Candid Thoughts on the Dress of the 2015 Golden Globes

I'm hardly super trendy nor am I a high fashion gal.  But I have eyes and a brain and in IRL I am somewhat "known" for having an opinion.  I've been wanting to critique red carpet looks since starting a fashion blog but around each major award show I was either sick, traveling, etc so I have yet to publish my opinions on famous people's red carpet looks...until now.  Whether I like a look or not, I call it how I see it and I often err on being goofy.  I hope you enjoy :)

PS- I did not comment on every look.  I only gave my thoughts on looks I had an immediate reaction to as well as angle to have fun with, for better or for worse.

Tina Fey- While I don't love this, I'm also impressed she's not wearing black, blue or burgundy.  I've been seriously considering petitioning comediennes to quit wearing those three colors (often in matronly dresses) for some time now.  Funny ladies are sexy too!  So while I am not really a fan of this number, I can't hate because I love that she took a fashion risk.

Katherine Heigl- Say what you will about this broad, but the bitch looks good!

Emily Blunt- Her make-up is a little too dark and her hair seems unkempt...but geez Louise those earrings and dress make her a freakin' Greek Goddess!!

Zosia Mamet- I'm beyond torn here.  I've never actually seen Girls, but I've seen Zosia in other things and I find her to have an incredible screen presence.  I also love that she's a quirky beauty.  I expect something like this from her but IDK.  The coloring is beautiful-both in general and on her.  The necklace is perfect too.  But I'm also not in love with this look either, though I can't seem to pinpoint why.

Amy Poehler- Amy, hi!  Please read my comments under Tina Fey's dress about how I'm sick of funny ladies wearing only 3 shades of color and often in matronly dresses.  Also, WTH is up with the elastic waist band?  I feel guilty enough wearing dresses with those in everyday life and I cannot fathom a moment where I'd think one of those suckers was "red carpet appropriate."  Also, you're reminding me of some of Hillary Clinton's ball gowns for Bill's presidency-which were more glamorous than your dress.  Unless you were parodying Hillary again...this is my least favorite of the night.
Keira Knightly- I will be having nightmares about this dress, but only because I have a lifelong irrational fear of butterflies!  I think she looks adorable and pulled off picking a different kind of dress to wear to the Golden Globes.  A+

Lana Del Ray- Really cute idea but I don't feel like it's flattering in it's execution.

Taryn Manning- Ugh.  

Amanda Peet- This is seriously frumpy.  And her make-up is way too dark for this white dress.

Lorde- Isn't homegirl like, 16?  This looks like something Kris Jenner would wear to hold onto her youth.  This is not age appropriate...or incredibly interesting.

Felicity Huffman- This dress makes me want to write an open letter to all designers begging them to not bring back the tight fitting and below the knee dresses of the late 90s and early 00s.  It's rarely flattering and takes away from my joy of watching certain Friends and Gilmore Girls reruns.

Melissa McCarthy- I have two opposing opinions on this dress.  Like Poehler and Fey, McCarthy is a funny lady who often errs on boring fashion only representing a few colors of the rainbow.  She's also a plus sized woman, and like funny women I've also been dying to write an open letter to them pleading with them to wear more interesting dresses that showcase their curves, arms, and backs because I at least won't be mad at them for it-nor do I believe America should be.  So I wish she was less covered up and more colorful.  That said, she did take a fashion risk that's quirky and I feel she mostly pulled it off.  Far from my favorite look, but I'm not mad at you either, Melissa!

Leslie Mann- I feel like we've seen this look on her before, right?  But I can't be too mad at that because yellow is absolutely her color.  And that green purse she has is phenomenal-especially paired with this yellow dress.  A+

Maggie Gyllenhaal- Wait, did Maggie Gyllenhaal actually borderline err on the side of boring for the first time in her life?!  I'm more stunned than impressed however...

Laura Prepon- Color me confused...when did she morph into Elvira?  

Lena Dunham- This dress does not appear to be fitted properly and I hate mullet dresses.  I'm also not wild about those shoes...

Ellie Kemper- Ah my doppleganger no matter how much I kick and scream...  I don't love this, but this dress is amazing for her figure.  Her make-up and hair is also perfect.  

Jennifer Aniston- The doppleganger I got throughout high school and college (which is why I'm reluctant about people comparing me to Kemper because it feels like a demotion-no offense Ellie) has failed me here.  I'm ready to see some interesting fashion from her again.  The basic black is boring and this style is not as flattering as it could be.  Pretty make-up though!

Christine Baranski- Her character of MaryAnn on Cybill has permanently cemented a place for her in my heart.  What I love about this look is that she's starting to reach that "women of a certain age" bracket and is still rocking the tighter AND sleeveless dresses.  Bravo!

Jennifer Lopez- This is what we've come to expect from J Lo and this is why we love her.  I just can't hate this because I've 100% come to terms with and accepted Jennifer Lopez for who she is.  

Salma Hayek- Her Serene Highness Grace Kelly would have worn this (my lifelong idol).  Though I wish she swept her hair back, this may be my favorite look of the night. 

Katie Holmes- ...when did her hair get so long?  Is she wearing extensions?  A little boring but gorgeous color for her.

 Kerry Washington- I need to think out loud about this one.  Love the color combo, the paneling, and how interesting the dress is.  I hate the length, the shoes, and the bag (at least for this dress).  I'm confused about how I feel about this one.

Sienna Miller- It's slightly too big on top, but the beading and embroidery are really intriguing to me.  I also kind of love this color scheme on her.

Katie Cassidy- Oh David Cassidy's offspring!  This dress is mega slutty.  BUT Katie Cassidy is seriously one of the foxiest women out there so I just can't hate her for vamping it up this much.  I also respect her commitment to the whole ensemble with the equally vampy (and flawless) make-up.

Ruth Wilson- This dress is super interesting.  I like the paneling and the lines remind of a 60s mod dress.  But the mock turtle neck kind of kills it for me.

Reese Witherspoon- ::yawn::

Felicity Jones- I do not know who you are Miss Jones, but I love that you picked the most interesting color and dress structure of the night!  A+

Kate Beckinsale- We've seen this look on her about a million times.  BUT good for her for finding a look that works for her and sticking with it.  I just can't hate her for being slightly monotonous because she's always so flawless on the red carpet.

Amal Alamuddin Clooney- The train reminds me of a superhero and the gloves add to this effect.  Homegirl also managed to get George Clooney to the alter though so I suppose it's her right to dress like a superhero as she clearly has super powers.  She looks good too.

Emma Stone- I never want to see pants with a floor length scarf/belt on such a pretty girl at the Golden Globes ever again.  Please and thanks.

Anna Kendrick- Oh my effing gawd!  One of the prettiest dresses of the night!  If she had more color to her lips I'd call this flawless!

Jemima Kirke- My brain hurts.  This is awful.  Head to toe.  This is probably worse than Amy Poehler's dress.

Claire Danes- Color me intrigued.  Not 100% in love but this is definitely unique and vibrant.

Lupita Nyong'o- This lady can do no wrong in my eyes and this dress is the latest proof as to why.  Not only is this look gorgeous, classic and interesting but purple is clearly her color!  Like Hayek this is possibly my favorite of the night.

I also want to take a hot minute to talk about Fashion Police, as it's returning tomorrow.  I was devastated when Joan Rivers died and wondered if Fashion Police could be the same.  There are a lot of polarizing opinions-mostly negative- about Kathy Griffin joining the cast.  Here's the thing: Joan Rivers was always awesome, fearless, and funny but was not understood and respected every decade of her life.  She had more peaks and valleys career wise than most have and died possibly at her peak-which began somewhere between 7-10 years ago.  Kathy Griffin is also funnier than most people giver her credit for.  I was not a fan until I was stuck home alone with tonsillitis in 2006 and one of her comedy specials was the only thing on TV.  I found myself laughing so hard my stomach hurt- something that's hard for me to do to begin with as well as when I'm by myself sick.  Since then I've seen other specials of hers and have seen every episode of My Life on the D List.  Anyone who can humiliate themselves for a laugh as much as she does AND is quick witted and astute in any situation she's in (even Jerry Seinfeld gives her glowing reviews in that department) is respected in my book.

In regards to Fashion Police, no, it probably won't be the same without Joan Rivers.  You can't replace an original like Joan.  But Kathy is an original too and Joan Rivers loved and respected her.  I don't want Fashion Police to be cancelled and I honestly can't think of anyone better to replace her than Kathy Griffin.  She's one of the only funny ladies out there who truly won't hold back and will shock us while we can't help but crack up at whatever inappropriate zinger she says-not unlike Joan Rivers did.  Also like Joan, Kathy has had several peaks and valleys in her career and I believe she's been getting more respect for what she does with each passing year.  Yes, she's been on the worst dressed list more times than I can count.  BUT she has vastly improved over the years and there's that saying about 'those who can't' if you disagree.  If Fashion Police only consisted of fashionistas, gay stylists, and entertainment news anchors it wouldn't be as much fun.  We need someone who can make fun of the faux pas and ridiculous celebrities, otherwise this show would not be relatable or as entertaining.  And we need that person to be bold in doing so.  Kathy Griffin can do that in her sleep.  You don't have to love her, but since Joan Rivers did...please give her an open minded chance.  I'm really curious to see her first episode and am hoping I'm right in that she'll do a surprisingly (to the world) good job.  Either or, she's one of my favorites so I had to put this out there!

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Photo source: Buzzfeed.  My favorite source for viewing red carpet looks because the layout is simple without slow loading, slide shows, or ads.  FYI.  


  1. Katie here. I can't believe you didn't comment on Helen Mirren's dress. I think she was the most stunning of all. Otherwise, pretty sure I agree with you on everyone.

    1. Hey girl! I owe you a FB message haha! Helen Mirren was stunning. But I think because she's always so well put together I didn't have an immediate reaction to her when going through options that night to review (there were definitely a few I could have included for sure!!) Hopefully I'll see you soon! XO


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