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Modcloth Surprise Sale November 2014

I have only done the Surprise Sale twice once.  I tried to do it this fall but a computer glitch over counted the inventory so I never got a package (though I did get some sweet coupons so all is well that ends well).  I did the Surprise Sale back in the spring when they did it, but I totally played it safe.  I bought a dress I was wanting to get for $40 anyway and then got a $10 surprise item (and therefore hitting the $50 free shipping minimum-yay!).  The dress I got was polka dot...which sounds cute and like my style....but it was a high/low dress-arguably my least favorite trend of the past year or two.  I didn't feel discouraged though as people I knew got some really awesome things, so it has to work out sometimes, right?  It also appeared that if you bought a few items there'd be at least one thing you'd like, and given how inexpensive it was and the potential bargain you'd be getting it seemed worth it to try that method out.  Plus with swaps and/or selling something on eBay, it wouldn't be a total loss.  So this time around I got three dresses and three pairs of shoes.  Here's how I faired!

(PS- Any italicized font below is me thinking aloud in first person.  Since it's such a unique shopping opportunity it only made sense to me to explain my thought process as I tore through the package as I didn't pick any of these out!)

The Dresses:

First, lemme explain my hopes and dreams (don't we all have these if we're ModCloth addicts and hope to get something from our favorite designer??).  While it's hard to be too specific because you don't want to get your hopes up, my hopes and dreams scanned the idea of getting one of the last Bernie Dexter dresses ever to be on ModCloth, maybe a Tatyana dress, or some form of a maxi dress.  I've been super into 70s fashion lately-especially the maxi dresses from that era-and ModCloth in general has so many beautiful longer gowns and if I got one for $10 that I had always wanted but may have never purchased otherwise it would have been super ideal.

Dress 1-  

Thoughts: Omg, gold and purple...I freakin' love that color scheme and I don't believe I own anything like this in my closet.  Yay!  It's so silky!!  ::unfold the dress from the packaging:: Wait, this style or cut seems...something.  I'm not sure if it's me after all.  Wait...there's no zipper?  This feels tight in the chest area-how am I going to get this on and off without a zipper?  ::puts it on with minimal problems:: Ok, I got it on OK!  Damn...this is REALLY tight around my bum.  I don't think it's supposed to fit like this.  ...nope, this isn't flattering.  Yay for a dress NOT making me feel underweight though!  But boo because this is otherwise a cute dress.  ::takes off dress with surprisingly no problems despite that there's no stretch-although I think I lucked at by tugging at the correct angle the first time::

I apologize as I really was afraid to try it on again for an outfit picture.  The brand is Lavand

So this dress is up for grabs if you wanna swap or something.  It's an XS and my hips are usually around 34-35".  I'm thinking this would fit a short and petite girl best (I'm a hairline under 5'7").

Dress 2-

Thoughts: OK, I really like this dress but after trying on the last one I'm kinda scared!  ::puts dress on:: Yay!  It fits!  I mean, it's slightly loose on the sides but not noticeably.  Does a belt help this?  ::puts on belt:: Kind of!  I mean, it bunches in the back when I do this...and wait...there's a weird bow thing on the back that seems kind of useless to me.  Can I cut this off without ruining the integrity of the dress?  Oh well, either way it's barely noticeable.  But, wait, I think I REALLY like this dress!  Navy and red-so fun!  ::reaches for navy pumps:: Nope, it's red and black.  Still fun!

Other outfit details: Dress brand- Frock Shop, Belt- Bernie Dexter, Shoes- Ellie Shoes via Amazon

I really like this dress.  It's both part my style as well as a bit of a departure from me.  I likely would have never thought to buy it on my own, but I'm very happy it made it's way to me.

Dress 3-

Thoughts: Ok, this one will be hit or miss.  I really like it and it's super soft and silky.  But these tunic-y dresses work with or against me.  ::tries it on:: Yeah, I think I like this too!  2/3 dresses are keepers! Not bad!  I kind of feel like Kirsten Dunst in this dress (in regards to her fashion sense).  I'm not sure I've ever felt like Kirsten Dunst before.  I think feeling like Kirsten Dunst is good, right?  Can I wear this with a belt to get two different looks out of this bad boy?  ::puts on belt:: Nope!  Bad idea!  Not flattering!  ::takes off belt::

Outfit details: Hair Bow- Forever 21, Dress brand- Dear Creatures, Handbag- Kate Spade, Shoes- G by Guess

I really like this dress.  It's kind of 70s, extremely comfortable, and like the red and black dress it's both "me" as well as a departure from my usual style as well.  This is the type of dress that may not make too many outfit photos on my Instagram feed, but it will make a lot of cameos for when I roll out of bed, realize I'm out of dog food and have to run to the store real fast but still wanna look presentable.  I don't shop in real stores too often anymore but it would also make a good shopping dress for when I do go out shopping because it's easy to take on and off.  AND I can dress it up quite a bit-given that it's black and gold-for a night out when I'm not in my usual pinup attire.

The Shoes:

My shoes expectations-in retrospect-where more grandiose.  ModCloth seriously has so many cute and insane shoes that it wasn't even a question in my mind that I'd get some of both.  My great white hopes were shoes from a) Baitware, and b) oddly specific but there were pink wedges that had a shell on the heel and other aquatic prints on it that I never got before it sold out.  If some cool boots came my way I'd be happy as well.  Additionally I wasn't afraid of getting one of ModCloth's weirder pairs of shoes, because I'm kind of weird and would totally rock shoes made of Ice Cream cones, Barbie heads, or even stuff I'm less enthused about like gnomes.  I'm very opened minded here me!

Pair of shoes 1-

Thoughts- Hmm, super cute but I don't wear flats!  What's this brand?  Qupid.  Oh, I've seen them on Amazon before.  I think they sell cute and cheap shoes but I'm so brand loyal to stuff I already have that I haven't tried them yet.  I think they've liked my stuff on Instagram too.  Damn, these seem like really great quality-I'll have to buy heels from them now that I trust how the quality of Qupid.  ::tries them on:: Too big.  Both in the heels and the sides.  Flats never fit me right.  Maybe that's why I don't wear flats.  Well, that and I really foam at the mouth over heels soooo yeah.  But really, they're either too big or too small and give me blisters!  These are cute though-if they fit I may have kept them to try the flat thing.

They're really adorable, and as I mentioned I dig the quality.  But they are slightly too big and I likely wouldn't wear them a ton if they did fit because I love impractical looking shoes too much.  Size 7.5 ladies!  (I'm a true 7.5 but my feet are on the narrow side although not a "narrow size"-FYI).

Pair of shoes 2-

Thoughts- More flats?  I mean, I actually do like sandals that have ankle support.  I'm supposed to only wear sandals with ankle support because I have old injuries that cause my legs to swell if I'm not wearing ankle support but I've been cheating with flip flops A LOT this year.  You never bought new sandals like this this year and even had a tender ankle after trekking around Florida in flip flops, so if they fit you have to keep these, Blair!  ::tries on:: Wow, they're really soft.  They fit perfectly too.  I like yellow.  I wear a lot of yellow and complimentary colors for yellow.  Yeah, these will work.  

These will probably go down in my history of my most practical ModCloth purchase ever!  It's not that ModCloth can't be practical, but it's so fun that I forget about the word practical while wearing and falling in love their items.  Anyway, if I space on going to Forever 21 for cheap sandals like these in the spring I'm covered!

Pair of shoes 3-

Thoughts Baitware?!  Yes!  Dreams do come true!  Does this mean The Secret is real because I wished for these?  Nah, but boy am I going to have fun getting a rise out of my science minded friends when I explain it that way!  But wait...they're not really flats or heels.  I don't do flats but I hate in-between more.  I love the color though.  And look, it's like a sea shell design!  I don't know though.  I feel like they look like the kind of shoes that girls in the 90s with no fashion sense thought were stylish because they were technically heels even though they're kind of clunky and shapeless.  ::picks up shoes and examines from all angles::  I'm not sure I'm gonna like these.  I still need to try them on though so I can tell how accurate the sizing is for Baitware for future purchases.  ::tries on and looks in the mirror:: OMG...they not only fit but...I think I like them!  ::continues to stare in the mirror at my feet for another minute:: Nope, I actually freakin' love these!  Talk about not judging an item of clothing while still on the hanger in the shoe box!  Yeah, I really these!  They're comfortable too.  NOW I get why a lot of my blogger friends go ape shit for Baitware.  Ohhh.  This is what Oprah calls an "aha moment."  Ok, I'm a convert.  I'm keeping these!

Lol, joke was on me for being such a Judge Judy, right?  I'm excited because I'm finally have a pair of Baitware shoes and it's in a color that I frequently wear.  They probably won't be my go-to pair of shoes as I'm such a HIGH heel girl, but come the spring and summer I can see myself strutting around in these when I'm looking to keep things slightly more casual than I usually do.  Also, I'm potentially going back to Florida in early 2015 so they'll definitely make the trip with me when I do!  Though I will not be publishing this post until I get the outfit photos and Thanksgiving is over...I am wearing these as I type this (Tuesday 11/25) because I am not in any mood to take them off.

Yes, my beagle does wear polka dot sweaters in the winter. 

I am pretty happy with my purchases!  I'd give this Stylish Surprise Experience an 8.5/10.  I got to try new brands, expand my taste in clothing, and got some quality stuff that I only paid $10 for.  Only two things didn't work out of 6, so I'm definitely thinking the glass is half full.  The next time it happens I imagine I'd try it again, and in a similar fashion (getting a small handful of different things).  But if it's any less successful than the time I had this time around it will probably be my last time.  I've had two less than ideal Stylish Surprise experiences before and I guess I'm playing best out of 5...making it that if the 4th one doesn't work... I'm out.  What's most surprising to me isn't that I didn't get "crazy shoes" or any brands of dresses I already was familiar with but that I literally have no memory of seeing any of these items on ModCloth.  I'm a bit of a visual savant in that clothes, pictures, and faces get burned into my brain to the point where it can creep people out!  This just shows how HUGE ModCloth's inventory really is!  That or the rare weeks where I wasn't checking the new arrivals page at some point at least every other day were the times all of these items arrived AND went on sale!  Either or ;)

How were your experiences?  Also, I'm afraid to try anything other than dresses in that I'm usually an XS or 0 in dresses (other than the first one I tried on!!).  Shirts and skirts I'm either an XS OR a small, so I'm more afraid to commit to a size with general apparel and get the wrong size entirely.  Is anyone else in that boat with being two sizes for any of the categories for Stylish Surprise and how did you decide/fare??

Did you just find this page and am wondering who I am?  Click here for a proper introduction!

Instagram- @ demurelaurenblair
Twitter-      @ LaurenBlair23


  1. You got some good stuff!! So awesome that you got BAITs! I loved reading the "thinking out loud" parts of your post... you are so funny! I did Stylish Surprise this round too and only liked one of the dresses I got haha. It's always a gamble but worth it even if just one works out and is a quality item :).

    xo, Serli


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