something from it, then nothing can get the best of you.  Ever.

My other favorite tactic is to use negative energy and make it productive.  If a friend is driving me crazy, I take that time to read, work on projects, clean, or run harder and faster.  That way with every annoyance that is thrown at me I'm actually improving in life because of it.  If this could be all of our attitudes, wouldn't that be nice?  We'd all just be empowering ourselves and rendering our enemies useless, because why would they want to piss us off if it's just going to make us step up our game?  Makes you wonder if the world could be a better place if we all adopted this way of thinking!  Seriously, just try it!  This will help you gain perspective if you're fighting with a friend because you'll get a break from dwelling on it and your enemies will never want to mess with you if you just keep getting better and better!

Building habits are like building muscles.  You just have to try a little in the beginning and before you know it you get stronger and stronger and things get easier and easier.

Next month's's obvious and cliche...but love!

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