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Case of the (Motivational) Mondays: Getting Rid of Negativity IV

Yellow is the opposite of negativity!
Yes, it's Tuesday.  I skipped a week this month so here's the final January piece today! The final installment of this month's theme to getting rid of negativity is really the easiest one: use any and all obstacles to empower you.  Of course there's reasons and moments to wallow, because sometimes you need to process something before you can grow from it.  But at the end of the day if you take any hardship that you endure and use it as a silver lining because you became stronger or because you learned something from it, then nothing can get the best of you.  Ever.

My other favorite tactic is to use negative energy and make it productive.  If a friend is driving me crazy, I take that time to read, work on projects, clean, or run harder and faster.  That way with every annoyance that is thrown at me I'm actually improving in life because of it.  If this could be all of our attitudes, wouldn't that be nice?  We'd all just …

Case of the Motivational Mondays- Avoiding Negativity Part III

Dressing colorfully always helps in life.  ALWAYS!
This January I've been talking about negativity, or more specifically how to avoid it.  Sometimes no matter how positive you are, negative people get in your way!  Here's what I've learned from my personal interactions with less than pleasant people!
Sometimes people who are against you or at least don't have your best interests at heart are unavoidable.  Friends of friends, friends of a significant other, coworkers, in-laws, etc...they're hard to get rid of!  But this is both the trickiest and the easiest situation to deal with!  It's tricky because you have to walk a fine line of being assertive without becoming the bad guy, but it's easy because taking the high road is the only option-and it's a good one. When I'm in a position where I feel like someone I can't avoid is treating me with a lack respect, I try to do the opposite by killing them with kindness.  In fact, I think this can be a bo…

Sunday Vintage: Pink and Gold Skirt

Hey all!  Happy Sunday evening!  Usually these posts will be earlier in the day but it was one of those weeks where everything got delayed!  As you may have noticed, I tend to have a lot of, um, louder prints as well as bold novelty ones.  My usual rule with buying vintage is to only get something that is truly one of a kind (meaning no polka dot or solid color pieces, not because they aren't wonderful but because you can still find those pieces nowadays from vintage inspired stores...and even some mall stores!).  I think this skirt is super wonderful, but despite the loud color I think it's the tamest true vintage piece I own!  The gold print on the skirt is Roman coins, so naturally I had to pair this skirt with my Bernie Dexter gold body suit and G by Guess pinkish and gold glitter Mary Jane shoes.  The listing on eBay said it was from the 50s, but I'm almost wondering if it's late 40s (or early 50s) because it's the right length and it is A line instead of bei…

Special Pieces Saturday: Trashy Diva Circle Skirt in Grand Fleur

I really love this skirt for a number of reasons!  When the print first came out I was attracted to it because I own so few things in gold and black.  I thought the pattern was unique and the color scheme would make it easy to convert from winter looks through the summer and straight into fall.  What I like almost even more about it is how amazing the quality is!  The fabric is kind of thicker, super durable, and heavy (in a good way).  Everything about the construction of this skirt is A++.  I own a few Trashy Diva skirts, and while I'm usually more drawn to bright colors (and my other TD skirts are very colorful indeed)...this one may be my favorite!!  I'd even go as far as to say this may be one of my most quality pieces of clothing that I own!  Check out some more photos below:

Outfit Details- Headband- Forever 21, Cardigan- Old Navy, Tee Shirt- J Crew Factory,  Sunglasses- Gifted, Skirt- Click here to buy it, Shoes- Nine West
What's also nice about this skirt is that…

Petticoat Junction: Part II

Hey all!  Earlier this fall I purchased my first petticoat. I wrote about my initial reactions to it and my expectations of using it here.  While I was slightly skeptical about the practicality of it, I found a very cheap non-brand name on on eBay in red and decided to go for that as well.  I've gotten to try out the petticoat a few times this winter and here are my thoughts so far!

On the last day of November, my friend Jim called me up telling me he had an extra ticket to the Red Ball-an AIDs fundraiser in Denver.  I had been curious about the event for a few years so despite having some work that I likely should have stayed in to get done, I took him up on the offer!  Obviously at this point I have a huge closet full of relatively fancy clothes, so with less than a half hour to get changed finding an outfit wasn't an issue!  That said, it was preferable to find a red outfit AND it was 17 degrees out and beginning to (lightly) snow).  With limited debating, I landed on this …

Random Outfit Post #2: Landscapes, Stripes, and Polka Dots

I don't do too many 'this is what I wore today' blog posts, but this outfit made me feel so inclined to do so!  As you may already know, I love Chicwish and I definitely indulged in some of their Black Friday sales ;)  This is one of my favorite purchases from that sale because the detail is so amazing, as is the background color.  I'm such a sucker for scenery prints and given how dynamic this one is it needed to find a home in my closet!  I remember I had this old fitted striped shirt from Express in my closet that I thought would match really well, and given that today was wintery but so sunny that it was almost balmy it made for an appropriate choice.  And of course I have this amazing navy polka dot Kate Spade bag, so I decided to keep the colors matched but mix up all the prints and patterns as much as possible!

Outfit details: Glasses- Old Navy, Shirt- Express, Skirt- Night Skyline of London Print Midi Skirt by Chicwish, Bag- Kate Spade, Shoes- Ralph Lauren vi…

Case of the (Motivational) Mondays: Getting Rid of Negativity Part II

Mondays are 100% more fun if you wear fun novelty prints.  FACT!
Hey all!  Sorry it's two weeks later!  The past week wast week was unexpectedly crazed!   Last week two weeks ago I talked about some negative blocks that are often on a subconscious level.  This week I want to talk about how we can be our own worst enemies.  Sometimes it's all too easy (and often valid) to blame life circumstances and the people in our lives for our problems, but sometimes we don't help ourselves out either!

Don't beat yourself up!
Because NYE and all possible resolutions made are still visible in our rearview mirror, I'm going to start this post with talking about starting new habits and breaking old ones.  I'll open with one of my downfalls and traps I fell into when I made a promise to myself once: about a year ago I decided I wanted to read a book a week.  I kept up initially, but inevitably life slammed me with a busy week, and then a week where I had allergy headaches (who …

Sunday Vintage: Cabana Babe Skirt

Hey all!  I'm suspending (or rather, have been for around two months already) Weekend Fashion due to less daylight, wet weather, and admittedly not being the greatest at bundling up during the winter.  BUT I am back now every Sunday to discuss a favorite vintage piece I own each week!

It would be remiss of me to not begin with my first ever vintage purchase!  I'm a sucker for novelty prints, especially ones that have some kind of scene playing out, so when I saw this beauty on Etsy I knew I had to have it.  I thought it would be so fun to actually own a skirt with pin-up babes FROM the actual era of pinups!

Other ways I've styled this skirt in the past!
I'll admit that I was a little nervous about this purchase for two reasons: 1) I'd never purchased vintage online before and although I made sure to double-triple check my measurements I had nightmares of this piece arriving and not fitting, thus braking my cold black heart and not being able to return it, and 2) th…

Special Pieces Saturday: Pinup Girl Clothing Matador Skirt

I've decided to start showcasing some of my favorite outfits here on the blog like I do regularly on Instagram, but unlike on IG I'll have more of a platform to discuss why I love my favorites at length here!  From here on out on Saturdays I'll be highlighting one of my favorite pieces of clothing and why I love it so much.

I'm starting off with one of my newer pieces, the Matador Skirt from Pinup Girl Clothing, as I only got it as recently as Black Friday.  Honestly, this wasn't a case of love at first sight when I first saw it on PUG's website.  But the more I saw genuine matador skirts pop up on eBay going for sometimes hundreds of dollars and the more I saw some of you lovely ladies sporting this skirt on Instagram, the more and more it grew on me!  Unlike past years, I've recently grown a strong affinity for red and green being together in patterns (despite that I'm not a Christmas person ha!) so that didn't hurt the process of falling in love …

Gaga for...Retrospec'd!

Hey all!  I originally had a different idea for my first 'Gaga for' post of the new year but as soon as I got my ModCloth annual winter purge sale (with a coupon at that!) package I knew I had to go with Retrospec'd!  I (unknowingly) got two of their dresses-both of which prompted me to do a happy dance upon trying them on a la Dumb and Dumber style...which is how I know I'm in love with a piece of clothing!  After doing my research I learned that Retrospec'd is an Australian based clothing company and it seems hard for us in the states to locate too many stores that sell this brand (it's even hard to find one eBay!).  That said, if you live down under I'm sure it's more accessible!  You CAN order from their store directly in Australia, but it seems shipping to the states is kind of pricey (as are the dresses if you don't find them on super sale like I did).  

This outfit's details: Hair Ribbon- Actual ribbon to tie presents with, Sunglasses: F…