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Weekend Fashion 11: Miami Edition!

This week is all about my travels to Miami, including picking outfits last minute, how flip flops work in Florida with almost everything, and other adventures!  Every week this is a regular series on dressing for fun events, adapting to weather changes, how to match pieces with other pieces, and life in general!

This weekend was a long and eagerly anticipated weekend for the past year as it was the weekend that one of my very best friends from college, Blake, married the love of his life, Dan.  Despite growing up in a "gay" town (not kidding) and having always had gay friends, this was actually my first wedding involving two people of the same gender.  AND it was my first black tie wedding-giving me an amazing excuse to wear one of the best vintage pieces I own!  Because Colorado has been so damn warm this fall I wasn't as anxious to get out of dodge to go south as I was last spring when I last visited Miami...but I was super eager to be by the ocean as this year has been a difficult one and water has always been something of a healing property to me.  The only bummer about the trip was that I was supposed to have a partner in crime this weekend, but that person flies standby due to working in the airline industry and sadly couldn't couldn't make it out :(  That all said, I found myself fairly busy, even when left to my own devices and I'm not sure I would have had it any other way!

Blake and myself on his wedding day!!


What was I up to?

I got around 2 hours of sleep before catching a terribly early flight...WITH a layover.  I checked into my hotel around 4PM, making it an insanely long day.  I almost immediately went to the beach (conveniently a block away from where I was staying) but quickly realized it wasn't super hot out and Miami was already losing light.  I originally planned on staying to read while there was still some light, but I quickly became inspired by the amazing light that was happening during sunset.  Little known/talked about fact: I'm a photographer.  But for years I've felt somewhat disenchanted with being one for various reason.  The light on the beach caught me completely off guard and I immediately went into artist mode and started taking photos.  I got so into it that I was even stalking people on the beach taking candids as they quickly became my muses.  I'm considering sharing some of these pics with y'all but that will be for another post!  Anyways, I actually felt myself somewhat overwhelmed with emotion because everything was so beautiful and I didn't even realize how much I may have been needing an outlet like this for some time.

Chilling at the beach!

After the sun went down I took a shower and decided to walk around Lincoln Road, a pedestrian street for shops and restaurants, while listening to Spotify on my iPhone.  Miami is a weird place for me.  I went to school there and it was far from a carefree time in my life in that a lot of people around me were dying.  Miami is also a bit of a polarizing city and I find myself on the side that isn't exactly "in love" with the town.  Maybe if it were a more carefree time in my life during college I'd be overwhelmed with nostalgia when I return back there, but instead it jumbles up a lot of mixed feelings I had long forgotten about.  Being sleep deprived and walking around...well, let's just say I probably should have just fallen asleep.  Lol.  I was possibly going to meet up with my friend Blake, his fiancé, and friends but the lack of sleep won out so I grabbed take out and went back to my hotel room where I quickly crashed.

Why did I wear what I wore?

Dress- Modcloth

I'm a big proponent of dressing up to fly.  I had just gotten this dress in the mail the day before from Modcloth and decided to wear it for my travels.  I had wanted it for a while but frankly had just been lazy about getting it as I either way maxi dresses or I don't.  Last week I realized I had store credit PLUS some coupons from getting screwed over during the Stylish Surprise (I ordered 5 dresses and none of them shipped due to computer glitches!) so I ordered a few things and got free ASAP shipping as well-just in time for my trip!  This was the only item to make my trip, while the rest stayed at my friend/dog sitter's place haha.  My only regret is that the hem isn't stretchy, meaning your legs can only take medium strides at best.  I have long legs and walk fast, especially in airports so while I love the dress...I'm not sure I'll be wearing it while traveling again.

Arguably a better angle PLUS I'm showing off my luggage here.  Sometimes it's best to wait to post to Instagram when sleep deprived-haha!

That night while walking along Lincoln road I got to wear this Bernie Dexter dress, but between not having great lighting in the room, kind of hating auto timer shots to begin with (though I did a few of those this trip), and feeling like I was looking a little worse for the wear after a long day, I vetoed getting a picture of myself in the above outfit (it does happen from time to time!).  However, you'll be seeing more of this dress very soon as it's arguably my new favorite and I may need a whole post dedicated to my love affair with it.

Friday Day:

What was I up to?

I was going to wake up early and do some more photography at sunrise, but upon my alarm going off I opted for some more sleep since I knew the the next two nights would be later nights and I was still in a sleep deficit mode.  I did wake up around 9AM though and quickly made my way to the beach.  The water was a little colder than expected, so I mostly just waded around a bit.  Eventually I ended up back on my towel, listening to music on my iPhone, and taking more candid photos of people as the lighting was still fairly good for pushing noon.

Dog hanging out at a restaurant in SoBe that I grabbed a quick bite at

Around lunch time I wrapped up my beach session as I didn't want to be burned for the wedding festivities and changed at the hotel.  I trekked all around South Beach: Collins Avenue, the boardwalk along the beach, and where all the restaurants line up on the ocean.  Again, all while listening to music and taking pictures.  It was fun to be a tourist in a place where I used to live, especially since the city of Miami changes constantly and my memories of where things are are hazy at best.

Why did I wear what I wore?

Glasses- Flea Market find, Tank- Forever 21, Skirt- Trashy Diva, Bag- Kate Spade, Flip Flops- Old Navy

I wanted to be comfortable but tropical and I felt like this Trashy Diva skirt with pink accents was the best way to accomplish this mission.  I know I'm wearing flip flops (and, spoiler alert, I will be in some pictures ahead), but in Miami it's a perfectly acceptable kind of footwear-even to some fancy events- let alone hoofing it around town.  You know me, I love me some tall and fierce heels, but for keeping my packing light purposes, I took mega advantage of flip flops being acceptable in Miami.

Friday Night:

What was I up to?

A college reunion of sorts!

Friday night was a bit of a trip as it was the cocktail party prior to the wedding, where I got to see a lot of college friends I don't get to see too often-let alone in the same venue!  A few I had luckily seen over the past year (majority of us don't live near each other and I live far away from everyone), but one friend I hadn't seen in--wait for it--8 years!  When I hug people I always mean it, but for a second I had trouble letting go of him because it had been so long!  The party was on the roof of my hotel, which was incredibly convenient!  I got to catch up with old friends, get to know some of Blake's friends from other facets of his life, and officially get into wedding mode!  I wanted to go to bed early that night but instead I ended up on the phone with one of my dear friends in Denver until 1AM...whoops!

Why did I wear what I wore?

Flower- Unknown, Dress- Muse via Modcloth, Bag- Kate Spade, Shoes- Guess

This dress is legitimately one of my favorites.  I spoke about it on Angela's blog back in August!  However, for whatever reason, this dress loses out to other options way too often.  I actually wasn't sold on wearing this dress until the very last minute when I realized, Blair, this dress screams Miami, it's your most appropriate outfit for a cocktail party that you packed, the weather is perfect for it, and you packed a flower and shoes to match.  Big fat duh...wear this!  And voila!  I'm quite happy I decided to go with this dress!  I also got super lucky with this photo as this was taken around 10PM on someone else's iPhone and it turned out relatively OK for a night time shot on a camera phone!

Saturday Day:

What was I up to?

Roof top pool :)

Saturday was a full day!  I woke up at 6:15 to get the sunrise photos I wanted, went back to bed for two hours, and then went to the beach with my first ever college friend, Tyler.  It's always fun to see him because we go so far back now!  Once we realized there were jelly fish in the water (rare for south Florida) we decided beach time was over and grabbed some lunch on Lincoln road.  After he left to go home to start to get ready for the wedding, I stopped by a local hotel where a pool party was ensuing for guests invited to the wedding!  From there I got to see Blake, his still then fiancé, and some other friends from UM.

Why did I wear what I wore?

Glasses- Wedding goody, Coverup/dress- Love Culture

I have worn this before as a dress, but opted to use this as a coverup for the beach!  This was the perfect coverup for November because while Miami is still experiencing summer temperatures, it's also not boiling lava hot so having a light but long sleeved outfit to wear over my suit was exactly what I needed!

Glasses- Wedding Goody, Swimsuit- Old Navy

I more often than not shy away from bathing suit pictures, but I decided not including one while in Miami would be remiss.  I'm going to let you all in on a dirty secret: even skinny girls struggle with bikinis.  Everyone has points on their body that they wish were slightly different and frankly, I think bikinis are cut super weird and often not terribly flattering-regardless of your figure!  It's my opinion that most girls look better in underwear or naked...but that's just me!  I just thought this was worth mentioning, that regardless of where you are weight wise or body image wise...bathing suits can be tricky and I doubt any of us are immune!  While packing for this trip I couldn't find any of the suits that have the fun patterns I love, but this suit and a polka dot one with boy shorts (also from Old Navy but sadly not photographed) were on the top of my bathing suit drawer, which worked out perfect because they're amongst my more flatting suits.  

Glasses- Wedding goody, Dress- Hell Bunny via Unique Vintage, Bag- Kate Spade, Flip Flops- Old Navy

This was my lunch outfit.  I had to bring at least one flamingo print garment to Miami, right??  This was also perfect because again, while it was hot out it wasn't super hot, so a longer length dress proved to be perfect.  

Dress- Louche via Modcloth, Flip Flops- Old Navy

I changed back into my black suit (no need for a second photo) but put on this dress from Modcloth by Louche to wear on the walk to and from the pool party.  I had technically worn it in the morning to take sunrise photos, but as that was only for 40 minutes it was worth wearing again.  I picked this dress because it's so neon, and like flamingos, that makes me think of Miami.  You may have noted that I've worn several pairs of flip flops now.  While some of you may be annoyed at my lack of fancy footwear this trip, I'm still me and love to match!  Old Navy makes that super easy as their flip flops range from $1-4 so I made sure I had a few in bright colors to cover all of my matching needs.  

I likely could have taken this photo in front of the pool or in front of a more black canvas, but I'm a sucker for loud background...even if they're slightly distracting.  This was the mural by the pool so I decided to take this outfit picture here and just own that I was going for the unique background!  (I hate asking loved ones for too many variations of an outfit photo....I just can't seem to get over the awkwardness of just me posing in photos). 

Saturday Night:

What was I up to?

A collage of photos from the you're not bored by having to scroll through too many of them ha!

The wedding was finally here!  The wedding took place at sunset on a lawn next to the pool area of the W Hotel in South Beach.  From there we moved around the hotel for different parts of the evening, like cocktail hour and the actual reception.  I love it when the ceremony and reception are in the same venues...especially when you're traveling.  It's one less thing to figure out transportation wise and there's no awkward time to fill in-between.

The wedding itself was beautiful and the reception was a lot of fun.  My friend Blake is one of the most fun people I know (arguably the most fun, actually) so nothing about his wedding being a blast surprises me.  I stayed out a bit later than I had planned to (no regrets) so upon coming back to my hotel I had to shower and start packing for a ridiculously early flight.

Why did I wear what I wore?

Flower- Unknown, Earrings- Forever 2, Dress- Daisy and Stella Vintage on Etsy, Bracelet- Charming Charlie, Shoes- Chinese Laundry

I found this dress on Etsy around the time the Save the Dates came out for this wedding, so it was the perfect excuse to justify getting a genuine 1970s art deco dress.  I got super lucky with this dress because it fits as though it was tailored made for me, so it's easily one of the best vintage finds I've ever owned.  I typically wear longer dresses to weddings to feel more dressed up as I tend to wear dresses and skirts most days.  But this print is so unique and fun that it had to be worn at a black tie wedding instead of a normal one!  I somewhat recently got a fancy white dress from Modcloth during one of their crazy sales this fall, which I was almost tempted to wear when I read on the couple's website that because there's no bride white dresses were not off limits.  But, I had my heart set on wearing this dress and frankly I'd feel awkward wearing white to wedding...regardless of there being a bride or not haha!  I feel like this dress was the only dress I could have worn to this wedding and I can't wait for another excuse to wear it again one day.  There's a matching shaw that I wore throughout parts of the evening, but amongst the excitement of the wedding I failed to get a photo of myself in it.  There was also a belt that came with it, but I opted to leave that at home because I like the dress slightly more without.  

I love this photo, because while it's a little grainy because it was taken at sunset, the mother of (one of) the grooms and my dear friend from college took this :)

Close-up of my make-up and accessories.  I also grew out my bangs for this event (humidity is not kind to them) so I'm also showing off that there's no evidence of having had bangs after months of clipping and braiding them back!


Sadly, while I kind of had a great travel outfit, I didn't get any pictures.  I didn't get ANY sleep the night before and by the time I made it back to Denver to pick up my dogs my braid in my hair was falling out and I was beyond ready to take the puppies home and fall asleep cuddling them while watching bad TV.  I'm traveling again relatively soon so I'll be sure to wear it again and take a photo.

Talk about a whirlwind weekend!  I've been sleeping as much as possible since I got back, hence it took until Wednesday for a weekend update!  I have some more stuff coming at you this week (yay!) and next week should be more or less back to a normal posting schedule after going a little bit rogue the past few weeks!  XOXO

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  1. Wow what a jammed packed time away at Miami you had...very busy!!

  2. Your Miami trip looked so FUN! Plus, that dress you wore to the wedding is hands down, my favorite dress on you ever. It's got so much of that gorgeous vintage charm!


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