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Weird fact about me, or at least a fact that always surprises people: I don't celebrate Christmas.  But I respect that most people do and a lot of people are traveling and/or having some kind of celebration today.  Like I did on Thanksgiving, I decided to do a pictorial post in case you have time to kill today!  Happy holidays if you're celebrating!  (I also did a Gaga For Hell Bunny post here!)

Again, happy holidays!

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  1. Great outfits...not to mention YOUR HAIR LOOKS AMAZING! Tutorial, please! Have a great rest of the year :)

    1. Lol thank-you! You're going die hearing this....but it's actually... a bump it! I got it for a Jersey Shore party years ago and never thought I'd wear it again! Joke's on me!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank-you! Your blog looks so fun, btw! Can't wait to read it a little more thoroughly later!! XO

  3. Loveee all these outfits! You are so cute! :) Hell Bunny is such a great brand! I got the sunflower skirt for Christmas today, actually. Yet another piece we both have :)

    1. Thank-you! Hell Bunny is easily one of my top 3 favorite brands! I'm so excited for you- I know you've been wanting that for some time!!! I think Meredith has that skirt too...we're going to have to do a triplet photo shoot next time I'm back east haha

  4. I love all your Hell Bunny outfits...just gorgeous!! xo


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