Weekend Fashion 10: Halloween Edition!

Weekly series on dressing for fun events, adapting to weather changes, how to match pieces with other pieces, and life in general!

Hey all!  Happy belated Halloween!  I went a little MIA last week with Instagram and my usual blogging schedule.  Long story short, I've been having a some energy and fatigue issues as of late so things have been a little blurry for me at times lately.  This isn't the only project of mine to take a hit.  For the most part I think things are starting to fall back into their correct place (knock on wood!).  That said, this next week will be incredibly busy so I may fall behind again.  Past that I'm REALLY hoping November is a more productive month for me blogging wise.  And as always, if I fall behind on checking your posts and photos, it's never personal.  MWAH!

Onto this past weekend!

Friday Day:

What was I up to?

I was able to swing by my gal pal's place in the late afternoon to help her with the finishing touches for the Halloween party she was throwing.  From there we got stuff ready, I baked brownies, and we went out for Chinese Food for dinner.

Glasses- H&M, Dress- Bernie Dexter, Heels- Unknown

Why did I wear what I wore?

This was a super obvious dress for me to wear because with all the orange and black it felt like a Halloween dress without being costume-y.  The weather was also pretty nice out, so there was absolutely no conflict when it came to dressing myself on Friday.  Yay!

Friday Night:

Halloween Festivities:

I went as the first ever Barbie!  I was originally going to do this last year, but I was recovering from an SVT attack and had no energy to partake in Halloween.  The pros about having a costume sit in your closet for a year are that you don't need to spend any time acquiring pieces to make your costume or spend any extra money.  That bad parts though are that some pieces disappear throughout the year (I originally had earrings more like her original ones but they weren't in my jewelry box come Friday morning so I settled for red ones), you don't fact check other details (I automatically grabbed black glasses but upon closer inspection she was wearing white), and take other details for granted (like I assumed I had nude pantyhose that made it without runs from last winter only to find out how incredibly false I was).  Other than that I'm pretty proud of my costume!  My only regret would be that given that I had a year to search, I wish I had looked online for nude pantyhose without the second tone that makes a line on your upper thigh (I swear you can't find them in Target or Walgreens or wherever without the damn two tone line).  I don't love the line, but I didn't want to go without stockings because the cut was SUPER high and I wasn't comfortable without them.  Oh well!

The party itself was a blast with a strong majority of my closer friends, great energy, an errand myself and three friends went on mid-party that turned into quite the adventure, and it lasted until 4AM (I seriously can't remember that last time I was out that late!!)  Here are some bonus pictures:

Close up!

Myself with the festive lady who threw the party.

Blurry, but some of my very bestest friends <3

A lot of my closest friends!

Girl power!

My pet dinosaurs!

Saturday was a day of rest.  Myself and two other friends stayed at our friend's house who hosted the party all day long hanging out.  I never got out of my yoga pants and Def Leppard concert tee!


Earrings- Old Navy, Shirt- Old Navy- Necklace- Forever 21, Skirt- Modcloth, Bag- Melie Bianco, Shoes- Chinese Laundry
What was I up to?

I had some meetings to go to in the morning and then I was celebrating a friend's birthday.

Why did I wear what I wore?

It was a relatively nice day out so I wanted to continue to take advantage of being comfortable with bare legs while I still can.  I think this Modcloth skirt is very "fall" so I was excited to wear it.  It has very subtle yellows in the skirt, so I decided to mix prints with my neon yellow and white striped shirt.  And then I paired it off with arguably my favorite fall combo this year: my orange cardigan and orange heels.  Ironically the Broncos were playing that day so it looked like I had team spirit, even though that was a sheer accident!

Glasses- Forever 21, Cardigan- Banana Republic

I'm completely backlogged but I am looking forward to seeing your guys Halloween pics (or at least that ones I didn't see yet!).  Despite a busy schedule this week, I will be having some down time here and there so I'll be trying to catch up with y'all!  XOXOXO

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